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Sims 4 Get Famous Cheats | Media Production & Fame Cheat (2024)

Sims 4 Get Famous Cheats
Sims 4 Get Famous Cheats

Every expansion in sims 4 has a loophole that one can find if they wish to cut the chase of getting their star life.

This goes for the get famous expansion, too, that lets you become a superstar. This article is a guide full of sims 4 get famous cheats.

So, advancing in your acting career, increasing your skills, getting unlimited fame points, and plenty of rewards are just a few clicks away!

Sims 4 Get Famous Cheats | Media Production & Fame Cheat
sims 4 get famous cheats

Sims 4 cheats get famous

Before we dive into the list of get famous cheats for your acting career to gain fame, it is essential to know that for all the cheat codes to function; you must have the testing cheats enabled and have the Sim’s id.

To enable testing cheats

Hold the keys – CTRL+ shift + C; this will open the cheat console.

Therein, type testingcheats. True.

Procuring sim ID

To get the ids, use this command – sims.get_sim_id_by_name <yoursimfirstname> <yoursimlastname>.

This will generate a long number that is your sims’ id. Put that number in the area where (sim id) is mentioned.

NOTE: testingcheats should be on in all of the cheats mentioned below.

Here is the list of all the cheat codes:

Increase/Decrease fame

Press shift and click on a character. Now, adjust their “public image.”

This will give you the option of increasing, decreasing and freezing your fame points. You can also alter the levels of his/her fame –

  • 1-3 is terrible.
  • 4 is neutral.
  • 5-7 are positive.

Media production cheat

There isn’t a big hype surrounding this occupation, but this is an interesting field of work.

To increase your skillset for this one, you can use drones and a master music station.

Now, to upskill, use this command –

stats.set_skill_level minor_mediaproduction x. Replace the x with the level you want to reach (till 5.)

Sims 4 celebrity cheat

Forming a bond with them is the only step you need to take, then to solidify the friendship, use this cheat –

modifyrelationship YourFirstName YourLastName TheirFirstName TheirLastName 50 ltr_friendship_main

Change it to 100 and romance main to enter into a passionate relationship with them.

However, even after using this cheat, you’ll need to keep interacting with them.

Get famous cheats: fame points

Get unlimited fame points with this hack: famepoints {number} This way you’ll never run out of fame points.

Career promotion cheats

  • Actor – careers.promote Actor,
  • Drama clubcareers.promote DramaClub.

Skill cheats

  • Increasing acting skill cheat: Stats.set_skill_level Major_Acting 10,
  • Upskill media production: stats.set_skill_level Minor_Media 5

Trait cheats

  • Become a world-renowned actor: traits.equip_trait WorldRenownedActor
  • Unstoppable fame would be activated that would make your glory eternal: traits.equip_trait UnstoppableFame

Perk cheats

All of the cheats mentioned below would require the sim id; the way to find out your sims’ id is mentioned above.

Now, if you wish to remove any of the perks listed below, transform this command:

  • bucks.unlock_perk{perkname}true61441{SimID} to bucks.lock_perk{perkname} 61441{SimID}

Good reputation perks

  • This will let you host rallies to gather the audience’s interest– bucks.unlock_perk GoodReputation_Rally true 61441 [SimID]
  • “Giving Back” will let you donate stuff in exchange for glory – bucks.unlock_perk givingback true 61441{SimID]
  • Receive star treatment – bucks.unlock_perk startreatment true 61441 [SimID]

Bad reputation

  • This will let you gain traction from notorious acts– bucks.unlock_perk whosbad true 61441 [SimID]
  • Play The Villain – bucks.unlock_perk playthevillain true 61441 [SimID]
  • Feud Bringer – bucks.unlock_perk feudbringertrue 61441 [Sim ID]

Influencer and brand perks

  • Be a trailblazer and upload trendy content– bucks.unlock_perktrailblazertrue 61441[Sim ID]
  • Lifestyle Brand can have you own a label– bucks.unlock_perklifestylebrandtrue 61441 [Sim ID]
  • Corporate Partnership will allow you to upload videos in collaboration and earn stardom – bucks.unlock_perk corporatepartnershiptrue 61441 [SimID]
  • All Nighter marathons for fame – bucks.unlock_perkallnighter true 61441[SimID]
  • Influencer – bucks.unlock_perkinfluencer true 61441[Sim ID]

Fame relationships

  • Hire a PR agency– bucks.unlock_perk prpersontrue 61441 [SimID]
  • Build a Squad – bucks.unlock_perk squadtrue 61441 [SimID]
  • Become your fans’ favorite – bucks.unlock_perkfanfavoritetrue 61441 [Sim ID]
  • Instant Besties – bucks.unlock_perk instantbesties true 61441 [SimID]
  • Networking with other celebrities– bucks.unlock_perk networkingtrue 61441[Sim ID]

Career advantages

  • Easy advancements and big paychecks -bucks.unlock_perk easystreet true 61441[SimID]
  • Get a head-start– bucks.unlock_perkcareerhoppertrue 61441[SimID]
  • Established Name – bucks.unlock_perkestablishednametrue 61441[Sim ID]
  • Celebuserum cheat will make you receive enchanting potions in your mail – bucks.unlock_perkcelebuserumtrue 61441[SimID]
  • Be noticeable – bucks.unlock_perknoticeabletrue 61441[SimID]

Quirky perks

  • Vain Street will make you a narcissist who will admire himself in front of the mirror– bucks.unlock_perk vainstreettrue61442[SimID]
  • Refined Palate will ensure that you only savor luxurious meals – bucks.unlock_perkrefinedpalatetrue 61442[Sim ID]
  • If you exchange your number with many people, your number might leak out to the common folk – bucks.unlock_perkpublicnumber true 61442[Sim ID]
  • This will turn you into a phone fanatic who won’t bother to indulge in the real world – bucks.unlock_perkphonefanatic true61442 [SimID]
  • A serious Actor – bucks.unlock_perkaseriousactortrue61442[SimID]
  • Paparazzi Darling cc will make you enjoy paparazzi’s company– bucks.unlock_perk paparazzidarling true61442[SimID]
  • Brushed With fame – bucks.unlock_perk brusheswithfametrue 61442[Sim ID]
  • Emotion Bomb will ensure that you eventually have an emotional burst out– bucks.unlock_perk emotionbomb true61442[SimID]
  • No Touching – bucks.unlock_perk notouching true 61442 [SimID]
  • Time to receive fan mails – bucks.unlock_perk fanmail true 61442 [SimID]
  • Drink juice and be a juice Enthusiast – bucks.unlock_perk juiceenthusiasttrue61442[SimID]
  • There’s something about crazy fans; this will bring you just that– bucks.unlock_perk quirks_stan true61442[SimID]

Cheats that won’t work


  • reputation.set_allow_reputation
  • reputation.show_allow_reputation

Drama Cheats (needs testing)

  • drama.show_scheduled_nodes
  • drama.show_active_nodes
  • drama.run_node [Actor SimID]
  • drama.cancel_scheduled_node_by_type
  • drama.run_node_with_zone_id [Actor SimID]
  • drama.schedule_node [Actor SimID]
  • drama.score_nodes
  • drama.enable_drama_scheduler
  • drama.cancel_scheduled_node
  • drama.disable_drama_scheduler
  • drama.show_drama_calendar

Opt-Out Fame

  • fame.set_start_all_sims_opted_out_of_fame

Drama Festival (Needs testing)

  • drama.travel_to_festival_zone
  • drama.print_scoring_info
  • drama.show_festival_info

Drama Cheats (testing)

  • drama.run_node [Actor SimID]
  • drama.show_active_nodes
  • drama.schedule_node [Actor SimID]
  • drama.score_nodes
  • drama.run_node_with_zone_id [Actor Sim ID]
  • drama.enable_drama_scheduler
  • drama.show_scheduled_nodes
  • drama.show_drama_calendar
  • drama.cancel_scheduled_node
  • drama.disable_drama_scheduler
  • drama.cancel_scheduled_node_by_type

Bouncer (testing)

  • bouncer.print_exclusitivity_options

Fame Moments

  • fame.force_fame_moments

Fame Bonus

  • child_fame.add_vale [VALUE]
  • fame.award_parent_fame_bonus [Child Sim ID]

Lifestyle Brand

  • fame.turn_off_lifestyle_brand


How do you get your Sim to famous fast?

To get your Sim to become famous fast, you can take the help of the various cheat codes mentioned above or make them sell paintings and write books. In addition to this, being active on social media would help you too.

How do you get talent points on Sims 4?

You get talent points on Sims 4 in the realm of magic EP by casting spells, battling with other spellcasters, etc. Once you start doing these tasks, you’ll receive EXP and then talent points to advance in your ranks.

What is the cheat to get famous on Sims 4?

The cheat to get famous on sims 4 is by enabling testingcheats. true and then adjusting the “public image,” which would have various options to modify fame points, reputation, and overall glory.


The sims 4 get famous cheats can be used without any add-ons and are the easiest way to taste stardom.

So, make a note of these and turn your Sim into the biggest star!

Do check out these cheats if you have the realm of magic EP.

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