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How to Sims 4 Roommates (Discover University) – 2024

How to Sims 4 Roommates
Roommates & Discover University)

The Sims 4 Discover University sees the hotly anticipated return of Roommates that we all have been ardently waiting for, with a plus that they do not necessarily have to be a part of the Sims household.

Sims 4 Roommates has been included as a part of discovering university sims 4. Still, they aren’t restricted to just being in a university lodging. You can have a roomie on any lot in the world.

Merits Of Roomies

  • These Roommates will give you a few hundred dollars every week to help you take care of your bills, which can be very useful in paying for your everyday costs. This will be epic for narrating and add another degree of stress to the game.
Sims 4 Roommates
Sims 4 Roommates

Presently there are two variations of Roomies

  • The first is the naturally doled out individuals to live close by your Sim in college lodging. This could be nearby or on a predefined college lodging part.
  • Obviously, with the game naturally allotting roommates, you could be in for a couple of shocks. But don’t worry, you can read more about the Sims 4 bunkmate and learn useful tricks. 
  • The second method of picking up Roommates is by putting out an advertisement.
  • This permits your Sim to become acquainted with possible new Roommates before requesting that they move in. You likewise don’t need to go to college to utilize this element.

Some Basic Requirements

  • An extra bed or room that you can allot to your roommate.
  • A little bit of space around the mattress to bring in and settle their stuff in the room.

How to Have Roommates

Knowing how to have a roommate is rudimentary for anyone looking to add a Sim to his/her household.

The Sims 4 game serves the gamers with two options to add a roommate to the Sims household.

  • One way is to ask anyone who is a friend of yours in the game to be your roommate directly, their response will probably be negative, but it’s always worth a try.
  • Their answer might include reasons like I already have a home, or I live with my family, etc. If they agree, they will move right in.

How to ask to be roommate to your friends sims 4 guide

  • Click on someone you already know and take yourself to the roommate menu.
  • Pick the option of Ask to be or accept as New Roommate, and if you are lucky, then your friend might instantly move in.

Place Advertisement for Roommates – The first option of getting a roommate might leave you hanging on the cliff.

Still, there’s no need to be remorseful or feel wrong about anything, as you can always opt for the second option of posting an advertisement to find a roommate who is most likely to work.

This option will present you with an entirely unknown Sim who will end up being your roommate if you want him/her to be the one.

Follow the steps mentioned below to publish an AD and have a roommate

  • First, click on the desktop or cell phone icon on your gaming screen.
  • Creating an Ad – You will see a Place Advertisement Roommates option under the household menu. Click on it.
  • Once it’s placed, the player will get a notification informing, “An advertisement has been placed for a new roommate. Fingers crossed for perfect roommates only!”.
  • Removing an Ad – If, after publishing this Ad, you feel like you no longer need it, then you need to repeat the same process to cancel it.
  • Over the next few days, you will meet arbitrary sims coming to your home, which could be a bit odd, but these are most probably your potential roomies. *If you scroll your mouse above them, it will say potential roommates.
  • Be sure to choose to get to know as an interaction while interacting with your potential roomies, to avoid having any lout or slob sim as your roommate.
  • Accepting as new Roommate – If you find a roommate that you feel would make a good fit in your Sims’ life, you can select the accept as new roommate option in the roommate menu, and they will move right in.
  • Ensure that their room is all spik and span and have enough space to bring in their  stuff.
  • If you wish to have more than one roomie, you need to have enough beds to accommodate them.

Living With Roommates

Perhaps the best part of living with your roommates in the real world is that they become like a second family of yours.

The same happens in the game.

The Sims 4 roommates become a part of your everyday life and have a lasting effect on your sims and their wrestling life.

The mere fact that you have chosen these roommates for yourself must guarantee you decent conduct from them.

But as we know, nothing is for sure, and maybe all your deductions might get flushed down into the gutter, and your roomie comes out to be an outright jerk.

Well, if anything happens its good to know the perks and regressive of living with a roommate sims 4, so have a look:

Perks of Living with a Roommate

  • They may sometimes do some cleaning here and there and help you with some cooking. (if you have made a smart choice).
  • They will give you some money every few days. The amounts of cash you receive will depend on your bills, and the number of roommates living in your household.
  • They may do some dishes and help with other housework.
  • You will always have someone at your house to chill with.
  • You can have Non-playable Characters as NPC roommates.

Problems of Living with a Roommate

  • Some Roommates never leave home for any reason. This could make you feel suffocated while living with them sometimes.
  • Some roommates are extraordinarily messy and leave piles of food and dirty dishes everywhere in and around the house.
  • Some roommates throw out surprise parties disrupting your whole routine.
  • Roommates may never(or might, in some bizarre cases sometimes) move out independently. You have to kick them out.

Living with your Roommates and all is fun, but while taking care of your university sims, you feel like you cannot pay attention to your child sims and their schooling.

The Sims 4 Homeschool mod is like a blessing in disguise for you; this mod allows you to send your sims to private schools in your town and homeschool them under your supervision.

If you are looking to know more about it, do not stress yourself as we have your back.

Moving Out of A Sim

In some unusual or Bizarre cases, your Sims 4 roommates might decide to move out on their own, as I had discussed in the last point.

This might happen if they feel like you are invading their personal space or need a place of their own. If they happen to decide to move out, then your roomie will promptly disclose to you their desire to move out, and you will receive a notification reading something like the following from your Roommate:

it seems like my time here has ended. With age comes new advents. I’ll be moving out by the end of this day.”

When this happens, your sims will usually move out in a day, you can put out an advertisement for a new sims roommate after this, or you could choose to live all alone.

In case you want to kick out your roomie sims, you can do that using the roommate social menu.

Important Information

  • Roommates are not confined just to the universe of Britechester. Regardless of where your Sim lives or living in a standard home, loft, or penthouse, you can have flatmates.
  • The number of roommates you can have depends on the number of extra beds you have. This is the same for both the college lodging and regular gameplay.
  • University roommates are generated automatically, and they will claim their beds too.
  • Occasionally you may find a note close to your bed on the floor that appears to show up all of a sudden.
  • These notes are from your magnificent Millenial chaps. They can be mean notes about you not tidying up the dishes or merely other arbitrary show notes. They’re hilarious, so I recommend reading them.

Answers To Possible Questions and Queries

Sometimes, the roommates might never show up at your door even after you have placed an Ad for a potential roommate; even after a wait of several Sims days, you might still have the same result.

  • If you also are stuck in the above situation, here are a couple of simple methods you can try to fix this problem of yours:
  • Try asking a Sim to be your roommate and see if they can move in.
  • Try canceling and reposting the Ad and wait again.
  • Try new saves and closing and repairing your version of the Sims game(there might be a bug).
  • Put as many extra beds as you can afford and ask your fellow sims to live with you, observe that if they are having any problems in living.
  • Try allowing an entire room for your lads. This will provide them with some extra space where they could bring in their junk.
  • In case you have any pets, try and allow them in a separate bed.
  • In case you have any Sims 4 roommate mods or CC active in your game, try moving them to the desktop and deleting the localthumbnailcache.package file.

Sometimes, after downloading University Life, the option to add university sims doesn’t show up.

You may have tried finding the Roommate options on the computer or cell phone mailbox interactions and through social interactions, but adding the roommate feature does not seem to exist for your game.

  • Above all, it is essential to understand that university life sims 4 should not affect your roommate feature of the game, but if you face this problem, then there could be some possible reasons for that, which you should try fixing:
  • Have enough beds in your household for each roommate you want to have.
  • Have a separate mattress for any pet you may have in your home.
  • Doing this will help you post Ads in your game and make roommates accessible for you.

In my opinion, the Sims 4 Roommates is a must try out for every Sims game lover and most importantly if you have the sims 4 discover university EP. This feature will only end up adding to your fun of playing this game.

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