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Sims 4 Illness & Doctor diagnosis (Guide) 2023

Sims 4 Illness & Doctor diagnosis
Sims 4 Illness

Illnesses in the Sims world have been for a long time, and they’ve made their way to Sims 4 as well. There are many illnesses varying from mild to deadly, and it’s up to you and your sim to cure these diseases. Sims can treat sick sims only if they’ve pursued the Doctor career through the Get to Work mod. 

Being a doctor is a challenging profession because patients’ lives depend on you. So it’s extremely vital for you to diagnose the sims correctly and treat them in time to prevent death.

If you’re unable to do so, your sim’s job performance will bear the brunt of it, and it might threaten their future as a doctor also. Furthermore, you’d be responsible for that sim’s death. I hope you understand the seriousness of this feature. 

However, don’t worry; the Sims 4 illness is quite fun and satisfying as well. So to keep it that way, this article will acquaint you with the various illnesses that you might come across when treating patients.

Sims 4 Illness

Sims 4 Illness List

As we said, there are eight Sims 4 diseases that the sims can catch and fall ill. Let’s know more about this illness guide


Nausea Sims 4

Pregnancy and nausea go hand in hand, and this is the most common type of nausea. You could also feel this way after eating bad food, or if you give your sim the squeamish trait, then they could frequently feel nauseous due to small incidents as well, such as someone walking in on your sim or getting into an argument. 

Vegetarian sims could get nauseous after eating meat. Sims would receive two moodlets to indicate that your sim is sick. One of the moodlet would indicate an upset stomach, while the other would display that your sim’s about to vomit.

Both of these moodlets would last for an hour. Sims would run to the bathroom if they are about to puke, but if they can’t find one, then they’d puke on the floor or a nearby bush because of The Sims 4: Get Together pack.

As soon as the sim vomits, they’d stop feeling nauseous. However, nausea doesn’t always mean that the sim would puke, but that is a possibility. For sims who get squeamish easily, taking deep breaths works.

The Sims 4: Discover University pack also contributes to your sim feeling nauseated one hour before the final exams. They’d receive “Cram for the Exam” and +2 uncomfortable moodlets as well. Players with The Sims 4: Vampires pack would also face this situation if their vampire sim has a “withered stomach” weakness and eats normal food. This might lead them to vomit in the toilet. 


Poison Sims 4

The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure has now made your sims prone to being poisoned by a spider bite, bee sting, passing through a gas door, passing by a ghost who died by poison, etc., when they are in Selvadorada.

The poison might not be deadly, and you could get rid of the negative moodlet after 12 hours; however, if it’s a deadly poison, then your sim’s life might be in danger and die due to it.

Your sim would have green circles over their body and feel gassy. But you can find the antidote for it from the store for §1000; you could think of it as an illness cheat.

Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Sims 4

Food poisoning is a common symptom of eating bad food, and with the introduction of The Sims 4: Dine Out, food poisoning is easy to catch. This would lead to your sim feeling nauseous and uncomfortable, but you can call the restaurant and they’d compensate you by giving back some money. 

Rabid Rodent Fever

Rabid Rodent Fever Sims 4

The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff Pack didn’t just bring a new member home but also a new disease. If you don’t pay attention to your rodent’s cage, leave it dirty, and don’t bond with your pet, then they’d bite you and spread a deadly rabid rodent fever that could kill your sim.

The sim would start scratching their head like a rodent, foam at the mouth, and fall to the floor. Their ghost would then appear wearing a rodent outfit. As soon as you get bitten, you’d receive a tense moodlet that will turn into an uncomfortable moodlet. To save your sim, you’d have to research on the computer or visit a veterinarian. 


Homesickness Sims 4

Homesickness is quite common when you’ve been vacationing for a long time, and Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat allows you to vacation in exotic places, but you’d feel homesick soon and receive a sadness moodlet which would only disappear once you return home. 


Cold Sims 4

Cold is quite a common side effect of winter, and it’s easy to cure. All you have to do is stay hydrated and take your medicine. You wouldn’t receive a moodlet for this, but your sim would feel dizzy because of the cold. You’d also get a notification when your sim gets better. 

Other Sims 4 Diseases


Rashes Sims 4

Rashes might not seem like a big thing, but they could be depending on the type of rash. There are three types of rashes that your patients can have. One of them could have a swirly appearance, or it could cover the sim’s body with orange and green spots, or it could appear as tiger stripes. A rash definitely points to a severe illness, so don’t take it lightly.

Bloaty Head

Bloaty Head Sims 4

A bloaty head’s symptoms might present itself as a headache, and you might notice a faint line surrounding their head. The sims could also have steam coming out of their ears, and if both the symptoms present themselves together, then it’s undoubtedly a case of bloaty head. To treat this sickness Sims 4, you’d have to inject them with the medicine. 

Sweaty Shivers

Sweaty Shivers

A pretty common illness that the sims might catch is sweaty shivers or fever, in simple language. If you notice steam coming off their head or that they’re covered in orange and green spots, then they might be suffering from a fever.

You can be confident about this diagnosis if you see a thought bubble appearing over the patient’s head with a thermometer. You must vaccinate the sims right away to cure this illness. 

Gas and Giggles

Gas and Giggles

This illness Sims 4 is entirely random and fun. As the name suggests, it’d make the sim giggly and gassy at the same time. You’d catch them laughing uncontrollably at random times, and they’d also pass gas frequently.

Apart from this, you’d find them rubbing their tummy, or having a fever, as they’d be wiping their brows or a thermometer might appear over their head. They could also have striped rashes on their face like a tiger, so you’d have to give them a specific medicine to treat this.

Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes Sims 4

As pretty as it sounds, it’s the complete opposite. Sims with starry eyes aren’t feeling great, and they’d have stars spinning over their heads to indicate dizziness. You might have seen a similar thing in cartoons as well. They’d also have swirly spots on their body. There’s only one cure for it, and that is to give them medication. 

Llama Flu

Llama Flu Sims 4

Llamas are quite popular in the Sims game as they are referred to a lot in different situations. Llama also acts as an insult in the sims community. However, these animals can also make your sim sick as they could catch the flu from them. The patient would have orange and green spots over their body, and they’d be coughing and sneezing as well. Ah! the good ol’ symptoms of flu. 

Itchy Plumbob

Itchy Plumbob SIms 4

The name of this disease doesn’t do justice to its seriousness because the patient would require surgery to cure themselves. The sim would feel itchy and have rashes on their body, which could appear as stripes or orange-green spots. It might not sound deadly, but it still requires surgery. 

Triple Threat

Triple Threat Sims 4

If the Sims 4 sick character is afflicted with this illness, then brace yourself because they’d have a combination of all the diseases. They’d feel dizzy with stars spinning over their head, sneezing and coughing, and feel itchy due to the rashes on their body, which could be of any three types.

The doctor diagnosis chart might become confusing due to all these symptoms, but if you see all these things happening at the same time, then it’s a severe condition, and you need to do a surgery to fix it. 

Burnin’ Belly

Burnin’ Belly Sims 4

The cause of burnin’ belly is always related to food. The sim might have eaten something spicy or something bad. They’d rub their belly, and a thought bubble would appear with a bottle of Pepto. Occasionally, they might release steam from their ears and have a fever.

But you might misdiagnose it as Gas and Giggles because of the sim rubbing their belly, but let me give you a diagnosis cheat that if there’s a fever along with this, it indicates a burnin’ belly, and the sim would have to get a surgery for this 


Our illness chart ends here, and we are confident that you can now diagnose all the diseases that the sims of the town would go through without killing anyone. So test your skills, and trust me, it’d be a lot of fun to make the correct diagnosis and treat the sims.

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