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Furniture Mods & CC Packs For Sims 4 (Download) – 2024

Furniture Mods & CC Packs For Sims 4
Furniture Mods & CC

Playing Sims 4 is fun because of the freedom you get in this life simulation game; from getting your own home to doing your dream job, there’s nothing you can’t do here. Even though the game somewhere becomes dull, the team of fantastic custom content creators never fails to provide exciting options to spruce up your gaming experience.

Now, the home reflects your personality, and we know TS4 doesn’t have many great décor options; keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of the finest sims 4 furniture cc/mods would up your décor game and is as easy as changing your work outfit.

How do you download custom content for Sims 4 furniture?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download custom content for TS4,

  • Have the resource file that you need to process the modifications.
  • Find some cc you want to download.
  • Install the content.
  • Move the cc into the Mods folder.
  • Make sure the mod works on your PC.
  • Have fun running the module!

How do you install furniture mods in Sims 4?

Follow the steps mentioned above to install the sims 4 furniture cc.

Note: You can browse the websites mentioned in the further section to download your favorite modifications.

Sims 4 cc furniture

Below are some of the most beautiful and high-end sims 4 furniture cc mods options for your sim’s home;

Mandal bedroom

The best part about sims 4 cc packs is that you can expect to have everything and anything. This modification is for the ones that love everything minimalist. This bedroom style represents somebody with elegant taste, admiring the beauty in simple things and doesn’t like too much glam. The mod comes with a bed with a messy quilt on top (to add some realism), few minimalist items, and a touch of nature.

mandal bedroom set sims 4

Era living room

The living room sims 4 is an integral part of your sim’s home, the one that you flaunt in front of your guests and the one where you chill on your couch after coming home from having a busy workday. This module has a hint of minimalism in the furniture, neutral shades, and wooden work. The sofa is the highlight! Add some bright color accessories, and you are good to go.

This is similar to the furniture you find in real life.

Era living room

Eco kitchen

A modern kitchen with black and wooden panels? We say it’s what you need! This modification is perfect for the ones who feel like adding a modern twist to their kitchen interiors. The pack comes with sleek hanging lights and white pottery (wow.)

Eco kitchen

Cleo living room

This cc by Severinka is our favorite one on the list. This living room is everything you would have dreamed of. And as the name suggests, being in this place would make you feel like royalty. With the white sofa with fur, metallic hanging lights, a fireplace, cute wooden coffee tables, and minimal wall paintings, this place radiates coziness.

Cleo living room

The laundry

Laundry was added in TS4, and it was quite an addition. The only downside, however, was the no separate space for laundry. But with this module, you can have a whole laundry room that feels just too real! With the detergents, iron, metallic racks, this is the most life-like mod on the list.

The laundry sims 4 cc

Princess bedroom

This bedroom is inspired by those princess movies, as the name suggests. The interior is super cute with a white bed, white Victorian drawers, and cupboard. One thing that we love about this mod is the pastel color bedsheet.

Get this module for the girls in your house and treat them like royalty in sims 4!

Princess bedroom sims 4 cc

Princess nursery

Next up, we have a princess-inspired nursery!

If you’re planning to have a baby girl, this modification should be on your list. The highlight of the nursery is the castle and the chariot-like bed.

Princess nursery cc

Victoria nursery

This one is a tad different than the previous one and, in fact, better.

The pastel blue theme is beautiful and would suit any newborn. The wooden horse takes you back to the olden times and acts as a statement piece in the room.

Victoria nursery sims 4 cc

French teen room

This room has a Parisian vibe to it, and that is why it is perfect for teenage girls who are into fashion and love everything glamorous.

However, the tone is pink, which is not that bad since its tailor-made for girls. There is also a solid grey wall with a mirror that adds a unique touch to the place. And yes, you cannot overlook the cute chandelier on the ceiling too.

French teen room cc

Eco-living room

This goes very well with the eco kitchen mod mentioned earlier. You can use this and the eco kitchen module to create that perfect space for your sim.

The furbishing is impeccable with a grey and white color scheme and lush green hints. A modern and sleek style for simmers.

Eco-living room sims 4 cc

Goldis Bathroom

A good bath place is a necessity since our greatest epiphanies struck us in this closed space. So, it wouldn’t be wrong if we considered a bathroom as our creative space!

Keeping that in mind, the furnishing of this place is made extraordinary! And hence, this is the most luxurious bathroom you can get for your characters.

Goldis Bathroom cc

Come cozy

This modification is known to turn small portions of the house into the coziest places.

The décor hits different with this mod. You get various items with the module that fits every room, every mood, and looks exquisite effortlessly. A brilliant mod, indeed!

Come cozy


This is that fun bedroom you used to see in those 2000s movies (the female teen protagonist always had it.) This is hence, perfect for teenagers and young adults.

The vibe is hippy and cheery. The light wooden work, teal cushions, and furniture looks great. Other things included are lamps, wall decorations, and potted plants.

Jules sims 4 cc

Young way kitchen

This fantastic kitchen module has an interior that looks like it has been picked straight out from a fantasy novel.

This is the best minimalist kitchen you can get in TS4. It is modern styled and has some unique objects too, like the clapperboard.

Young way kitchen cc

Christmas bedroom

Fairy lights, white furnishing, and dark blue backdrop all remind us of the serene Christmas night.

This bedroom is perfect for those who never want to shun the Christmas feels. The big white bed is cozy and well crafted; the white-bordered mirror adds a different charm to the room.

Christmas bedroom cc mod

Pacific heights bathroom

This is mainly for simmers with large rooms in their houses and our well-off to maintain this space. The module is magnificent, and in fact, it is too luxurious, but luxury comes with a price, so be ready to pay some simoleons as some items in this module need to be built.

Check Pacific heights bathroom Mod

Thorne bedroom

This room is perfect for those living in the city; the amount of enchanting feeling that this room radiates is unimaginable!

With text-rich wall paintings, grey and white-themed furnishing, potted plants, wall grilles, and other chic items, you wouldn’t go wrong with this module. So, get this right now and immerse yourself in a fantastic experience.

Thorne bedroom cc mod


Toddlers deserve to immerse themselves in nature, and this module does just that. The interior is so good that it makes you want to turn into a toddler too so that you can experience living in this lovely place.

The quirky cushions and the DIY tent are what sold me on this module.

Melina sims 4 cc

Calligraphik bedroom

This modification has a bit dark aesthetic, but it is worth mentioning on this list. Calligraphik bedroom is perfect for female sims who live the city life.

The desk that comes with this mod stood out the most for me; it can fit in almost any corner.

Calligraphik bedroom cc mod

How do you get more furniture on Sims 4?

Above are the mods that focus on renovating a whole room/portion of the house, but there are also furniture mods that contain specific items that add to the beauty of your home. You can find all of these modifications below:

The cutie – high chair

This high chair by Ung999 is a must-have accessory for any kitchen. It comes in various color palettes, so whether you have a baby girl or boy, you can indeed find a chair that your little one’s favorite color.

The cutie – high chair cc mod

One sofa pillow

This pack contains bohemian-themed cushions. You can team up these cushions with a white sofa and minimal items like wooden tables and incense sticks to give your house a bohemian or hippy vibe.

One sofa pillow cc mod

Nana toddler’s potty

Potty seats are never this quirky! Thanks to Jomsims, now you can have bunny base potty for your toddlers.

These are super cute and fabulous (and free.) Adding this into your kitchen space would give you a real-life experience of having a child at home.

Potty comes in 4 colors.

Nana toddler's potty cc mod

Pavilion for the garden

A pavilion is a garden’s center of attraction, and Severinka was quick to realize this. 

So, this module adds a pavilion to your garden! Your sims can go and have a cup of tea inside these elegant pavilions. They come in four colors.

Pavilion for the garden cc mod

October wall lamps

There’s something magical about fairy lights; they elevate the vibe of every place in which they are hanged. With this extension, you’ll get a bunch of fairy lights that you can use to decorate your bedroom, garden, or living room.

October wall lamps cc mod

Juice blender

This item is magical! Not only is it a great decorative item for your kitchen, but it is also fully functional. You can make juices of vegetables and fruits with this blender. Your sims can now try to live a healthy life and add years to their life.

Juice blender cc mod

Painting bear hunting

This is another piece by Severinka. It is an intricate and extraordinary artifact.

If your characters live near the forest and want something to add on top of the fireplace, this painting is an excellent choice.

  Painting bear hunting cc sims 4


To revamp your Sims’ houses, these Sims 4 furniture cc mods come in handy. So, install them now and relax in your personalized space.

Check out more sims 4 cc packs here.

Happy simming!

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