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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Funeral Mod | Event Mod Download (2024)

Sims 4 Funeral Mod
Funeral & Event Mod

The sims 4 funeral mod by Brittpinkiesims allows you to throw a funeral in your personalized way to mourn your beloved departed sims. It introduces various interactions like giving a eulogy, a graveyard/church venue, and an opportunity to hire a minister to say some words for the departed souls.

What do you get in the Funeral mod sims 4?

This modification is amazingly detailed, with 100 plus interactions and ways to show your emotions at a funeral. Let us have a look at what this funeral mod offers:

  • It grants you the ability to have a Funeral Event.
  • Custom whims for simmers after another sim dies.
  • You can even successfully hire the Minister to come and give a eulogy. (Only if you have City Living installed.)
  • Custom interactions like (Arguing about the Will, Asking the Minister for Advice, complaining about the Unfair of Death, Convincing Death Was a Hoax, Discussing the Will, Refusing to Face Death, Sharing Happy Memories, Speaking Ill of the Dead, talking about Afterlife, telling Funny Story about the Deceased Sim) will only appear during the Funeral.
  • You will get access to custom goals to complete during the event. You can call the funeral home for assistance too.
  • Custom/available caskets (open and closed) and a floral wreath are to be used during the Funeral.
  • A Functional podium is set up for your Minister (City Living required.)
  • Custom rewards (Conversions from TS3 store) procured from the Deceased Sim’s “will.”
  • A gold-level funeral will include a monetary reward (money from the will.)
  • Tons of custom buffs/mood lets associated with the custom interactions, objects, and the event.
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Funerals all will come with a tombstone- if you project a Funeral for a player off the lot, you will have a headstone you can use to mourn their death and write an epitaph!
  • Simmers will have a +2-sadness mood let after throwing a funeral- giving you a more “realistic” level of sorrow after losing a loved one.
  • New Church and Graveyard lot will give you everything that you need to throw a Funeral event.

Furthermore, this modification is base game compatible and will not override anything in your game. It’s compatible with all other event mods and should be compatible with all different types of ccs. (including the famous McCommand Center.)

Sims 4 Funeral Mod |  Event Mod Download

Sims 4 event mods: planning an event

Now, to plan the whole thing, click on the ‘Throw Party’ option, and then you would notice a drop-down box on the left-hand side of your screen. Only after a death occurs in your household, the ‘Funeral’ option would be visible to you. You can pick an attire and prepare the guest list after that.

Things to remember while downloading the sims 4 event mods

This cc is a script module and will require the .ts4script file (included) for the custom interplays to show up, so make sure you have all script modifications permitted in your game and that you set the .ts4script file in your main mods folder, no more than one sub-folder deep.

And remember to update your game to the latest patch (

Additional updates

You can get a more detailed version of the mod mentioned above.

  • Get the Chinese translations in the module.
  • Include Russian translation.
  • Update to include French translation.
  • Hire the minister role.

Installation Instructions for the updates:

  • Install all files.
  • Then, unzip the .zip file.
  • Place all the. package files and the .ts4script file as: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods


 The sims 4 funeral mod is a must-have to add that real-life element when you lose a sim. Make sure your game is updated to enjoy this modification without any interruptions. Why don’t you take a look at the Season/Weather mod while you’re at it?

Happy simming!

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