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Sims 4 Maid Outfit & Uniform CC – (Download) 2023

Sims 4 Maid Outfit & Uniform CC
Sims 4 Maid Outfit CC

There’s something special about eccentric and unconventional outfits. Now, even though we know we can’t wear them on a grocery run or for a day out with friends, we still find a place for them in both our closets and our hearts!

A very amazing range of sims 4 maid outfits is what you need to satiate the desire of having something different and maybe find a way of using it as a Halloween outfit, cleaning outfit, or when you really need to spice things up; with your fellow Sim! So, let’s plunge into this article to find the best maid outfit ccs for your sims.

Sims 4 maid cc

Below are some of the best sims 4 maid mods on the internet; you can style them however you want. In addition to this, all of these are base game compatible, so you do not have to worry about the mods not working properly.

However, reading the installation instructions while downloading any maid mod is recommended not to miss out on any valuable information.

Japanese Style maid short skirt version

This is the prettiest maid cc on this list! It contains three outfits inspired by Japanese fashion.

The three dresses are white, black, and floral. All of them have short skirts, flowy sleeves, and a cute bow at the back. This is definitely worth downloading as a cute work-wear too.

Japanese Style maid short skirt version

Victorian maid attire

Even though we all love short dresses more, this long maid attire has a certain historical charm. So, you can get this maid dress if you want your Sim to represent the Victorian era and stick to the traditional ensemble.

Victorian maid attire

Sexy Amanda maid outfits sims 4

This is the perfect sexy maid attire for your sims!

If you don’t love those long Victorian dresses and want something more modern and fun, then this is what you need. A short dress that looks put together, chic and beautiful! The details of this attire are impeccable. In addition to this, it comes with six color variations, so you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

Sexy Amanda maid outfit sims 4

Rem and Ram cc maid outfits

Time to add cosplay into the equation and make it 10x times interesting with this module.

This is inspired by the outfits of Rem and Ram from the anime Re: Zero! So, you can now satiate your love for anime and for quirky attire with this mod. Furthermore, this outfit comes in a pair, so if you have a BFF, then you might want to wear it with them to complete the Rem and Ram look.

Rem and Ram cc maid outfit

Classic 1930s maid uniform pack

You can opt for this mod if you want a more traditional look for your character.

This cc comes with a perfectly long attire, with a cap, and an option to remove/add an apron. In addition to this, it comes with the autonomy to select different colors and not stick to the monotonous grey.

Classic 1930s maid uniform pack

Cinderella housemaid dress

When we think of Cinderella, the first thing that pops up in our heads is her larger-than-life ball gown, but that’s not what Cinderella always wore!

Cinderella wore a housemaid dress for the longest time, and this cc brings to you just that. So, wear this Cinderella attire and wait for your fairy godmother to find you.

Cinderella housemaid dress

Unconventional Maid Outfit by Flovv

As the name suggests, this one’s an unconventional housemaid ensemble that looks amazing on anybody that wears it!

This is a perfect length house help dress with a twist. It comes with a deep back with a cross-strap design that looks flawless. So, get this custom content maid dress to look apart.

Unconventional Maid Outfit by Flovv

Maid keyhole dress

This is another pretty housemaid attire that has great details and looks flattering on every female Sim.

The outfit has a heart-shaped keyhole at the front, which makes it a statement piece. In addition to this, it has a cute apron covering the skirt and a giant bow at the back.

Maid keyhole dress

Brilliant kawaii maid dress in custom colors

This dress is truly marvelous! At first, you don’t even feel like it’s a housemaid outfit because of its extravagant design and detailing.

The most beautiful feature of this attire is the pleated skirt and the sweetheart neckline. Get this one to sway people away!

Brilliant kawaii maid dress in custom colors

French maid outfit

This cc by custom content creator Cocobuzz is one of the most popular ones! The design of this outfit is so different and chic that it is bound to make heads turn.

The highlight of this dress is the corset-style front which takes this dress to a whole another level of amazing. The other subtle details like the lace and the bows also add to the charm of this dress. Do check it out at the link mentioned below!

French maid outfit

Heart maid outfits

This is the most eccentric and prettiest outfit on this list. It has a heart-shaped apron as a blouse, a high-waisted short skirt with hearts engraved on the border, and our hearts (for real!) In addition to this, the intricate details on the back are to die for; the giant bow and the cross-strap design give it a glamorous twist.

The attire comes with 12 swatches.

Heart maid outfit

Paris in the rain housemaid attire

This is another ensemble inspired by the French that looks really flattering.

The length of the dress is long, which makes it look traditional, while the top of the dress draws inspiration from the corsets and adds a quotient of unconventionality to the overall look.

 Paris in the rain housemaid attire

Seductive and stormy maid uniform v1

This dress is steamy hot and will make people wonder if it’s actually a housemaid’s dress!

The super-short skirt and the busty top make this ensemble a dress of the dreams. The little collar around the neck is also adding a very chic element to the outfit. All in all, this is the perfect flirty dress for your female Sim.

Seductive and stormy maid uniform v1

Ideal outfits for male and female sims

This mod by Snatif is for both male and female sims. You get a very simplistic yet sophisticated look for your characters.

The female outfit comprises of a small apron and a basic short skirt, whereas the male outfit is like any other househelp’s attire. In addition to this, you get three color variants to choose from.

Ideal outfits for male and female sims

Waitress & maid dress with apron

This is a classic housemaid dress that should definitely be in your collection.

It is a short ensemble with a white apron and a collar. While it’s not so fancy, it looks adorable on almost everybody. In addition to this, it comes in various color combinations.

Waitress & maid dress with apron


How do I change the maid outfit in Sims 4

You can change the housemaid outfit in sims 4 by using cheats. So, first procure the Sims ID by entering “sims.get_sim_id_by_name [FirstName LastName]” in the cheat console. Then, enter “sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas [ID Code],” which will take you to CAS to edit this outfit.

What is the maid outfit trend?

The maid outfit trend consists of wearing a tempting maid dress that shows off a submissive yet sensual side of a person. This trend started when people started to view these maid outfits as rather alluring than a simple service uniform.

How do you get maids in Sims 4?

To get maids in the sims 4 you can hire them for some time or permanently, depending on your budget. This can be done using a sim’s phone. Now, the rate is 20 simoleons /hour. If a Sim cannot pay the charge, it will be added to their bills, and the maid will turn down the work for the Sim until the invoices are paid.

What do you need for a maid outfit?

You need a skirt, an apron, and a blouse to create a maid outfit, or you can simply download any mod from the list above to have that perfect attire.


With this, we end our hunt for the best sims 4 maid outfit! These outfits are great to satiate your desire to look eccentric and cute. So, get these outfits and keep slaying other sims with your looks!

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