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Sims 4 Garage Door | CC & Mod – Download (Latest) 2024

Sims 4 Garage Door
Sims 4 Garage Door

Home is an integral part of one’s life. It reflects their personality and style, so it must look perfect too.

Now, even though there aren’t any functional cars in the sims 4, a garage is attached to the house and can be furnished as per your liking. So, we have a list of the best sims 4 garage door to make it look more elegant and more “you.” It’s the little things that make a huge difference!

Sims 4 garage door mod

Before we move ahead with the list, let us first learn how to build a garage on your own:

While some simmers can call building a garage useless as there aren’t any cars running in the game, it should be noted that a beautiful garage will only add to the charm of your wonderful house. So, to construct a garage, first, turn the testing cheats on. After that, use these build cheats:

  • bb.moveobjects
  • bb.showhiddenobjects
  • bb. Showliveeditobjects

“Get famous pack” is a prerequisite for using the first option. The pack will include some building shells that can be utilized by your sim. All they have to do is arrange them.

The second option is base-game friendly and can be readily used. The default game has a lot of parking doors, that can be placed on the murals to create a garag. effect.

Sims 4 garage door cc

Here is the list of the garage doors,

Angela’s sims 4 Garage Doors

This is a set of 7 garage doors by custom content creator Angela; they look super elegant and are made with 2-5 tile frames where one is round at the top and the other straight. Furthermore, the round tile frame comes with left and right (non-operative) gates, and the other one comes with three extra door styles.

Make sure you use the cheat, “bb. moveobjects on”

Angela’s sims 4 GDs

Grouch Garag. door

This is Lindseyxsims’s TS3-TS4 converted garage door’s recolored version. It has 34 swatches, including the original white, and can be found under paintings.

grouch Garag. door mod

Foundation-compatible GD

Foundation-compatible GD

Garage door wall set

It is a cute sims 4 doors cc by Arch, which is foundation compatible. Check it out in the link mentioned below.

This is a pure white set by Kinder10000 and goes well with the houses that have a red-brick wall. Furthermore, it comprises three panels for garage doors.

Garage door wall set

Garage Patterns 4 by Ineliz

This pack contains classic wood and glass-paneled garage doors. All four of them are unique in their glass design and will add a classy touch to your home.

Garage Patterns 4 by Ineliz

Garag. Wall

This isn’t a door but a wallpaper by Sarah that resembles a gate. So, take that vacant wall and turn it into something else! Check it out on the link mentioned below.

These garage doors cost around 1000 simoleons.

Garag. Wall mod

AP patio (Modern)

This is the most beautiful set that you can get. Two modern décor patio gates that have a recoloring option are all you need!

AP patio (Modern)

Quiddity open gate

Inspired by the city life pack, this is a base game-friendly set that comes with the old-school open garag. Gate.

Quiddity open gate

Lexus studio

What sets this one apart is that it is a fully functional setup, unlike others. So, it comes in two modes – automatic and manual. When you set the mode to manual, then you’ll have to always choose to turn it off or on, and your sim cannot pass through it unless you open it, but when it is set in automatic, your sim can easily pass through.

Lexus studio

Garage door wallpaper

This wallpaper pack by Deardaisysims comes with three chic pieces. One is a glossy finish gate; the other two are wooden and matte.

Garage door wallpaper

GD by SG5150

This pack contains 4 garag. Doors that can elevate your house’s look instantly. All of them look like giant chocolate bars!

GD by SG5150 mod

Garage Doors A

This is another gate by Ineliz which is super cute and will go well with a bricked wall and floral décor.

Garag. Doors A

Garag. Door D

This gate is made up of light-colored and glossy wood that is perfect for your house’s entrance. Furthermore, the vibe of this set up is cozy and light.

Garag. Door D

Vintage door left and right

The custom content creator, Angela, has created a set of Garage doors and released them one by one. This is a set of vintage style, and light-wood left-right doors that are worth checking out!

Vintage door left and right

Old wooden GD

This is a very popular rusty style garag. Door that will complement your old-fashioned home.

Old wooden GD

Modern Wood garage door

This one is an elegant addition to the list and has a very modern vibe. The locks of this gate too, are hidden. So, check it out if you love modern décor.

Modern Wood garage door


Are there garage doors in Sims 4?

Yes, there are several garage doors in Sims 4.

How do you build a garage on Sims 4?

To build a garag. On S4, you first need to turn the testingcheats on. Then, use these ccs: bb. moveobjects, bb. showhiddenobjects, and bb. Showliveeditobjects.

How do you open doors in Sims 4?

To open doors in sims 4, select the door manually and open it.


With this, we come to an end of our sims 4 garage doors list. All of these pieces are elegant and will add to the beauty of your home. So, wait no more and download these now!

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