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Sims 4 Plants Sims | How to Cure Plantsim (2024)

Sims 4 Plants Sims
Sims 4 Plants Sims

Ever wondered if your sim could transmute into a plantsim? Then, consider your wish granted! With sims 4 plantsim mod, it is possible to change your sim into a plant with new skills and abilities.

So, this is your guide to turn your sims into plantsims, to take care of them and cure them as well.

Sims 4 plant sims

Plant sims were introduced in the seasonal challenge of sims 4, and they were a hit.

However, they vanished after the challenge got completed, but there’s a way to bring these green sprouts back into your game. These are discussed below.

PlantSims don’t have any magical capabilities, but they give your sims character a makeover with a green outfit that has leaves budding out.

This outfit lasts for four hours. The PS also have different moods and needs when they are in this form.

Sims 4 Plants Sims | How to Cure Plantsim
Sims 4 Plants Sims


As I’ve mentioned above, Plant-Sims were introduced in the seasonal challenge in TS4, but even before that, they have been introduced in sims 2 and sims 3 as well.

So, before we begin, let us look at the historical account of this fantastic character:

The sims: makin’ magic

The first version gave us plant sims through the beauty and the beast interaction. This was enchanting, but the interactions weren’t changed much.

Sims 2: Plant Sims

In S2, there were seasons where players planted many trees around their houses, used herbicides, and uprooted weeds. But when the number of herbicides increased to a tremendous amount, it was used to transmute the nearby sims into plants.

Then, the players had to use different methods to cure themselves, like:

  • Contacting the Gypsy Matchmaker and buying the cure from it.
  • Meeting a witch to get back into the original self.
  • Taking garden help.

Another interesting feature was that they could talk around on the plantation, which would, in turn, affect their health and brought them closer to being cured.

Players also attained a gold gardening badge which used to remain with them even after being healthy. That golden badge gave me the ability to talk to plantations.

Sims 3: Plantsim

Now, in S3 university life, one could become a Plantsim if he/she were a teenager or a young adult.

All they had to do was eat the forbidden fruit!

Ways to obtain forbidden fruit:

  • One way is to plant its seed packet and opt for “tend the garden” to eat the fruits of your labor.
  • Utilize the science research option to clone this seed.
  • However, the science experiment has only a 20% chance to make you a PSim, but in either of the case mentioned above, you’ll get a moodlet called “Botanitis Minorous.”
  • If you have a level 9 in science skill, you can take a DNA sample of your sim and clone it in the research lab to have a PS baby.

How to become a plantsim in Sims 4 without cheats?

TS4 has the PlantSim Challenge, where all the players can find and eat the “Forbidden fruit” that will turn them into what they have wished for – A green man!

There are several ways to find that seed:

Rare seeds pack

You can now purchase “Rare” seeds directly from your PC when on level 10 in the Gardening Skill. Magic Beans Sims 4 are meant to be found in these packs. after getting level 10 in gardening skill.

You may have to spend a lot of money to do this because rare seed packets cost around § 1,000, and you may only get one bean at a time.

Collect all 6 Beans to place them in the unique “Magic PlantSim Stump.” Then, water them, and later your Sims can go inside the portal and retrieve the “Fruit of the PlantSim.”

Eating the fruit will fulfill your purpose.

If you wish to stay as a plantsim, you’ll have to plant the Fruit of the PlantSim again because the effects of the PSim wear off every five days.

Deal with the neighborhood PSim

Follow these steps:

  • Collect six magic beans from a Plantsim that you will find randomly in the neighborhood.
  • The six are beans would be – confident, sad, uncomfortable, tense, playful, and angry magic beans. 
  • Next, you must reach out to the coordinator, Jasmine Holiday, to collect the magical stump from sowing the magic beans.
  • Now, water the stump, and the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree will be well grown.
  • After the tree is fully grown, the player must enter the tree and answer a few questions based on the adventure correctly.

Then you’ll get a chance to witness the forbidden fruit and taste it to transform.

You will stay as a PS for five days.

Plant matter

In the Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff expansion pack, you can purchase an ice cream maker, and the maker will allow you to create plant matter.

However, you must have at least a cooking level 8, and it will cost you around §47 to make it.

If your sim consumes this plant matter, it will start to look like a PS, but the change isn’t permanent.

They will also get a 4-hour long mood-let that will cause them to want to spend tons of time outside!

Sims 4 plantsim cheat

If you don’t wish to spend a considerable time on doing challenges and sowing plants, then there’s an easy way out – Cheats! So, without any delay, let us see how:

  • You need to open the cheats bar by pressing CTRL+ALT+C and turning testingcheats true on. This will open the cheat dialog box.
  • Then, click shift and press on the character you want to convert into a PlantSim, and your character would turn into one.

You could also achieve them by buying debug cheat, bb—showhiddenobjects to unlock the forbidden fruit. Then, eat the fruit and become one of these.

How to care For PlantSims?

Sims get cosmetic changes like green and leafy skin, a special PlantSim hair-do, and special abilities like “Talking to Plants” and “Absorbing Solar Energy” from Plants to fill their Hunger.

But they have some needs too:

  • They need water from the regular players, which satisfies their bladder need.
  • Also, they want some sunlight to meet their hunger cravings. So, they will absorb solar energy.
  • They will also gain different moodlets (“Be the PlantSim” +1 Happy moodlet) while under sunlight and water. It will boost their happiness.

They could also interact with the plants and create a social vibe to absorb solar energy that completes their hunger needs.

Note: While solar energy absorption from plants can be performed various times, the plants’ growth stage around them will change. For example, if you have a blooming plant in the game and absorb their energy various times, the growth stage will reset to “Sprouted.”

PSs who do not satisfy their needs will eventually receive the “Parched” and “Sun Starved” moodlets. Take it as the final warning to water them.

If PlantSims are not hydrated within 24 hours, they will perish.

How to turn a plantsim back sims 4

Even if you had enough fun being a plant or completely hated it, there is a way to reverse your situation. Usually, the ideal one is to wait it out, but there are others as well. Let us look at some of them:

How to undo plantsim sims 4 – by waiting:

The transformation will wear off eventually. Ice Cream related transformations end after 4 hours, and regular PS moodlets end in 5 days.

Undo plantsim cheat

You can remove these moodlets from characters by using the “sims.remove_all_buffs” cheat. This cheat will only operate if you have the “AllCheats” module that helps enable these cheats again.

 NOTE: This cheat code will remove all moodlets, not just one. You can also remove any trait through a different set of cheats.

Sims 4 plantsim cure through mods

With the UI Cheats Extension module, you can right-click on the PlantSim moodlet, and it will vanish. Once these moods are gone from the sim’s panel, they become human again.

How to cure plantsim Sims 4 differently?

The third way (From those mentioned above) of using the UI cheats extension mod is an unconventional way of curing your characters off this “Greenish disease.”

Where to find plantsims S4?

You can find them in three places, they are:

  • Mystical Magic-Bean Portal Tree
  • Rare seed packets if seasons are installed.
  • Consuming plant matter ice cream.


This is your one-stop guide to Sims 4 plantsim, so follow these easy steps and have fun living an unconventional life in the sims 4. There isn’t much difference between this feature and the Guide to sims 4 gardening . Both of these options complement each other.

Happy simming!

Can you be a plantsim in sims 4?

Yes, you can be a plantsim in sims 4 .

How do you turn off plantsim in sims 4?

You can turn off plantsim in sims 4 by turning on your cheats and typing ” Sims.remove_all_buffs” when they have the plantsim buff on.

Can occult sims be plantsims too?

Yes, occult sims can be plantsims too.

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