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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Period Mod | Download – Install (2024) Updated

Sims 4 Period Mod
Sims 4 Period Mod

The sims 4 has always been astonishing us with their tremendous and highly realistic mod updates to make our sims virtual life as real and lively as possible.

Sims 4 period mod is an updated feature of the wicked whims mod that starts your female charactfer’s menstrual cycle, lets you know about pregnancy, add options like choosing birth control and pills to make the Sim’s life more authentic.

Period mod sims 4

Females, after reaching puberty go through a flux of changing hormones which results in enormous changes in their anatomy. One such substantial physiological difference is the introduction of the menstrual cycle which commonly results in what is known as periods.

Where the ovaries experience monthly or cyclic hormonal changes which in turn releases an egg for fertilization, thickens the uterus lining and makes it cushiony for the implantation of a fertilized egg. Failing to get impregnated or getting the egg fertilized, results in the breakdown of the uterus lining which causes cramps and then gets disposed of the body in the form of blood and mucus.

With the sims 4 period mod which isn’t a separate mod but a newly added feature in the previously launched wicked whims mod (which is an 18+ mod, due to its explicit content), your teen or adult female sims can now experience the menstrual cycle, and its added features which are discussed later.

Sims 4 Period Mod | Download - Install Updated
Sims 4 Period Mod

How to get the period mod and use the update?

To install the most searched period mod sims 4 and to know which mod gives sims period and how to use it follow the instructions given below,

  • Firstly, Download the updated wicked whims period mod file in your PC.
  • Then, Locate the Sims 4 Mods folder.
  • Move the files name “WickedWhimsMod” and “Resources.cfg” file in the folder.
  • Then, Turn on the game and enable custom content mods setting.
  • At last, restart your set-up and get your hands on the new update.

Sims 4 period mod download

Now, if you’re wondering how to download the whicked whims’ menstrual cycle mod follow the steps below,

  • Start by clicking on your Female Sim, either adult or teen.
  • Then, you would have to click the following options in the given manner: More Choices > Wicked > Settings.
  • After this, you should find the Sex settings.
  • After which, you must choose the option- Pregnancy settings > Menstrual Cycle Duration
  •  which is also is the name of the sims 4 cc period mod.
  • Now, you’ll be presented with five new options which are Automatic, very long, long, normal and short.
  • By default the duration is set to automatic, depending upon a specific sim. It is, however, recommended to select the normal mode because When sims would be on period, they would feel sad and uncomfortable. You can also buy birth control pills from the computer for unwanted pregnancy.

Older version or the Sims 4 realistic period mod

The realistic period mod was also one of the incredible mods of the game, which was widely used by the sims 4 fiends. Despite that, the mod developer has failed to update any files for many years. So, it renders to be less recommended to download this mod. If you want your female sims to experience menstruation, you must opt for the ways mentioned above.

Sims 4 Menstrual Cycle mod

  • The wicked whims mod, which is an explicit mod in the sims 4 adds a lot of realistic and daily-life features in the game. There are a lot of animations and options that this mod offers. One such feature is the menstrual cycle mod 2022 gives your female sims realistic periods. You could enable this mod by selecting the menstrual cycle option in sex settings.
  •  Once this ts4 period mod gets activated, your female players would start to have PMS days, fertile days, and period days. The PMS days are the once that start before a female gets her period; these are characterized by mood swings, low energy, etc. The period days would be around 3-5 days of your character’s menstruation cycle. Now, the fertility days are the days, which occur just after the period days and in which chances of pregnancy is maximum if one indulges in sexual intercourse.
  • Now, to get your Sim’s fertility tests, you would need 10 Simoleons as it keeps a record of your cycle and the Players who get the Fertile Store rewards receives 20% more chances to get pregnant.
  • You could also make the appointments at the Fertility treatment service through a mere phone call. The treatment effect, however, might be temporary and accelerate the fertility chances to 225%, which would expire over the period (time) of 72 hours. These treatments will not guarantee your Sim’s pregnancy but only increases the chances.
  • They might furthermore visit the spa to increase the opportunities and rewards where there is a massage table, and sims can choose to arrange a Fertility Massage which provides a small boost of 20% just like the Fertile Store Reward trait for only 12 Sim-hours massage moodlet.
  • Sims that can impregnate, which are generally males, have their fertility too. There are three levels of fertility that can be selected in the Pregnancy Settings menu, under Sex Settings. Realistic, Boosted, and Extreme, which affects both males and females.
  • With the impregnating Sim on Realistic Mode, Young Adults will have a 91%, Adults 85%, and Elders 75% chance. On Boosted Mode, which is again the default mode, Young Adults have a 96%, Adults 90%, and Elders 80% chance. And finally, on Extreme Mode all is set to a 100% chance.

Sims 4 Birth Control

The Sims 4 Birth control tends to provide condoms and pills that eliminate the chances of pregnancy. You could buy them in the Wickedwhims menu, and you would immediately receive them at your Sim’s mailbox. You must accept the items and store them in your inventory.

The Birth control gets set to be used by default, but you can always change the settings in Pregnancy menu and disable the condoms and pills.

It would be best if you kept the medicines in an appropriate inventory so that it could be put to auto-use for the ones who have menstrual cycles. Condoms can’t be put in anyone’s inventory.

Now, it should not be forgotten that both the forms of birth control are not 100 per cent successful.

The chances of the defeat of each birth control are as follows,

  • Condoms have a 5% possibility of failure.
  • Birth control pills have 9% possibility of failure.

Also, these must be taken three days regularly to get the full results.

One more upside of taking pills is that Sims who would take the pills won’t have to worry about the pads or tampons, or when they are on their periods. The Perfect mode in the pregnancy menu will successfully control the birth of the child. But the players who are marked as lazy and careless would be impregnated as they would always forget to put on a condom and would not be able to pull out on time due to their traits.

Sims 4 period cheat

You could learn more about Sims fertility and menstrual cycle, by using the period cheat – ‘Shift + Click’ on a Sim, and under the Wicked menu, you will see a debug menu with a Pregnancy Info option. In Pregnancy Info, you will see the Sims cycle length, fertile days, period and PMS days. You can also determine if the Sim is pregnant or if a pregnancy is expected. This notification also shows birth control options on the Sim.

You can put a stop to all pregnancies within a save by using the ‘ww.force_stop_all_Sims_pregnancy’ command’.


The sims 4 period mod is an asked for and much-needed update to your sims 4 game life as it not only adds a detailed realistic experience but also adds a little chaos in your sims daily-life. And what’s fun without some mess? So, go ahead and download this custom content now!

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