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Sims 4 Immortality | Potion of Youth & Reset Age (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Immortality
Sims 4 Immortality

We all want to stay young and live forever, but unfortunately, real life doesn’t work this way! As somebody has once said, “We are only born to die.”

But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for your Sims, who can deceive death by drinking the Sims 4 potion of youth. So, in this article, we will navigate you through the ways your sims can stay youthful, find the potion and use it to their advantage.

Sims 4 immortality

Before we begin, let us look at some of the ways other than the potion of youth sims 4 to make your characters live forever.

  • Cow plant: When a sim dies because of a cow plant, the plant renders an essence that works the same as the youth potion. So, stop feeding the cow plant and place it in an area where many guests roam around. The plant would try to eat your sim. Though, they have to go near it two times before dying. Then, drink the essence when they die.
  • Scientists: In the Get to work expansion, if you’re a scientist and on a level 10 in your career, you can make an age-away serum that will make them age back to day 1. You will also get access to the cloning machine that can aid you in creating copies of sims 4 potions.
  • Age settings: There is also an age set in the game that lets you slow down the aging or choose if you want the characters in your household or all the ones to age or not.
  • Edit in CAS: You can reset age by using cas. fulleditmode cheat by enabling testingcheats on. This, however, will make them lose all their reward traits.
  • Make sim ghost: You can make your character a ghost through cheats and give them immortal life. Because ghosts never die!
  • Sims 4 Eternal youth and immortal mod: This module is created by Vitopiresa, which lets you buy the eternal and immortal traits for 6,000 and 8,000 satisfaction points, respectively. While eternal will ensure that your sim never ages, immortal won’t allow the grim reaper to take your character. Link for download
Sims 4 Immortality | Potion of Youth & Reset Age

What does the potion of youth do in Sims 4?

Now, after looking at all the above options, you’d find that the POY is the easiest option to reverse your sim’s age.

This age potion, if drank, will take your sim to the beginning of his current life stage.

So, if your sim is a teen, then drinking this potion once will make them reach the first day of being a teenager.

To reap the maximum benefits, drink this just when your character is about to transcend into the next stage of life. This will help your character to escape aging soon.

How to get a potion of youth sims 4?

To procure the POY, you need to rush to the rewards store in your character’s aspiration panel and buy it for 1,500 gratification points.

Now, if you wish to get gratification points, it is suggested that you complete whims and work earnestly to fulfill your aspirations.

Free potion of youth cheat

There are multiple ways to get the POY for free. The first is using the satisfaction points cc sims.give_satisfaction_points 1500 (or more) by enabling testingcheats on.

Another is the bb. showhiddenobjects to locate POY for $0 in buy mode (utilize the search function.)

Other things to know about the POY

  • The immortality feature hasn’t been initially a part of the game. It all began in Sims 2 with vampires, cow plants, zombies, etc.
  • The POY is an evolved name of the age rewind serum. Initially, it was the Elixir of life, followed by young again potion, age freeze, and finally POY!
  • The process of acquiring the serum has also changed for the better. For instance, the Elixir of life costs about 30K gratification points! It is now reduced to 1500.
  • The Elixir came with many downsides, like adverse effects in 3 days if the satisfaction bar doesn’t stay gold. This concept is now completely eradicated.
  • As discussed earlier, the youth serum is the easiest way to stay young!
  • If you inhabit a ghost character in your household, then you might know that to bring them back to life, you need Ambrosia. It comprises three ingredients, and one of them is POY.
  • Lastly, the most helpful trait of POY is its transferrable nature. This means you can transfer the serum to any sim in your household if you store it in your inventory. All they got to do is take it from you and drink it!

Prevent Death

Now, with all the options to reverse the aging process, death will still chase you. 

The best possible solution for protecting you from dying is having a character with a death flower in his inventory that can be offered to the grim reaper if you die. Also, highly mischievous characters can play with death to prevent another one from dying.


Why is sims 4 potion of youth not working on an elder?

The S4 potion OY works on elders, but it is hard to see that difference on elders because the days that they have lived are not made visible.

How do you make a potion of youth?

You don’t make POY; instead, you buy it from the reward store for 1500 satisfaction points.

How long does the youthpotion work in Sims 4?

If your sim is an adult and drinks the YP, he will stay an adult but reach day 0 of that life stage. So, he’ll have 24 days left to step into the next stage. Thus, the effect of the POY stays till the sim is in that age group.


The sims 4 potion of youth is an incredible way to make your characters live an eternity. Furthermore, the cost of getting this serum is less too. Overall, it’s a perfect deal to make your sims taste forever.

Happy simming!

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