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Sims 4 Remove Trait & Cheat Trait (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Remove Trait & Cheat Trait
Sims 4 Remove Trait

Sims 4 is the most popular life simulation game in the world. It lets you live the life of your dreams, curate every aspect of your life, fulfill career aspirations, and what not.Now, when you begin playing the game, you are required to choose certain traits or characteristics of your Sim.

These sims 4 traits set a desirable path for the sim to follow in both, career and relationships. But, what should you do when you decide you no longer want to associate with the trait that you began with? or you want to remove traits?

Unfortunately, there’s no option in the game to remove trait, but with the help of sims 4 remove traits cheat, you can achieve this goal! Keep reading to know-how.

How to remove traits in Sims 4?

There’s no default option to remove trait in sims 4. Once you choose a sims 4 character and assign them to reward traits, their life starts to steer according to them.

The only way to remove reward traits is by using cheats. Download mccc center too to use cheats effortlessly!

Sims 4 remove trait cheat

Adding or removing traits in sims 4 is extremely easy via cheat codes. To utilize the cheats, first turn the testing cheats on by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C together.

Then, type “testingcheats true” in the cheat console to enable the cheats.

Now, after this, type in the cheat – traits.remove_trait {Trait name} to remove skills/traits.

This will help you to remove the traits that you no longer want your character to have.

Note: There should be no space left while writing the trait name in the cheat.

Sims 4 Remove Trait & Cheat Trait
Sims 4 Remove Trait

How to add characteristic traits?

Now, if you wish to add a characteristic after removing one, then you can do so with the help of cheats. Here are some cheats for different traits:

traits.equip_trait AlluringTurns your sim into a romantic one.
traits.equip_traitAlwaysWelcomePeople will give your sim a warm welcome at every place.
traits.equip_trait AnglersTranquilitySims will feel at ease while fishing.
traits.equip_traitAntisepticYour character’s hygienic needs’ decay rate lowers at an alarming level.
traits.equip_traitAppraiserSell rare and valuable pieces at the museum for simoleons.
traits.equip_trait BeguilingEverybody will be head over heels for you.
traits.equip_traitBusiness_SavvyYou will be at the pinnacle of your career and earn more than your colleagues.
traits.equip_trait CarefreeYou won’t give a damn about this world.
traits.equip_traitCollectorFinding rare sims 4 items would be a piece of cake for you.
traits.equip_traitEternalBondYou will have the best bond with your partner. No quarrels or marital drama.
traits.equip_traitConnectionsBe on the top in every career in sims 4. The most amazing trait for your character.
traits.equip_trait CreativeVisionaryHone your artistic skills and naturally ace in careers like painting and writing.
traits.equip_trait CreativelyGiftedLet your creative juices flow.
traits.equip_traitDastardlyYour sim will perform exceptionally well in tough situations.
traits.equip_trait FamilySimYou will have plenty of fun times with your family resulting in an unbreakable bond.
traits.equip_trait EntrepreneurialGet promotions in all careers. Call it hard work or the power of this trait!
traits.equip_traitEssenceOfFlavorBe the best chef or bartender.
traits.equip_trait ExpressionisticYou can easily express your feelings, whatever they are by embracing your artistic side.
traits.equip_traitFertileWant an army of babies? Get this fertility trait.
traits.equip_traitFreeServicesUse all services – free of cost!
traits.equip_traitFreshChefUsing this trait will help you create dishes that will never spoil or expire.
traits.equip_traitFrugalGet minimum bills and save some money!
traits.equip_traitGreatKisserBecome the greatest kisser in the history of TS4.
traits.equip_traitGregariousMaking friends and connections that last a lifetime is your specialty.
traits.equip_traitGymRatBe a gym freak and never lose hygiene points.
traits.equip_traitTheKnackFix and upgrade items in a blink of an eye.
traits.equip_traitHardlyHungryDon’t let your appetite come in the way of achieving greater heights in sims 4.
traits.equip_trait High_MetabolismBe blessed with a healthy body and stay fit, always.
traits.equip_traitHilariousLaugh your way into the hearts of people. Be the funniest in the group!
traits.equip_trait_trait_IndependentYour social needs bar decays very slowly in sims 4, so you don’t have to socialize with people.
traits.equip_traitLongevityLive a long life with this sims 4 trait.
traits.equip_trait MarketableSell any sims 4 item easily with this skill.
traits.equip_trait MastermindManipulate people easily and ace in every situation. In addition to this, you can cause mental agony to anybody.
traits.equip_traitMemorableMake your relationships last an eternity with this trait by your side.
traits.equip_traitMentallyGiftedYou’ll be gifted with a powerful mind.
traits.equip_traitMentorGain level 10 in few skills and mentor other sims to achieve their goals.
traits.equip_traitMorningPersonSay no to sleeping till noon.
traits.equip_trait MuserGet skill boosts by being a muse.
traits.equip_traitOneWithNatureExtinguish fires easily, and save people from any natural disaster. All because you are one with nature.
traits.equip_traitNeverWearyA very useful characteristic that will keep you energized.
traits.equip_traittrait_NightOwlBe a night owl and earn extra skills at night.
traits.equip_traitObservantYou’ll become a keen observer and learn the traits of another sim in one glance.
traits.equip_trait PerfectHostGet boosts and host amazing house parties with this skill.
traits.equip_traitPhysicallyGiftedAcquire sims 4 physical skills with extra ease.
traits.equip_traitPiperBe an influencer and use the power of music to control other sims.
traits.equip_trait_trait_PlayerPlaying with hearts never got easier. Plus, your beaus won’t get jealous of each other!
traits.equip_traitEpicPoetMake your loved ones immortal in the pages of your diary.
traits.equip_trait PotionMasterBe a sims 4 master at mixing drinks and thereby, inducing mixed feelings in the drinkers.
traits.equip_trait ProfessionalSlackerProcrastination is your forte. You will no longer fear demotion or being fired.
traits.equip_traitChroniclerCreate a sims 4 manual in the field of your expertise.
traits.equip_trait Quick_LearnerGrasp concepts fast, learn anything at a faster rate and reach the top of your class.
traits.equip_traitSavantMuch like the quick learner trait.
traits.equip_trait ShamelessThere’s no word like shame and embarrassment in your dictionary.
traits.equip_traitInvestedReceive a household fund deposit every week. You surely think of a financially secure future!
traits.equip_traitSincereApologizing and receiving compliments will be very easy for you since you will be the sincere one.
traits.equip_traitSociallyGiftedYou flourish in sims 4 social interactions.
traits.equip_trait SpeedCleanerClean anything at a fast pace.
traits.equip_trait SpeedReaderRead fast in sims 4.
traits.equip_traitSteelBladderThe urge to pee would sublime.
traits.equip_trait SuperGreenThumbYou’ll become a plant mom/dad. Your plants won’t die easily.
traits.equip_trait ValuedCustomerGet a whopping 10 percent discount on sims 4 build mode purchases.
traits.equip_trait BaneSims will fear you and your tyranny.
traits.equip_trait LivingVicariouslyUtilize child labor in sims 4 and earn through it.
traits.equip_trait WebmasterYour character will be tech-savvy and can do almost anything on the computer!
traits.equip_trait top_notch_toddlerYour kid is the epitome of babies!
traits.equip_trait happy_toddlerGet a kid that stays happy and whines little.

Trait for the sim 4 city living EP

traits.equip_trait ChopstickSavvyHolding chopsticks can be a tedious task but not anymore!
traits.equip_traitHomeTurfYou’ll be happy staying at home rather than being somewhere else.
traits.equip_trait InTheKnowBargaining will come naturally to you. So, go get that item at the lowest price in the market stalls.
traits.equip_traitSpiceHoundSpicy food won’t pose a problem. Easily eat spicy foods with this cheat.
traits.equip_trait_trait_hidden_career_critic_thriftyGet 20 percent off on sims 4 purchased art.

For the Sims 4 Get to Work EP

Traits.equip_trait SicknessYou won’t get sick and even if you do, you’ll recover quickly.

For the Sims 4 Jungle Adventure EP

traits.equip_trait Trait_ArchaeologyThe sims 4 museum is your second home. You flourish in that environment, and you can also sell artifacts there.
traits.equip_trait_Trait_JungleExplorerFind a sims 4 treasure trove in your next expedition to the jungle.

For TS4 Outdoor Retreat

traits.equip_traitGreatStorytellerYour stories will keep every sim hooked.
traits.equip_traitIncrediblyFriendlyPeople love and enjoy your company.
traits.equip_trait StovesAndGrillsMasterImpress your guests with your grilling skill.
traits.equip_traitSurvivalistCamping in the forest is your strong suit.

The Sims 4 Parenthood

traits.equip_trait ArgumentativeYou have a hot temper. People should steer away from you to not end up in a heated argument.
traits.equip_trait BadMannersYou don’t have a liking for ethical practices.
traits.equip_traitCompassionateYou care a lot about others.
traits.equip_traitEmotionalControlYou have a Zen-like emotional control.
traits.equip_trait GoodMannersYou are a decent sim with good manners.
traits.equip_trait IrresponsibleIt’s time to take responsibility but with this trait – not possible!
traits.equip_traitLifeSkills_ResponsibleYou take accountability for your actions and love taking responsibility.
traits.equip_trait LifeSkills_UnfeelingYour sim is numb when it comes to feelings.
traits.equip_traitMediatorExtinguish every heated argument by putting forth your word.
traits.equip_trait UncontrolledControlling yourself is just not you.

For TS4 Vampires

Traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanityYou’ll be a kind vampire and people won’t have to protect themselves from you.
Traits.equip_traitTheMasterYou’ll get supernatural control on every vamp.
Traits.equip_trait TrueMasterYour sim will be the master of all sims 4 vampires.


How do you get rid of traits in Sims 4?

To get rid of traits in sims 4, use the cheat – traits.remove_trait {TraitName}after turning the testingcheats.true on.


The sims 4 remove trait or add trait cheat can be really useful if you have a hard time deciding which characteristics should your sim have. So, you can easily edit it using the cheats mentioned in this article.

Happy siming!

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