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Sims 4 Nails CC & Mod Download (All Free)2022

Custom material developers for The Sims 4 nail polish have been generating cc nails for a lengthy period, but they’ve usually had to go into the arbitrary items area in CAS. Fingernails, for instance, are frequently categorized as circles.

However, with the most recent Sims 4 nails cc Massage Day Upgrade, we got natural fingernail polish and foot polish for our Characters. They also have their unique CAS class. Yay!

Having stated that, everyone cc fans require upgraded cc fingernails for our fingernail polish cc. So, you’ll be capable of discovering all of this fingernail updates stuff under the new fingernails or foot section.

Best Sims 4 Nails CC

Sims 4 French Manicure Nail Collection

It is a lovely french mani cc fingernail kit that provides organic cosmetics. These nails are at the top of my wishlist because they’re so developed, available in five distinct colours, and will quickly acquire your favourite go-to’s if you like a significantly softer finish like myself.

Sims 4 French Manicure Nail Collection by Frenchie simgirl

Sims 4 Halloween Nails

it’s Halloween time, and who does not wish to jump into the ghost with some beautiful Halloween fingers?

Kissick is a fresh customizable producer for The Sims 4 who is creating AMAZING customizable fingernails. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they emerge with. These fingernails will not operate properly if you don’t obtain the meshes before uploading.

Sims 4 Halloween Nails by kissyck

All Natural Spa Day Nails Recolor

It is yet another set of French manicures fingernail design for The Sims 4; this one comes with several unique features, such as a black french point choice. Stiletto and coffin fingernail designs are available, so it’s ultimately up to oneself or your Sim’s taste.

All Natural Spa Day Nails Recolor by isaiahillustrates

Prisma’s Sims 4 Academia Nail Recolor

At present, the academic aesthetic is highly fashionable. Most folks wish their cuticles to correspond to their personality, and your Sims could indeed do that with this collection of scholarly works.

These would be the core sport fingers with the faculty shades applied. It has 56 samples for every nail type suitable for men, women, and children!

Prisma's Sims 4 Academia Nail Recolor

Glossy Taco BG Nail Retexture for Sims 4

This pair of cc nails is a retexture of the original gameplay fingernails, making them appear more genuine and like actual nail polish. Including the retexture, this package contains 63 cc fingernail colours. It’s amazing!

Glossy Taco BG Nail Retexture for Sims 4 by needlework reverie

Julie J’s Vibrant Colors Spa Day Nail Recolor

This collection of colourful fingernail colours is required if you wish your Sim’s fingernails to shine up. The fingernails are available in various bright colours so your avatars can stand out!

Julie J's Vibrant Colors Spa Day Nail Recolor

Sims 4 Toenail Recolors in 7 Palettes authored

You’ll never want another pair of toenail cc after this! These would be the toenails from the console version but in 7 distinct colours created by different cc authors.

You’ll have the toenail polish in the following palettes: academics, gooseberries, eezo unnatural, eezo gems, a non-starter & enhanced pallet, and into the woodlands flowers with this purchase.

Sims 4 Toenail Recolors in 7 Palettes authored by cosmicamos

Sims 4 Manic Solid Nails

I’m completely smitten with those fingernails, mod. They’re stunning, and they appear fantastic in-game. The little smooth and curved style appeals to me.

There are 55 different hues to choose from, each with a light, brilliant, and deep variation. They have an oval appearance to them.

Sims 4 Manic Solid Nails by christopher067

Sims 4 Pride Nails

These pride long nails are excellent for showing your love for all matters LQBTQ+. They exist in various pride colours and 14 palettes both for boys and females. It’s adorable!

Sims 4 Pride Nails by NekoChan-Simmer

Sims 4 CC Square Nails

The phrase ‘heart’ is printed in a pink diamond calligraphy style on such cc square fingernails as a touch of nail designs. I adore these fingernails since they are unique from what I’ve heard from most cc designers.

They’re definitely in the alpha cc taste, that’s not usually my aesthetic, but it’s for you if you like alpha cc!

Sims 4 CC Square Nails by Bobur3

Sims 4 Broken Nails CC

This Sims 4 fingernail kit was quite inventive, in my opinion. It’s a pair of nails that includes either one two damaged fingernails. This is both accessible and genuine. I’m the kind of individual that always screws up a manicure whenever I get them.

Sims 4 Broken Nails CC by vesperzev

Sims 4 Ombre Nails

If you need anything different for your avatars’ fingernails, try out ccem’s ombre nail polish. It includes 52 colour samples in brief & medium fingernails for people of all generations (including infants!)

Sims 4 Ombre Nails by ccem

Nail Basics Spa Day Nails Recolor

A few of the loveliest nail essentials cc packs I’ve encountered yet. It comes with 25 samples in a stiletto and a coffin style fingernail.

If you like aharris00britney’s maxis matching cc, you’ll be delighted to hear that the author recoloured the majority of these fingernails using their colour scheme. As a result, your fingernails and attire can be flawlessly coordinated!

Nail Basics Spa Day Nails Recolor by isaiahillustrates

Sims 4 Pastel Nails Collection

This fingernail set by Frenchiesim contains not just pastel fingernails but also pastel cosmetics to go with them. The colours are really BEAUTIFUL and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a total of 8 fingernail shades. I believe my favourite shades are pink and purple. 

Sims 4 Pastel Nails Collection by frenchiesimgirl

Sims 4 Spa Day Nails Recolor

It is a recolour of the foundation gaming fingernails given to us as part of the spa break refreshment. There are a total of 55 colours. The majority of fingernail polish hues have a shiny texture.

Sims 4 Spa Day Nails Recolor by CandySims4

Romee Nails N21

If you prefer matte finishes, you’re in paradise, my buddy.

Matte fingernails are all the rage these weeks, thanks to cosmetic influencers. And appropriately so, as they give the room a nice but distinct appearance.

This CC is ideal for Sims that require a manicure colour that matches their workplace attire but isn’t too spectacular.

Pair this CC with additional matt elements like matte lipsticks, eye makeup, and textiles to achieve a consistent look.

Get in that conference with confidence and strength, realizing that your fingernails are at their finest.

Romee Nails N21

201910 SS-Club WM Nails

Check out these stunning transparent sparkly fingernails! I’d stare at these for hours if I could have those.

And they’re so cute that your Avatar will flaunt them at events, vacations, and even ordinary lunches.

These fingernails would undoubtedly give any clothing a charming appeal.

Pair them with a mini skirt and a modest haircut as a tip. Your Avatar will be all set for a beautiful evening.

201910 SS-Club WM Nails

S-Club WM Nails 201817 (Christmas Nails)

Our Xmas Santa Claus & Elves fingernail painting hacks will put you in the holiday spirit.

They’ll impress your visitors at your next Xmas Eve event, and everyone will be asking where you had your fingernails painted.

Beautiful manicures, unique decorations, fantastic meals, and a thriving place! The ideal festive period has arrived.

This patch is only available once a month, so take advantage of it.

S-Club WM Nails 201817 (Christmas Nails)

Zeta Nails N20

Are you getting a little sassy? Your Sim may express her brutal nature with these Zeta stiletto nail additions.

Let your fangs out, figuratively speaking.

This CC set has a staggering 30 hues, so you’ll constantly be prepared to accessorize.

To give the generally intense atmosphere of a celebrity, these fingernails must be combined with spectacular jewellery. Honestly, I believe a pretty necklace would be perfect with these fingernails.

Zeta Nails N20

201906 WM Nails (Marble-Style)

Marble nirvana.

If you’re a fan of the marble style, you can’t afford to skip out on this CC set.

In 15 various hues, these fingernails are as classy as they get!

If someone takes you out to a fancy supper at Chez Llama, you must finish your look there to add a bit additional glitz.

Relax at the hotel’s most opulent seat and watch the moonlight glisten on your stunning marble fingernails.

201906 WM Nails (Marble-Style)

Orange Nails

Featuring this orange fingernail artwork, spring is in the atmosphere.

Add this fingernail design to your Sim while heading to Sulani for your holiday and get into that seaside mood.

Each colour in this CC collection is a beautiful match for the Sulani planet’s orange tropical warmth. It’ll also help you mix in with the locals.

Orange Nails

Aztec Nails 1 & 2

Pinkzombiecupcakes’ Aztec fingernails are notable for their attention to precision and beauty.

This modification collection is stuff you’ll undoubtedly wish to grab for your eccentric Sim, with 14 charming styles.

Aztec Nails 1 & 2

Kylie Nails

You’ll be an instant A-Lister if you wear these extremely pointed and long Kylie fingernails.

Every cosmetic influencer Sim should get their fingers on this fingernail artwork.

You’ll have enough colours to select from, if you’d rather be a Kardashian or a Jenner for the afternoon, with 17 samples. Or perhaps both.

About your television Series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, don’t neglect your beautiful, bleached golden hairstyle and upmarket cosmetics!

Kylie Nails

Kiko French Tip Recolor

A standard French Tip will not be enough for the most up-to-date Sim.

It is essential if your Avatar is a qualified Homemaker of Beverly Hills—er, I meant, Del Sol Valley. It’s elegant, expensive, and adventurous.

Every one of your buddies is a superstar or the spouse of a superstar. And you go to Judith Ward’s home every Saturday for coffee and cakes at her request.

It is the tale told by these glitzy fingernails.

Kiko French Tip Recolor

Vampyr Nails

I’ve always desired my Sim to become a monster. Particularly after Prince Vladislaus sneaked into my residence one evening, seduced my Sim, and sucked her lifeblood (story for another time, funny conclusion). But if becoming a vampire means I can have Suzue’s lengthy metal clawed fingernails, I’d join up instantly.

These glittery fingernails are ideal for the vampire-obsessed Sim who wishes to combine fear with glamour.

Everyone else will murmur your title with dread and horror, and you’re the greatest stylish vampire in Lost Valley.

Vampyr Nails

Triangle Moon Nails N17

Pralinesims’ “Triple Moon Fingernails” is the most significant avant-garde fingernail CC on this collection.

With its rough corners and dark black and red tint, this Cc is not made for the lightheaded. While there are other hues in this collection, you could discover whatever you love.

But the diversity is incredible there.

They are the ideal fingernails to get folks thinking right away. I promise that your Avatar will be remembered after using this CC.

Triangle Moon Nails N17


I’m thrilled that Sims 4 nails cc provides Spa Day a makeover. It was sorely required! Since it was so fresh, there aren’t many new fingernails available now. I’ll keep adding to this database as additional information becomes available.

Kindly remark on this article or mention us.

Have fun swimming!

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