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How to Appease Every Gnome in Sims 4 (Updated) 2024

How to Appease Every Gnome in Sims 4
Every Gnome in Sims 4

Garden accessories are a welcome addition to the Sims 4. One of the best among the others is the garden gnomes which are available during the Harvest Fest and more. The interactions you can have with those Sims 4 gnomes are very intriguing, and there are many offerings you can give them to appease them.

In this gnomes guide, we will look at various ways to appease the gnomes and what you have to offer them to get their blessings. We will also look at what happens when you do not act appropriately with them or kick them!

What do gnomes do in Sims 4?

The harvest fest gnomes will appear on different kinds of holidays, and you will have to appease them to get seed packets. You can appease them by offering the gnomes a gift, and there are many types of gifts you can offer them as well, which depend on the type of gnome it is. 

We will also cover the types of gifts the different kinds of gnomes like. This will make it easier to identify the specific gnomes which give you various gifts.

What happens if you don’t appease the gnomes in Sims 4?

When you successfully appease gnomes in Sims 4, a halo will appear above their head, while a failure will make the gnomes angry. Most gnomes like only one gift, while others can be offered several options to please them. 

The gnomes being angry will lead your sims to be struck by lightning. The Seasons Expansion pack allows the gnomes to be spawned anywhere in your garden during Major holidays like Christmas. You can offer many items; we will list each gnome and what item to offer down below.

Locations, appearance and gifts for the sims 4 gnomes

This section will look at the different types of gnomes that appear during the major holidays, what they like, what their appearance is like so they are easily distinguishable, and where you can find them. We will also look at what they want so you can appease them.

Happy Gnomiversary!

Because of this gnome’s appearance, they might gather somewhere festive where they can watch the New Year’s countdown. You can also find them in community cafes or working in restaurants during the celebration since they have a cake in their hands. 

He also has a party horn that screams that festivities are here. These kinds of gnomes like Coffee, so if you can offer them coffee, they will be pleased. They will break stuff around your lot using an electric shock if you fail to appease them. They wear a black and white tuxedo, as displayed in the image above.

Happy Gnomiversary!

There’s No Place Like Gnome!

They are right! There is no place like a gnome in your backyard or anywhere, in fact. It fits better with a Kansas-style lot or something that is more magical, like the magical realm. They also appear in some lots that resemble the Wizard of Oz. 

This gnome looks like a standard garden gnome with a red hat, a green shirt, and a disturbing look. It looks after a player’s garden and can be appeased by either Coffee or a Fruitcake. Giving these types of gnomes gives a halo above their head which is a sight to behold.

There’s No Place Like Gnome!

Don’t Fear the Reagnomper

To think they were going to create something terrifying, but they made something cute instead. You can find these guys in plasma or a dying fruit garden which is quite rare. This gnome is dressed in line with the grim reaper with a few gnome-like changes.

The red hat is present, with them holding a huge scythe and cute eyes looking towards its next victim. Beware of this reaper; since it will terrorize your gardens, you can please this Gnomereaper by offering it pie, which calms them down. Instead, they will come hunting for you. 

Don’t Fear the Reagnomper

Mr. Floppy, The Gnome

Who does not like bunnies? Who does not like gnomes? This garden gnome is a mixture of both. It will grace your gardens during festivities and stun everyone with its cuteness if you are not mean to it. The gnome wears a pink rabbit suit costume and holds up a tiny basket. 

It also has the standard big beard that every gnome possesses. You can find these types of gnomes in holidays related to Egg hunts and flower bunny traditions. You can give this bunny gnome a salad to appease it. 

Mr. Floppy, The Gnome

Poolside Gnome

Get ready to either sink or swim with this gnome design. It has its own tube with a cute little one-piece swimsuit with blue and white stripes, as you can see in the picture above. It only appears in the pool area of your house.

It also has pigtails, no beard, and a blue-colored hat; you can appease this gnome by giving it a pie. This is one of the best gnomes due to its cute design, straightforward requirements, and even better rewards.

Poolside Gnome

The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome

Booooo! This gnome is here to scare you with its cute appearance and surprise you. Their appearance is quite spooky since they have a fluttering aura with a transparent design around the legs. They have the usual design of a garden gnome but a surprised look and greyish color.

They spawn in a dying fruit or a plasma garden, just like the reaper gnomes. These gnomes can also appear in a cemetery and be appeased by a fruitcake. Transparent black-colored eyes and a ghostly appearance await you if you do not please this little creation.

Poolside Gnome

Gnome Matter What, I’m Still Your Baby!

This gnome design seems inviting due to its big eyes and cute expression. If you want to adopt a little garden gnome who will reward you with blessings, then this little guy is the one you want. This gnome has a standard clothing appearance, except its arms are raised wide open with a t-pose looking for a hug from its caretaker.

You can find these gnomes in gardens, near lawns, Christmas trees, and fireplaces. The traditional beard is still present; you can give it coffee to appease the gnome. This one is just begging for your attention, and you better give it to them!

Gnome Matter What, I'm Still Your Baby!

Strictly Business Gnome

To appease gnomes, you must be on the same wavelength as them. Supposedly if there are businessmen, you must also mean business. Thus, the strictly business gnome was created. They wear fancy suits and look like they have somewhere important to be, anywhere except here.

You can find them in your homes but remember to be polite unless you want to get cursed or thrashed around by gnomes with suits. You can appease these little statues by using Coffee like most of the other ones covered in this list. The suit color varies now and then, but the attitude stays the same.

Strictly Business Gnome

Happy Gnome Garden Pal

Happy is something the gnomes are supposed to be, but supposedly this is the first actively happy gnome we have seen. You can find these seasons appeasing gnomes in the garden, which is a given due to its name. The gnome looks like a cute little statue with its hands on its beard and small eyes. The beard is a little twisted up, just like the picture above.

With its head up high, you can give it coffee to appease it, and this is one of the cutest ones you can find.

Happy Gnome Garden Pal

Guardian Of The Gnomelaxy

You cannot have the blasters and a cool long coat, but it will surely give you that space feeling. The gnome design has many green-colored variants and black eyes, as shown in the picture. They also have green-colored tentacles and white beards because, without that, they wouldn’t be called gnomes.

You can spot these unusual ones easily due to their design and can be appeased by Future Cubes. You can find these near the near-planted UFOs and intergalactic growth pods. 

Guardian Of The Gnomelaxy

Bare Essential Gnome

It might not be such a pretty sight if you see the gnome in their birthday suit. These gnomes are naked and wear pixelated boxes around the privates. But seeing these naked norms is a mixed sight if they appear in your garden, but it is good to have the rewards they gave.

Give them toys to appease them, and they will drop some seeds for you. While toys seem like a new way to appease gnomes, it is very effective and yields good results. However, it works for only a select few ones.

Bare Essential Gnome

Bearely Gnome

Who does not love bears? This little gnome gives us a glimpse of how a garden gnome looks when it is dressed up in a bear costume. Like the above picture, the costume will be brown and easy to recognize, so you will not have difficulty identifying what kind of gifts you have to give them.

Speaking of, these gnomes can be appeased by a pie just like most of the other gnomes. There are not many variations in the gifts, so if you stock up on pie and coffee, you are good to go most of the time.

Bearely Gnome

How to get rid of gnomes in sims 4?

You cannot eliminate the gnomes in sims 4 since they appear frequently and do not cause much harm. However, you can keep appeasing them to get gifts. There is no concrete way of getting rid of them. However, you can sell them using the Build/Buy mode when it refuses to accept your apology. 


This is all the information we need to know about the sims 4 gnomes in the game, people! There are many variants, and we have given the image and the information about what they like. So appeasing them will be an easy job. We hope you have a great time and happy swimming!

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