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Sims 4 Miscarriage | Abortion Mod (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Miscarriage
Miscarriage & Abortion Mod

The Sims 4 miscarriage mod allows you to terminate the pregnancy. It will all start with your sim wanting to throw up and having terrible cramps. This mod will create the unfortunate chances of a miscarriage.

The idea behind adding this heart-rendering mod is to add more realism to the game. Read further to know how this cc by LittleMsSam’s works.

Sims 4 miscarriage mod

With this modification, there’s a possibility that a pregnant Sim wakes up with cramps and intense pain. It can also happen when they are tired or hungry.

Whenever this happens, you need to rush to the hospital with her (via Phone, you can go alone or with your partner.)

Now, there is a slight possibility that your female sim will come home and the baby is ok but highly likely, they’ll arrive back with Sad News.

Both Outcomes will strongly affect the Whole Household.

Languages in which this modification is available: English (default), German, French and Italian.

Sims 4 Miscarriage | Abortion Mod
Sims 4 Miscarriage

The base chances of pregnancy terminator mod

In 1st trimester

  • Teen: 1, 5%
  • Adult: 3%
  • Elder: 4, 5%

2nd trimester

  • Teen/young adult: 1.125%
  • Adult: 2, 25%
  • Elder: 3, 375%

And 3rd trimester

  • Teen/young adult: 0, 75%
  • Adult: 1, 5%
  • Elder: 2, 25%

You can even control this ts4 pregnancy mod by the ‘miscarriage risk’ option.

It will work when you set the chance percentage in the ‘miscarriage risk’ function. It is by default set at 50%. This will determine how likely this mod will end pregnancy for your sims.

For example, if you set it at 30%, then 30 pregnancies out of 100 would terminate. After it ends, the stillborn chance percentage calculation starts, so if you set the chance at 30%, the result of the baby being stillborn would be 30% after every pregnancy.

Sims 4 miscarriage cheat

The following in-game Buffs will remove the pregnancy. The “Red” Buffs have also proved to trigger a Miscarriage.

Buffs which will increase the Base Chance by x2:

  • Buff_Motives_Energy_Tired
  • Buff_Motives_Hunger_Hungry
  • buff_Motives_Hunger_Hungry_PlantSims
  • buff_Motives_Vampire_Thirst_Parched

Triggering Buffs which will multiply the Base Chance x5:

  • Buff_Motives_Energy_Exhausted
  • Buff_Motives_Hunger_Starving
  • buff_Motives_Hunger_Starving_PlantSims
  • buff_Motives_Vampire_Thirst_IrresistibleThirst

Use these cheats to your advantage.

Optional Features to add in the game

Add Unborn to Family Tree

This adds babies to the Family Tree even after a miscarriage, with a random first name and the deceased by Miscarriage sign. However, you can delete this Addon anytime.

And If you ever delete the MM, babies added to the Family Tree will vanish from it if the game culls them and along with the sign – “deceased by Miscarriage.”

This is a great addon for the game.

Death Chance

With this additional option, it is possible for a pregnant sim who just had an abortion to die!

Dying Chance (It’ll not affect immortal sims only a mortal pregnant sim dies after an abortion:

  • Teen/Young Adult: 1 %
  • Adult: 2 %
  • Elder: 3 %

Infertility Chance

With this additional feature, it is possible for the pregnant sims those who got an abortion to become infertile.

Infertility Chance:

  • Teen/Young: 1 %
  • Adult: 2 %
  • Elder: 3 %

7 Days Buff

Instead of just 2 Days, the Sad/Happy Buff will stay active for 7 Days!

  • Miscarriage Chance:
  • Very Low:

Decreases the Base Chance above x0,25

  •  Low:

Increased above x2

  • Middle:

Increment above x4

  •  High:

Increase of x6 and above

Note: If you download two or all the Miscar. Chance options (low, middle, and high) will ignore the middle and high Addon and recognize only the Low miscarriage chance addition!

Other Information

After termination of pregnancy, the chance of miscar is blocked for up to 7 Days.

You can retry after 7 days.

Sims 4 Abortion mod

With this abortion clinic mod, you can send your sim expecting a baby to the Hospital to get an Abortion! (Youi can do a pregnancy test to know if they are pregnant or not) though this interaction can be used only in the first and second Trimester.

It would cost around 1000 simoleans.

Your female sims will get a “Feels Guilty,” or a “Feels Relieved” buff if they have the “Hates Children” characteristic.

This is a great module if you want your characters to feel the misery and pain of losing a child.

It just makes the game so much more intense!

What if the last time you checked, your female sim was pregnant, but you forgot to save the game. Then, when you open it the next time, she seems to get sick and starts to throw up. However, her stomach size looks normal?

If you forgot to save the game the last time when your sim was pregnant, chances are she isn’t puking because she is pregnant now. But because she was maybe merely sick. Take her to the doctor and get it checked.


This is all you need to know about the sims 4 miscarriage feature. This is one of the most exciting pregnancy mods. However, getting it can be depressing if you love children or are pregnant in real life. Even though it adds realism to the game, it is advised that you avoid getting it if you know you are sensitive to these issues. Also, you can turn to adoption if you wish to have a child! It might help you to know some Twins cheats.

Happy Simming!

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  • While I’m interested in the miscarriage mod, I do not like the verbiage that says it is “consequences of not taking care of yourself”, like, that’s not even realistic and it’s really a slap in the face to anyone who’s actually had a miscarriage especially of a long-awaited much-wanted pregnancy. Miscarriage is much more likely to be biological.