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Sims 4 Ministry Of Labor | Register with ministry & your career (2024)

Sims 4 Ministry Of Labor
Sims 4 Ministry Of Labor

The term self-employment means using your own skills and abilities to earn money or simoleans in sims language. In this say you don’t actually have to have a career track if you want to make money.

Now that we know what term ‘self – employment’ means let’s get to learn more about the Sims 4 ministry of labor.

Ministry of labour sims 4

When you register with the ministry of labour sims 4, you get to write your own description and title for the job that you do to earn simoleans.

Although, it’s essential to know that you do not get any extra simoleans for registering with this mod. Sims are required to use their phones to do the same.

After registering, you can successfully work as a farmer, musician or in any skill career that you want to be.

This mod will erase the unemployed title from your status. But you still have to earn money by means of your old skill career before registration. The new skill career that you register for may or may not earn money for your expenditure.

Sims 4 Ministry Of Labor | Register with ministry & your career
Sims 4 Ministry Of Labor

Sims 4 Register with Ministry of Labor: Process

You need to follow all the steps given below in order to register with this mod an enjoy various skill careers –

  • Open up the ‘Register Your Career’ tab.
  • Two questions will appear on your screen. You need to answer both of them.

The questions are-

What is your job title? ( write down the title of your job)

Enter a job description ( write about your job, and it’s workings)

  • Hit the done icon when you have completed writing answers for the above two questions.
  • This title will be displayed when you explore the career type for your sim.

Also, the bill, called as CRIS or Career Registration for Individual Scheme, has been passed under the House of Representatives.

Who created the Sims 4 Career Registration?

Register with the ministry of labours sims 4 was primarily introduced by Victor Feng (P), who is actually a representative of the San Myshuno. He spotted the need to separate the sims who work under a pre-defined career by the government from self-serving sims.

Before this term was coined, all the characters working with a different career type, which was not listed by the government, were being called unemployed. This was very annoying for all the sim players as they were not getting full credit for the work they were doing.

Challenges of the Registration Bill –

The ministry of Labor registration Bill had to pass various hurdles before getting the green light from the representatives of the house. The green community believed that the original tracking system of careers was the most efficient. Things started to look up by 6th Fall when the registration bill got passed unanimously by the house.

How to correct the Registration Bill Errors?

No need to worry if you are unable to update the employment status for your sim even after the latest update, then it could be because of various reasons.

  • One of the reasons might be the fact that your character is already registered as a self-employed individual. That’s why make sure to check for the same before registering with the Ministry of Labor.
  • Another thing you need to check is whether existing cache files are deleted or not. This may result in an information clash between and after the update.

You can correct these stitches by deleting the file called ‘localthumbcachefile,’ which is present in the doc folders of your sims main folder.

Types of Self – Employed Sims

We have already discussed the meaning of the term self-employed in relation to the Sims 4.

Here is a list of the popular occupations :

  • Terrain Manipulation – In this type, you can move in an uphill direction on the terrain that is not too steep.
  • Style influencer – This career option allows you to work from the comfort of your own home. You get to set the trends in terms of style and fashion, which is as glamorous as it gets.
  • Painting – You may not get easily successful while pursuing a career as a painter in real life, but you can surely achieve that with the Sims 4 game. Make your dream come true and become a fantastic painter with a beanie hat. Your paintings will earn you a significant profit.
  • Gardener – You will get a chance to grow your own garden with plenty of fruits and vegetables to feed yourself as well as sell some of it in the local market to make a profit.


We hope this article clears all your doubts and queries related to the sims 4 ministry of labour. Log in to your gaming devices and enjoy the newly found ’employed’ status on your sim’s career options.

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