Sims 4 Height Mod | Height Slider – Download(Latest) 2021

With the sims 4 height mod, you can make your sim taller or shorter – way beyond the game will usually allow. By the end of the article, you’ll be able to successfully change its size and hip-width using our latest height mods.

Sims 4 Height Mod 2021

In Sims world, you might have noticed that we can’t adjust the sim’s height according to our wish. All the characters with age ranging from teen to elderly have a fixed size, unlike the real world. It actually gets quite annoying when two sims are interacting with each other. For the longest time, app developers have been trying to solve this problem, and the update for the same is finally here with the name called height slider 2021.

Sims 4 Height Mod | Height Slider - Download(Latest)
Sims 4 Height Mod

Sims 3 Height Slider

The height slider 2019 is an advanced version for height mod 2018. We tried to erase the shortcomings of the last update to help the player adjust heights in a more straightforward manner. This update might make interactions funny with the other sims however, conversations will go smoothly as before.

How does the height slider work

The ts4 height mod is effortless to use and gives you a comfortable option to increase or decrease the height and size of the sim. All you need to do is click and hold on your character’s neck area and drag it up or down to make changes. It’s head, hands, or mid-riff section remains proportional to the size of the body while you are adjusting heights.

If you aren’t satisfied with the skin colour of your sim, then a similar module is up for grabs, which is Sims 4 colour correction. Check it out!

Sims 4 Neck Slider

This update also gives you an option to adjust the length of the sim’s neck as well, which considerably changes the way it looks. Instead of using the old feet slider, this one is more effective.

LUUMIA Height Slider

Now let’s talk about Team of LUUMIA sims. The latter gets the credit for coming up with the popular height slider sims 4, which is simpler in terms of usage than other variations of sliders available in the community. It gives you presets of various heights, i.e., short, medium short, medium tall, and tall, so that you don’t have to make changes manually.

LUUMIA_mod_Height Body Presets packageJune 14, 201839.7 Kb
LUUMIA_mod_Sim+Neck Height Slider packageJune 14, 201826 Kb
LUUMIA mod Hip Shape packageJune 14, 2018390 KB

Sims 4 Hip Slider

You can use change height sims 4 updates to adjust the hip-width with the help of hip-slider mod. All you have to do is simply click on the hip area and drag it to change the shape. It can be used without changing the height, but then some clipping issues will be inevitable.

Disclaimer About The Glitches

  • Just like any other height mod, this one also suffers from minor clipping issues. But unfortunately, it’s just the way the game was built. It was primarily designed for having two heights only, which is the reason why sometimes animations are not as clean.
  • If the sims are of similar height, then interaction like hugging and kissing will be smooth, but if not, it may seem a bit odd. We are still working on it.
  • There are constant complaints by players about hands and feet disappearing while adjusting heights. A temporary solution will be to restart your game.
  • This update can only be used on teen and adult sims. It isn’t yet available for the younger ones.

Bear in mind that modders are continuously making improvements to reduce these issues. And we’ll come up with better mods soon!

Latest Updates And Revises

Mods and updates are the best way to gee up your gaming experience by adding fun little tweaks in it. This mod is a massive game-changer as it will definitely affect how your sim interacts with other sims. But on the bright side, it’s an attempt to spread awareness about body positivity amongst the player community. Installing it may turn out to be a little tricky for the beginners as it would need you to access game files, but it’s still highly recommended.

Download and install the new sims 4 height mod now!

Filne NameFile SizeDate
Height Slider 1711 Bytes18th Jan 2017
Height Slider 1 Teens 2.5 KB18th Jan 2017
Height Slider 2711 Bytes18th Jan 2017
Height Slider 3711 Bytes18th Jan 2017
2.5 KB18th Jan 2017
Height Slider 1525 Teens2.6 KB18th Jan 2017
Height Slider 115 Teens2.5 KB18th Jan 2017
Height Slider 151 Teens2.5 KB26th Jan 2017
Height Slider Toddler Fix902 Bytes26th Oct 2017

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