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Sims 4 Nails CC & Mod
Sims 4 Nails CC

Nails are an essential part of your overall visual appearance. What is the point of having them if you do not maintain them, keep them clean or color them? These colored nail mods go excellently with any outfit, and if you like the old-school “black is better than every color” philosophy, then the color black is the one for you.

Today we will look at different sims 4 nail cc and figure out which one suits you best. The options in this article will allow you to choose what gives your sims the edge on looks and elevates their appearance. There will be many styles of nails that we will look at and analyze. So without further ado, let us look at:

The best sims 4 nails cc

Af N019

People adore many things in the nail polish world, and red is one of them. It is the color of love, and it will never fail you. That is why you have to download this mod and add this to your nail polish cc collection.

It is compatible with the HQ mod and can be found in the Nails category. Plus, it has a custom thumbnail that will help you identify the mod after it downloads. Only female sims can use this mod, and there are twenty-one colors to choose from in this mod; red is the default.

Af Nails N019

French Collection

The French know how to make good things, food, monuments, art, and nails. These nails are not your run-of-the-mill nails, but they will do just fine. These are three long and glossy nail designs an inch and a half. The colors are neutral with peach, pink, and grey tones. The mod has a white tip with a half-moon nail.

However, you will need to find these sims 4 nail polish after searching for them in the RINGS category after download. This mod has been downloaded over 90,000 times on the Sims Resource, a testament to how essential it is to have these mods in your nail collection.

French Nails Collection

French Manicure

Another French creation, but it has more than just some nails in a pack. It has five different things that we are going to be looking at. However, these special ones also apply to both male and female sims. It is slider compatible but not HQ compatible, so you will keep in mind that little nugget. Let us look at the things that are available from this pack.

There is an eyeshadow with five different swatches, an eyeliner with five swatches, lip gloss with ten swatches, a highlighter with a single swatch, and french nails with five swatches. This would be the perfect pack if your sim were to be dressed up head to toe.

French Manicure

Short Rainbow Colored

These rainbow-colored nails provide a wide variety of color options, similar to the first one we looked at in this list. Plus, they are short in length so that they won’t take away from the flair of your whole outfit. But since it’s a sims game, that should not affect your appearance much. It is a recolor, and you will require an original mesh.

For more details about this recolor, click on the mod link above. You can find this download in the RINGS category after installing the mod. It has 60,000 plus downloads on the Sims Resource.

Rainbow Colored Short Nails

Wm 201907

Gloss and shine are one of the most important aspects of having good nails, and these nails perfectly deliver on that aspect. These are the most straightforward designs with a curved look and glossiness. This colored gem has multiple swatches, and with these options, you will not be disappointed when you go out at a party or anywhere else.

The colors like red, orange, purple, and green can be used in everyday life, but darker shades can be used at parties to enhance your wardrobe. Due to its expressive shine, the mod has received more than 80,00 downloads on the Sims Resource.

Wm Nails 201907


This is the same mod creator who brought you the French Manicure collection, so you know it will be good. It is always an added advantage if some of us could have little designed patterns on our nails. Now it is possible since this nail design gives us something we all desire!

All ages, from teens to elders, can apply this nail art, which is available for all genders. However, it is not HQ compatible which is the only downside of this mod. You will also require the Spa Day expansion pack to use these nails. There are six designs available for you to choose from in total.

Grafik Nails

Jelly Cloud

Clouds are so innocent and beautiful, and having cloud-styled nail art on your fingertips will make your sim feel like they are in sync with nature. That is why we bring you this jelly cloud mod with little cloud shapes drawn in bright colors.

The colors are incredibly detailed and glossy enough that the clouds can be seen properly. You will get four different color swatches with this mod which include blue, orange, pink, and purple tones and white-colored clouds—the perfect nails for a sunny day out with friends. You can find these in the middle left ring category in CAS.

Jelly Cloud Nails

Just the Basics

Sometimes the basics are more important than the advanced designs. The advanced designs will get you through parties and whatnot, but the basics are suitable for almost any situation, and if you have the right color, even better. There are two designs; either stiletto-shaped nails or coffin-shaped ones.

Choose which one suits your sim the best, along with 25 different color swatches. It applies from teens to elders, and you will require the Spa Day expansion pack to get access to this pack. The pack has glossy and matte tones, so you do not need to worry about shine or quality.

Just the Basics

Jelly N19

Not to be confused with the Jelly cloud nails we looked at earlier, these Jelly Nails will be the best thing to happen to your goth sim. These nails are a PralineSims creation who is known as one of the best mod creators in the sims community. Due to that, this mod has more than 320,000 downloads on the Sims Resource.

The gloss is brilliant, and the shape compliments any type of finger. There are 20 color swatches to choose from, which gives your sim plenty of room to select one that represents their personality.

Jelly Nails N19


If Valentine’s day is approaching, you will need your sim to look like they are ready to receive all the kisses of their love. For that, their attire has to be perfect, along with their nails. To complete that aspect, you absolutely need these Valentine nails design. The mod is base game compatible and has a custom thumbnail for each swatch.

Four total swatches are available and have various colors with heart-shaped designs. However, this mod is limited to heart shapes; it has many other patterns that trump any choice you have made for nails on Valentine.

Valentine’s Nails


Halloween is a spooky and intriguing time of the year if we say so ourselves. That is why you must be in your best appearance to dazzle and shine by dressing up as your favorite character or an enchantress. Five different swatches are available with this pack, each with a unique design. All of them have a custom thumbnail too.

You can find these in the fingernail category. The designs are beautiful, with multiple patterns and integrations of various colors. Combine these nail designs with rings and other accessories to complete your Halloween outfit.

Halloween Nails

Mona Lisa

The mod creators created a new mesh, and seven swatches are available. The seven swatches include bright colors like blue, which has a flaming design, pink and light purple with a blended design, and green and golden tones that blend into lighter colors.

These nails are an actual work of art and can be ideal for a day out with friends or if you just feel like chilling at home. Plus, they are a bigger length than most nail designs we have seen so far.

Mona Lisa Nails


Sometimes, quantity can ensure you have enough on your plate to make it through anything. We know that quality takes priority in most cases but having multiple options in your inventory for nails can expand your choices. This nail mod is a new mesh created by Suzue, and it is available for only females from the category of teens to elders.

This nail mod can be found in the RINGS category and is HQ compatible since the last few were not. However, the biggest reason to download this mod is the sheer number of swatches it provides for your female sims, fifteen to be precise.

Dolce Nails

Neutral Mismatch

You can make many combinations for your nails, even if you have the most basic colors. That is real life, but the games have no custom nail maker. That is why downloading mods can make it easier to choose one. These mismatched nails have multiple shapes painted inside the design, making it beautiful.

There are four different swatches to choose from, which change the shape and color. Each swatch features a custom thumbnail which makes it easier to identify. Couple these nails with multiple thin and thick rings to enhance your fashionista aesthetic. 

Neutral Mismatch Nails

All Natural

When we paint our nails, we rarely think about going all-natural, but sometimes it is the most effective and captivating. This mod ensures that your sim can dazzle even if they do not have fancy colors on their nails. Most of the time, there are no colors except monochrome tips given with this mod.

There are three different designs; one is all-natural, one with white-colored french tips, and one with black color french tips. Teens to elders can apply this mod while there are seventeen swatches available. These 17 swatches have coffin and stiletto shapes and glossy and matte ones.

Af N009

In this case, the longer nails we have, the better. We have not looked at longer nails a lot on this list, but this one has everything. A bright-colored design with length and boldness to wear this nail design is the only thing you will need. Besides, this mod is HQ compatible and can easily compete against all of the ones on this list.

It is located in the NAILS category and has various custom thumbnails to identify the ones you want. Besides, it has three different colors, and teens to elders can use this mod.

Af Nails N009

Vibrant Colors

Most of the time, the colors of your nails are more important than the size and shape. It highlights and enhances the look you are going for and completely changes how you are presented in your outfit. Shiny and vibrant nail colors present a certain allure to your looks while enhancing the structure of your hands.

This mod requires the Spa Day expansion pack, but it offers you a bright and extensive nail collection along with tracksuits of the same color. There are eight different color swatches for these stiletto-style nail designs. This nail mod goes well with almost any ring.

Vibrant Nail Colors

True Almond

We have given priority to nail colors, designs, sizes, and shades. But how about the shape of the nails? A perfectly shaped nail looks aesthetically pleasing and is better than long nails since it nails the appeal without appearing too flashy. These true almond-shaped nails are base game compatible and are a standalone item in the mod pack.

They have a custom thumbnail along with 30 different swatches which are suited to any kind of styling you want to do for your sims. Their shape is perfect, and it looks like your character has done their nails with this mod.

True Almond Nails

Paqué Xviii

From the image above, these nails look like they are glowing in the dark, right? It’s not the design that attracts you to this mod; it’s the glow these nails give out. It is one of the best, making your female character look like Dracula’s mistress due to its sheer glossiness. This mod has multiple designs, and you should try them all.

There are ten different swatches, each having variable design patterns and color shades you can try out. In our opinion, these are the most well-rounded nails due to their shape, color options, and size.

Nail Paqué Xviii

S-club Wm

Everyone loves to shine and glitter on their nails, right? We have discussed a lot of nail varieties so far, but none of them have included the use of glitter in them. This sims 4 nails cc presents us with the opportunity to talk about glitter nails. With 190,000 downloads, this nail mod has 15 colored swatches you can use, and they are all transparent, so the glitter will always shine through.

The colors like purple, yellow, red, orange, and pink are fabulous for everyday use, while certain soft beige tones will be more suitable for parties and special occasions.

Zeta N20

Stiletto-shaped nails will never run out of style, and this mod ensures your sim gets the best ones for that kitty party. PralineSims is an avid creator of mods, and this creation is the perfect one suitable for all ages with multiple swatches to choose from. Gothic sims will have a field day with this nail mod since it has many darker variants.

There are thirty different colors you can select, and this avid variety gives you the potential to experiment with various outfits and nail designs. Due to its quality, this mod has more than 1,000,000 downloads on the Sims Resource.

Zeta Nails N20


If you are a supporter of the LGBTQ community or a part of it, these nails will represent that inner pride you have on your hands. This is the nail mod cc to download during pride month to show support to the great community. It can be applied to toddlers and elders, and all genders can use it.

Due to its flexibility, these cc nails have a custom thumbnail with fourteen different color swatches and designs.

Pride Nails

Af N007

If you like mods that scream “this is extra,” this is the one for you. The amount of detailing that has gone into this nail mod is unbelievable, as seen in the image above. The middle finger has a snake studded with stones, while the ring finger has Gucci written on it. There are stones studded everywhere on the nails in this mod.

In addition, it applies to all genders, from teens to elders, and has eight different swatches. It has custom thumbnails and is also compatible with the HQ mod. You can find this mod in the nails category.

Af Nails N007

3D Groovy Flower

If you thought the last entry on this list was a little extra, then you are wrong, our dear simmer. This nails update has actual neon colors, visuals, and major glow-in-the-dark potential. It has psychedelic patterns, and your sims will fall in love with the colors, even if they equip only one through their lifespan. The length is long, and the thickness is adequate; the shaping is perfect.

There are six different swatches you can use in this mod, and it does not get any better than this in terms of literal glowiness! It costs 110 simoleons in the game after download.

3D Groovy Flower Nails

Wm 201817

We have looked at nail designs for various situations, parties, and days, but let us get into the festive spirit with these nails designed exclusively for Christmas. These are the ones that have cute little Santa images engraved on the nails with a doodle-like drawing style. There are also ones with Christmas trees and more.

There are ten color swatches to choose from that also vary according to design. S-Club is the creator of this nail design, and they have made multiple other variations as well, check their work out on the Sims Resource to discover more options.

Wm Nails 201817


These sims 4 nails cc is killer. This mod is one of the best in the mod market due to its creativity. These have multiple designs with psychedelic patterns, spiderwebs, dark color shades, engravings, and everything you can think about related to gothic attires.

Speaking of gothic attires, you can put any of these on gothic sims to complete their outfit. There are 20 individual swatches you can find with this mod, and it is HQ compatible. It applies to both male and female sims from the teens to the elder age. The designs have monsters, witches, blood, and more, perfect for Halloween.

Killer Nails


There are many options available in this mod since the primary purpose of these nail designs is to have various colors and variations in a single style. Males and females can use this mod along with toddlers in the elder age category. The swatches look entirely different on each person wearing them. The nail lengths are short and long, and there are 52 colors to choose from.

You can combine these design styles and variations to form combinations of long and short nails with different colors. It is also base game compatible which is always a bonus. Some shades combine multiple colors in one nail design, as seen in the image.

Ombre Nails

Aruba Collection

This sims 4 nails cc is unique because it not only gives you various design choices, shapes, and length options but also allows you to paint your toenails with the same shade. The Aruba toe nail polish design is prevalent among the simmers looking for casual nail polish but also want something to match their toenails.

These are bright and tropical shades with three styles that feature matte and gloss finishes. However, you will require Spa Day for medium and coffin-shaped nails; the short ones are base game compatible. The textures look air sprayed, but they will do better than most other mods.

Aruba Collection

Aztec V1

The Aztec era brought a lot of innovations to the world with its technological advancements. Taking inspiration from that, this nails mod design will give you the best bang for your buck since it is simple and the colors are attractive. Every design is different and integrates multiple patterns in repeated formation to create beautiful creations.

These tribal-based designs have fourteen different swatches to choose from, all of which have custom thumbnails. You can find these in the RINGS category after downloading them. There are even some glitter-based designs you will find. This one has 50,000 downloads on the Sims Resource.

Aztec Nails V1


Mismatching is a trend where not all of your nails are the same design or color. It sounds counterintuitive to have your nails done in the same style, but that is cool. You can experiment as much as you like. This is a new custom mesh made by the creator of this mod, and it is base game compatible.

Six mismatched swatches are available for the players to choose from, and each swatch has a custom thumbnail. There are short and long nail versions too. Multiple design shades and patterns can be used for everyday life.

Mismatched Nails

Golden Girls

Golden Girls is one of the best sitcoms in the history of television, and what better way to bring an end to this list than paying homage and including a mod as tribute?  You will require the Spa Day expansion pack to utilize this mod, which are coffin-shaped nails rather than bigger ones. 

It has sixteen different swatches to choose from, and every one is named after places, phrases, and colors. The primary yellow, orange, and green ones go with the same colored outfits, while other lighter shades can be used for formals.

Golden Girls Nails

Glass Heart

Glass Heart Nails

The name of this cc itself exudes a Cinderella vibe, but instead of the glass shoe, there’s a glass nail, which features a dainty heart at the nail’s tips. This cc by Miro is available in 10 colors, namely orange, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, yellow, and white.

Along with the nails, the color of the heart changes as well. It’s suitable for female avatars only, so dress up your sims and match their nails to their outfit of the day. After all, nails are as important as any other accessory, right?


This is all you need to know about the sims 4 nails cc in the mod community. We have tried to include as many possible combinations as we can. These will be good for any occasion or day, or if you just want to paint your nails. Keep swimming!

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