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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC – Download – 2024

Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods
Pregnancy Mods & CC

To enjoy your virtual experience of being pregnant in 2020 even more with realistic features, try out these Sims 4 pregnancy mods that guarantee more detailing and keeps the game exciting instead of the long wait for the baby to arrive.

Pregnancy mod Sims 4

Here are 10 sims 4 mods for the sims that you shouldn’t skip and add to your to-do list right now, have a look.

Pregnancy Mega Mod

This sims 4 pregnancy overhaul mod by ArtUrlWWW offers numerous attributes to the simmers such as –

  • Ability to have Quintuplets or Sextuplets
  • Ability to Terminate Pregnancy
  • Set Stage for Your Pregnancy
  • Ability to Impregnate Any Sim
  • Ability to Control Length of Pregnancy
  • Ability to Have a Miscarriage
  • Ability to Set Gender Preferences of Parents and so much more

You can’t afford to miss out on this module.

There’s a reason why it’s on top of the list with its various customizations and fun elements.

Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods
Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods

Risky woohoo

As the name suggests, this sims 4 modification is a risky one because unlike the other situations where you woohoo or try for a baby, in this case you can get a surprise pregnancy.

It’s like playing a game of Russian roulette wherein you can get pregnant randomly, making it realistic to a whole other level. It’s more like an accidental pregnancy mod.

Risky woohoo


Little Ms Sam’s Ultrasound scan adds the character of a Gynaecologist in the game, which is an essential persona for the pregnancy storyline. Your sim would be gone for 60-90 mins and would have to pay §75 for the visit.

They’d get information about the gender of their babies and if they are twins or triplets

When they return, you’d find an ultrasound scan in the inventory and you can hang it on a wall as a memory.

Ultrasound mod

Baby shower

Can you believe it that pregnancy mod 2019 doesn’t offer the option of throwing a baby shower to your pregnant sim?

Lucky for us, Brittpinkiesims created a modific which allows you to have fun and party to celebrate your motherhood.

You can invite your family and friends for a gala time due to this one of the best pregnancy mods – baby shower.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a pregnant sims’ nightmare and pregnancy is the time when they are the most prominent, but Sims 4 doesn’t provide this feature.

Therefore, Katybug273 introduced a mod which would apply stretch marks on your character’s skin just like a tattoo.

Their appearance would become more authentic as an expectant.

Instant morning sickness

The element of surprise is ruined when the sims receive uncomfortable pregnancy mood buffs moments before puking, informing the simmers that their sim is pregnant.

But the mod by Polar Bear Sims removes that sims 4 pregnancy mood buffs.

So even if your persona has morning sickness, you’d realize they are expecting a child only when the game notifies you.

Labor puddles

Since, water breaking is an important aspect before giving birth, Polar Bear Sims came up with this labor puddles modific wherein a puddle would appear as soon as your character goes into labor, similar to their water breaking.

This would add a touch of naturalism in the process of birthing.

Mood buffs

Pregnancy isn’t always the best news a person can get.

They might have mixed emotions about it, therefore the representation that a female sim is always happy about being pregnant seems unrealistic.

The only time when they aren’t happy is when they have the ‘hates children’ attribute in them.

To solve this issue, ZafiSims gave us the opportunity to let the characters feel embarrassed, uneasy, angry and so on to paint a somewhat real picture of the whole process.

Longer/shorter pregnancy

We all have contrasting views regarding the length of the pregnancy.

Some of us relish that time whereas some of the pregnant sims can’t wait to give birth.

Therefore, Havem created a modific which allows you to increase the span of your expectancy through the longer pregnancy mod or reduce it through the shorter module.

Slice of life

This sims 4 modification isn’t directly related to pregnancy, but its aim is to turn things into a more realistic version to improve the game.

It adds changes in your appearance depending on your emotions, the chance to get drunk etc.

It includes the feature of periods, which is an essential part of your sim’s life.

Bad parent

There are people who aren’t ready to raise a child or become a parent.

Therefore, this sims 4 module provides an alternative perspective on the idea of pregnancy because it makes your persona happy knowing their children aren’t born or it could go the other way if they are birthed.

It might also be that both the pregnant sims feel differently about having a baby.

It could be fun to figure out the dynamics at this stage.

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod

With this teen pregnancy mod Sims 4, your teen characters can have sex and get pregnant mistakenly.

They don’t have to be 18 for that as it’s a virtual world and the same rules don’t apply in it.

It would be fun to watch your teen handle a child and herself, so add it to your list.

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod
sims 4 Teen Pregnancy Mod

Impregnate with Simray

If you aren’t interested in woohooing with anyone, but wish to have a child, then you can apply the SimRay by making changes in its ‘transform’ function and using it to impregnate yourself.

It’s more like IVF in real life wherein a baby is placed inside of you without any of the prior requirements. It could be an advantage, if you can’t find someone to woohoo with.

Sims 4 abortion mod

Unwanted pregnancies aren’t a myth and a woman should be allowed to the choice to keep the child or not.

Therefore, this sims 4 module provides you the chance to get an abortion for $1.000.

But it’s only possible when your sim is in the first or second trimester.


Not all pregnancies end up with a child in your hands; some of them end up in grief.

If your character feels pains or cramps during this period, take them to the hospital immediately.

They might come back with no harm done to the child, but in most cases, you’d return disheartened.

The sims 4 miscarriage mod would affect your entire household.

Sims 4 Miscarriage

MC Command Centre

Changing the length of pregnancy and other similar things can function with the help of MCCC as it gives you the reign of the control console, granting you the power to alter some aspects of the game to benefit you.

Thus, mccc is another portal for pregnancy modifications.

Wicked whims

Unlike its earlier reputation as “it’s all about sex,” wicked whims has transformed into a better version and its new focus is on building strong relationships along with pregnancies and periods as an added feature.

So check it out as its so much more than meets the eye.


I hope that the Sims 4 pregnancy mod has given you a fresh pair of eyes to view this feature as it’s nowhere near its older version with not-so-good traits and graphics. Simmers have worked hard to improve this characteristic as much as possible, so you wouldn’t be disappointed. Check them out!

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