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Sims 4 Roomate Mod & Behavior – Download – 2024

Sims 4 Roomate Mod & Behavior
Roomate Mod & Behavior

The world we live in could be a mysteriously dim and burdensome spot, similar to such a dark opening that sucks in each ounce of light and hope within it, causing you to detach over the long haul.

However, it is likewise evident that many individuals will, at any rate, lean towards the murkiness over the quantas or shots of an unbelievable life, since that is how life is, or perhaps they like to be distant from everyone else exclusively on the grounds that they appreciate having the house to themselves.

The Sims 4 roomate mod does precisely that for a person. It values your will to have your own space and allows you to conveniently have that at the cost of other people paying for it.

The LittleMsSam new Sims 4 Roomate mod allows you to have the house to yourself while your roommates still pay $500 as rent every Friday of the week. Isn’t this amazing.

The LittleMsSam avails you with two Sims 4 Roommate mods that we will discuss in detail in this article:

  • The Discover University Mod
  • Roommates mod
Roomate Mod & Behavior
Sims 4 Roomate Mod

Discover University Mod

At long last, my Sim can go to Uni; unfortunately, her closest friends can’t. With the Sims 4 Roomate mod, her best mates can be her Roommates and go to Uni as well. This will likewise help you discover specific Roommates for your Residential Lots, so just click on roomie know-how and get answers to all your questions.

You can’t utilize this to have several played Households in Uni and switch between them. Flatmates don’t “generally” live on those Lots.

How to add a specific Roommate

Adding Sims to your Roommate Gang could be a typical and tedious job to do. To have the option to pick the “University Roommates” for your Sims, you first need to “prepare” them. In case you are living on a Residential Lot,

Your roommates do not have to be University Students; you can skip the first step and carry on without its compliance with your procedure. Here’s a list of points that you should follow to have a roommate in roommate mod:

  • Your “University Roommates” must be enrolled in a University – To make this happen, look into the following steps.
  • Move all the Sims you want as your roommates into a random Lot or admit some Sims from a household where the parents might stay home, and kids go to college.
  • For example, if you want any two Sims to become your Roommates, you need to load their Household into the Lot and enroll all the Sims in the house into the same University where your Sim is studying. Use the in-game Interactions to achieve this.
  • You can also use a digital way by applying new Interactions available in your sims’ mailboxes; choose the option of “Apply University” under the University tab.

Significant: At the End, while picking the Place to Live, pick “At Home.”

Move the Household out of their Lot and make them homeless – For the accomplishment of  this second step, Follow the points suggested below:

  • If you want all the Sims from a Household to be your Roommates, evict the Household.
  • If there are Sims that will still reside there like your Roomie Sims’ Parents, let them stay in their home. Be aware don’t let only Children or Toddlers be left at home; there need to be at least a Teen+ in the Household to take care of kids.
  • The game will automatically shift the Roommates out of the Household when they become your Roommates.

In my case, mentioned in the second point of the first step, both the Sims will become my Roommates to move them out.

Having a roommate is a fun thing, but things could get pretty mundane after a while, and you might want to add new custom traits to your sims. The best way to do it is by using the Sims 4 traits mod, and if you are looking to learn about it, we have you covered.

Remove a Roommate

When all the Sims in the Household that you want to have, are prepared to go back into your played Household.

There on the Mailbox, you’ll find two new Interactions to Remove a roommate and to choose one.

Removing a roommate is a piece of cake. If you want to have it happen, the primary condition for it is to have a roommate, and you can only remove one Roomie at a time.

Choosing a Roommate

Follow the successive points to choose a Roomie through the application of littlemssam roommate mod:

  • To add your readied sims as your Roommates, click the “Choose a Roommate” Option under mail interactions and search in the list for your Sim.
  • The list will show all game produced University Students just as your Sims when you live in Uni Housings. It will list considerably more Sims when you live in a Residential Home.
  • The option to pick a Roommate will possibly appear if there are free Beds accessible and the Cap for Roommates (Household in addition to Roommates isn’t reached). The typical in-game Cap is 10; however, it can be set to 20 with my an Add on.
  • Your picked Roommates will directly claim a free Bed when they show up not long after.


Languages available in this Mod are following:

  • English (default)
  • German
  • French by CandymanGaming/Lorraine3055
  • Chinese by Miaow_CC
  • Spanish by TyttaMarzh
  • Russian by Origamika
  • Italian by zomboide/RoryCraft
  • Japanese by maru dada
  • Dutch by Pas
  • Disentangled Chinese by Miaow_CC
  • Finnish by Iidesy
  • Swedish by hellogreeny
  • Portuguese by Melqui

Download link for Discover University Mod

Roommates Mod(NPC roommates Mod)

This Mod allows you to have NPCs or pets as your roommates. For those unfamiliar with the term, NPCs are the Non-playable Characters in Sims 4 that cannot be operated by the Gamers from the game’s start. They are there in every Sims game: The Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4. All the townies living in Sims land are considered NPCs. You can have these NPCs also as your Roommates in Sims 4; they are called NPC Roommates.Two types of NPCs

  • Those that through relationships and/or simple cheats will be playable without any programming errors or bugs.
  • The others were explicitly not meant to be played.

The Rules to get NPC Roommates

Getting a roommate for your Sim could very quickly decapacitate you from doing anything else in the game, as it is such a tedious, sickening job. To avoid that from happening, we must follow the rules that help us in this expedition. So, here they go-:

  • You can only add toddlers with their parents.
  • You can add families as roommates with the help of these roommates mod.
  • You can choose pets as roommates, but same as toddlers, this might not work right without their owners as roommates too.
  • You can pick only 20 roommates in the game.
  • You have to use your phone or computer under the household menu and select the “LMS Roommates Service” option to get yourself one.
  • Potential Roommates must be Homeless. (They will show up soon after you select the Lms Roommates service and will get naturally into the Roommate Situation)

What Roommates do(Roommates Mod)

  • They are just like regular Sims and will behave and act like them. The thing different here is that they will pay $ 500 as rent for your room.
  • They attend school or work (if they have a real job) and will not come back on their own(Although, you could change that and make them early by using certain other features), you will have to call them to bring them back home.
  • You can add Roommate Lot Trait to bring them home independently, without you having to call them. Thus, this roommate lot trait is pretty useful.
  • If any roommates of your pack get pregnant, you will get a notification pop up informing you about who got pregnant and the other parent.
  • Your Roommate Sims cannot give birth while they are your Roommates. You will have to cancel the Roommate Agreement and add them to your Household or give them a real house to exit that baby.
  • Roommates without any careers will have a fair chance to pick a job for themselves.

Traveling with Roommates

  • You can head out with Roommates to Clubs or whatever. When returning home with them, they will immediately get back into the Roommate Situation.

New Pie Menu “Flatmate” (on Roommate Sims)

  • Use the toilet before you pee yourself – This new pie menu option helps you give your sims’ Roommate a little boost to utilize the latrine. And help them to flush out those toxins they have had contained for long enough.
  • You stink. Please go and take a shower. – This option will encourage sims to scrub their body and take a shower.
  • It is late as of now. You should rest. (Will give them a lift to rest).
  • Would you be able to fix the messed-up Items, please? Or, can you go and repair the broken Items, please? (Will give them a lift to fix stuff).
  • You are on cleaning obligation or duty! (Will give them a lift to tidy up or clean the house)
  • Cancel or Drop Roommate Agreement.

New Interactions on Objects

  • Assign Bed to Roommate- This assign bed to roommate option allows you to assign a bed to your Roommate.
  • Open Door for Roommate – Available under the Allow Access option when the Door is locked, this open door for roommate allows you to give willful access to the room door to your roommates.
  • Several Interactions regarding Pet Roommates (Pet Bowls, Pet Beds, Call Over on Pets themself)

Interactions on Phones

  • Call Roommate Home – Like mentioned earlier, this option can take your Roomie back home from their respective workplace or institutes.
  • Cancel Roommate Agreement – If you are looking to get rid of your roommates, this is the option.

How to get rid of Roommates

Some roommates could be an absolute ache in the head, and you should have all the liberty to kick them out and say goodbye when the time is right. Mentioned below are some of the ways in the roommate mod through which you can make them leave and cancel roommate agreement:

  • Through Phone – Go to the Phone option present in your household menu, and then click on the “Cancel Roommate Agreement” option there.
  • Via The TargetSim – Under the household menu, go to the “Target sim ” option in your game and click on the “Cancel Roommate Agreement” option in the list.

Side Notes

I recommend favoriting the Household’s Roommates. So the game won’t separate or move them.

The Game or Sims 4 Roommate Mod (like MCCC)  might move your “Destitute” Roommates into void Houses. On the off chance, if that happens, the roommate mod Sims 4 won’t work right any longer because your Roommates should be destitute. You have two options at that point.

  • You should reload the Backup and change your Settings so no Mod or Game Setting will move Homeless Sims into void Houses.
  • Drop the Roommate Agreement, move them out of their home again to make them Homeless, and afterward make them your Roommates once more.


This roommate mod provides you with several language options, as mentioned below:

  • English (default)
  • German
  • Portuguese by Ana Carolina
  • Danish by Sighubert
  • French by Nova
  • Russian Translation by JuliaGord & Cookie & Neko Amiko
  • Finnish Translation by Satu-Maria
  • Japanese Translation by maru
  • Swedish (by hello green)
  • Spanish (by Maqaroon Simmer)
  • Chinese by Miaow-CC
  • Italian by RorySim
  • Dutch by Azqwerty
  • Simplified Chinese by Miaow_CC
  • Czech by SentinelDeenee/ Xeria

Download LINK for Roommates Mod

Important Note(Discover university)

By default, the game will separate each Roommate into a single Homeless Household. If you use any Mod that fills Homes, do conform that those Sims will not be forced into Home Lots (you can flag Sims to stay homeless with MCCC).

The game doesn’t give these separated Households a name, so go into the Household Manager and give those Roommates Households a Name, and I prescribe to move them into “my Households” too.

Resting views

This new Sims 4 Roomate Mod by LittleMsSam, is a blessing in disguise at it eases our work to find a roommate, saves our sims from the traps of loneliness, and makes the game an absolute treat to have.

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