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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Realistic Mods | Crime & Realism Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Realistic Mods
Sims 4 Realistic Mods

The reality of being a mortal is always to be exposed to hardships and adversities. But what is life without these? Some of you would call it unreal, but we would like to call it the sims 4 experience!

Now, the life of a sim can be wild and funny, with cartoony avatars and fun interactions. Still, we know some of you play that game to create your alternate reality so, to add more authenticity to your game, we have curated the list of the best sims 4 realistic mods that you can find on the internet.

Sims 4 realism mods

Since, The Sims contrasts significantly with human life in its cartoonish nature, fun interactions, and laid-back lifestyle; we decided to help you incorporate real-life drama, hardships, and cheerfulness in the base game.

With the sims 4 life mods created by some of the best content creators, we can re-introduce some of the basic features of human life into the gameplay. Thereby increasing the simulation’s complexity and adding a little human touch.

Here are some of the best sims 4 mods for realistic experiences for making your Sims’ experience as real as possible.

Sims 4 Realistic Mods | Crime & Realism Mods
sims 4 realistic mods

The best sims 4 mods of realism

As sims don’t take their emotions seriously and often forget about their feelings a few minutes later, it can be a bummer for those looking for some rawness in the game. Their interactions, too, are very surreal. So, below is the list of highly efficient modifications that would make your sims live more naturally.

Sims 4 Realistic gameplay reactions

Cheating is a big deal when it comes to relationships. And the characters in the game take it very lightly and get mad only for few hours and then turn back to normal. (Really?) This can be boring for people who want it to be a real big deal.

This module ensures that your sims react appropriately when something like this happens; they don’t forget about it instead of getting mad about it just like it happens in reality. This mod would also affect the entire household, which means the children would get distressed too seeing their parents’ fight

More best friends

We can’t choose one best friend ever; we all need a bunch of those. So, this modification won’t make you select one either; instead, you can share a best friend relationship with as many characters that you like.

The “become best friends” feature will have a 30-minute cooldown rather than a single-time use. Therefore, allowing you to create squads of Sim besties.

SimDa dating app

Dating apps have taken over this world; everybody is hooked to them. So, LittleMs Sam recognized the need to add one in the virtual world too.

With this module, your simmers will have a dating app like tinder where they can go on blind dates, meet people, have woohoo for a single night, and accidentally get pregnant too!

SimDa dating app
Sims 4 Dating App Mod

Height slider

The most unrealistic aspect of TS4 is the fact that everybody is the same height. So, to make everyone appear unique, just like in waking life, the height slider mod gives you the ability to change the size of your sims and even the proportions of your neck and hips.

A great addition indeed for your create a sim section!

Luumia sims – Height slider plus extras
Sims 4 height Slider

Meaningful stories

The characters don’t take their life seriously in-game. They may be sad at a moment as their pet passed away; another minute, they might be jumping in ecstasy because they watched a good movie.

So, to eradicate this erratic behavior and make their feelings stay real, this meaningful stories’ mod stabilizes their emotions according to the events. The transition period from one feeling to another is also well monitored.

Romantic relationships

This mod by sacrificialmods reworks the entire romance mechanism in TS4. The original concept is pretty basic, you go on dates, spend some time together, do woohoo, but it still doesn’t feel genuine.

This module changes the whole scene by adding nuances like flirting, hugging, cuddling, and a lot more interactions.

Slice of life

The overhaul mod for the S2 is “Slice of Life” by KawaiiStacie.

This module touches almost every aspect of the game.

For example, your players get visible emotions, the nostalgia of past events that’ll affect their moods, a fitness system, and even reactions to their appearance.

Slice of life mod

How to make sims 4 realistic?

Above mentioned mods alter the large aspects of life, but the modifications discussed below are more directive towards short experiences that hold large values in everyday life. So, these are:

Miscarriage chance

Pregnancy can be wonderful, but it has downsides as well. So, as the name suggests, this life difficulty mod focuses on the aspect that no pregnant lady would want to go through, but sometimes things are beyond our control.

With this modification, your sims might wake up one day with abdominal cramps, feel sick, and might have to be rushed to a hospital. Now, 9 out of 10 times, she won’t come bearing good news; instead, she might have gotten a miscarriage.

Miscarriage chance
Sims 4 Miscarriage

Risky woohoo and try for baby chances.

In the gameplay, all players have an option to have woohoo for baby or not. But this isn’t what happens in existence. This is one of those Sims 4 immersion mods, which makes the woohoo experience super immersive.

This modification adds a complex fertility system wherein some of the sims would be highly fertile, some moderate, and some, unfortunately, infertile. So, chances of getting impregnated would be high for the ones that fall in the first category. The infertile ones can get fertility treatments done and possibly reverse the situation too.

SNB – Sim National Bank

We are all slaves to money in this capitalistic world and have bank accounts for accounting purposes. But this is not the case in the S4. So, to overhaul the game’s financial prospects, this module introduces a bank, where people can loan out some money, deposit their money, and withdraw it as well.

Personality, please

Sims are simple beings, so simple that Freud might have been disappointed in the creators if sims existed in his era.

So, to add more complexities in their way of thinking, this module, which is more focused on the sims’ romantic needs, changes the game by making sims more aware beings who aren’t just clean slate but reshaped by their past experiences and each of them carries unique traits.

Now, to get into a relationship with the other player, simmers have to check if they are compatible in the long run.

Automatic beards

Boys eagerly wait for puberty to hit them, for they’ve long wished to have a beard like their father. Now, it’s high time that the sims experience that too.

This module would automatically grow your character’s beard when he reaches a certain age, like 14-15. So, they’ll know what it likes to feel the stubble on their faces for the first time.

The explore mod

“The world is big” – we hear this quite often, but unfortunately, it isn’t as significant for the simmers as it is for us.

So, to improve this aspect and more autonomy for the characters, this explores module allows your sim to wander alone or with a bunch of friends. They can do whatever they want to do, from as simple as getting their nails done to climbing mountains, all of which will add some traits and skills.

Explore mod sims 4

Extreme violence – Sims 4 crime mod

The world is a nasty place, and crimes lurk in even the silent places of this planet. So, keeping that in mind, this criminal mod incorporates a criminal theme into the game where characters can do all sorts of illegal activities.

Some of which are: Killing another player with a machete, crack opening their skull, going on a killing spree with a machine gun, and whatnot.

This is one of the top modifications in the crime mods category.

After school activities

A school-going kid’s life isn’t just restricted to going to school and coming back; instead, it has many other elements like attending tutorials, going for dance practice, attending a basketball class, and whatnot.

Therefore, to make your character’s life the same, this modification adds all these after-school activities.

Wicked whims

This module modifies the sexual experiences of the characters. It adds the feature of a menstrual cycle for the females, so they face all those jittery cramps and nausea, mood swings, and all those things that a female has to go through. They will even have a PMS.

Sexually transmitted diseases could spread to your players, too, if safe sex isn’t practiced with this sim 4 std mod.

Basemental drugs

In the list of vices in ordinary life, taking drugs acquires a top position.

To make the sims’ experience as authentic as ever, they can now use substances like marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, and all those prohibited drugs. They can even choose to be a drug dealer.

Note: We, or basemental, in no way promote the use of drugs and other substances. Kindly refrain from doing so in real life, as drugs can be fatal.

Basemental drugs
Basemental Drugs Sims 4

Life’s tragedies

Life is not always glittery and fun. It is full of adversities, and you never know what might happen next.

The life tragedies module adds that dark realism in your game adds unexpected events in your characters’ life.

They might get run over by a car, a building might collapse in front of them, they could get bitten by a dog, anything and everything dark can happen with this modification, beware.

Life tragedies mod
Sims 4 Life Tragedies

More talkative

Next up in the list of realistic sims 4 mods is “More talkative” module. Whenever we see our friends, we explode with a lot of things to talk to them about. And we can’t seem to sit still.

A more talkative trait will be added to your players with this module, and whenever they hang out with the people they are close too they won’t stop talking!

Faster eating and drinking

In the base model, characters eat way too slow, and their appetite is low also. But with this module, they would eat like animals (not precisely), their hunger would be high, and the pace of eating.

A subtle change, but it makes a difference. Also, if you want your sims to gain weight, then we have a mod for this too!

Funeral mod

There’s no proper funeral for dead sims in the game, which is entirely wrong for a life simulation game like it. The sim usually dies without a formal ceremony, with the grim reaper taking its soul away and others just encircled around the dead body, mourning.

But don’t worry, for this modification would provide you with the opportunity to host a funeral with things like the minister giving a eulogy, a proper coffin, and a church or graveyard location.

Funeral mod

Slumber party

There aren’t many things for the kids to do in this EA game. Their life is boring and dull.

But this modification guarantees an introduction of a new event in their dull lives – A slumber party. All the kids can move to their friends’ house in a pair of pajamas and have a fun night. They will also get a new moodlet with it.

Ultrasound scan

Modern technology can help pregnant ladies give them a flush of happiness through an ultrasound scan. Your sims can get that too!

With this modification installed, you can visit the gynecologist and get an ultrasound for some thousand Simoleans. When you come back home, you can hang that scan on your wall and see your pregnant character’s face lit up with happiness.

Ultrasound scan

Food = calories

This happens when you eat food, but sims have it easy and eat whatever they want without gaining weight. But bid those days a farewell when you get this module, for this will ensure that your sims get layers of fat deposited in the natural places like tummy when they eat high-calorie food.

Now, they will have to hit the gym to shed some weight. So bye-bye to pointless running on the treadmill. Go to the gym and see your body change its form.

Stretch marks

The downside of pregnancy and muscle growth are those stretch marks. Some wear them proudly; others persistently try to get rid of them; whatever be the case, your sim will have them with this modification.

They would appear on the tummy, the chest, and the thigh region after pregnancy.

50 percent lower salaries

We’ve all heard of the wages getting reduced of people working. Be it pandemic or low sales; this is one inevitable feature of being in a workforce.

The characters would also experience this tragedy where their wages would get lowered.


These are some of the best picks in the category of Sims 4 realistic mods. Getting these modifications would guarantee you a realistic gameplay. After all, that is what we look for in this EA life simulation game.

Happy simming!

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