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Sims 4 Free Build Cheat | Edit lot Cheat – Latest (2024)

Sims 4 Free Build Cheat | Edit lot Cheat – Latest
Free Build Cheat

Players spend most of their time in the sim world while working, studying, watching television, or merely sleeping in buildings. So it is necessary for lots to be edited for optimum comfort level as per the needs of our sims.

We have created the perfect mod update to make that happen, called ‘the sims 4 free build cheat’. This is a type of cheat mod that will help you edit apartments, University buildings, home, or career properties, and let you know “how to edit vacation lots the Sims 4” as well according to your choices.

You may add tiny details to give it a more homely vibe. You’ll need the tricks given below to edit the landscape.

Sims 4 Free Build Cheat | Edit lot Cheat
Sims 4 Free Build Cheat

The Sims 4 Free Build Cheat- all you need to know

Cheats are sets of codes that are widely used in almost every game available on the Internet for various reasons. To get money, to prevent death, to increase health, to escape from the police, etc. Edit apartment cheat is one of the many mods that are curated for the sims 4. You can use the guided list of codes in the sims 4 free build mod to move the furniture, show hidden objects, zooming in on the items, or rotate the objects. These build cheats can be really helpful.

Keep reading to find step by step tutorials for activating these sims 4 building mode cheats to your respective devices.

How do I turn on free build mode?

Let’s start from the basics of the Sims 4 edit lot cheat and first learn how to open the console where you can write cheat codes in your game. As you may know, there is no typing box present on the game screen, to activate that box you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • You need to open a cheat box or cheat console by pressing ‘SHIFT+CTRL+C‘ on your keypad.
  • Now type ‘testingcheats true’ and press enter to ensure that cheats are working correctly.
  • You will notice a confirmation message saying ‘cheats are enabled.’
  • You have to type in ‘bb.enablefreebuild’ and hit the enter key.
  • A confirmation message saying ‘Free build mode is enabled‘ will pop up in your cheat console.
  • Now you are fully capable of inserting edits on the lot via the build cheats.

How to disable the build cheats?

The above content was about how to initiate the cheats in the Sims 4, but now the question arises, how to disable cheats when you don’t want them anymore? But before that, here are some essential key points that you must know about this sims 4 mod:

  • One thing all the players must be aware of is that you can only edit the lots/buildings you already possess in the build mode.
  • Through this mod, you can edit a lot of community buildings but not hospitals, police stations, and hidden shops.
  • There is only one exception, which is the science lab. You can already shift objects or transform them in a science lab, so that’s why there is no need to use the edit apartment cheats.
  • Always remember that cheats will be turned off once you go through the loading screen.
  • Now the answer to the question ‘how to disable cheats’ is very simple. Follow the steps below to find out:
  • Open the cheat box the same way as we did while enabling the build cheats in the build mode by using ‘SHIFT+CTRL+C’ keys.
  • Type ‘testingcheats off’ and hit the enter key.

Note: you can also type ‘testingcheats

false’. It also works the same.

● You’ll see a confirmation message reading ‘cheats are disabled’ to ensure the stopping of cheat’s effects on the game. This is quite similar to the way cheats are enabled.

And that’s how you can stop these build cheats from working in three simple steps.

The Sims 4 Apartment Building Cheat

You can use the Apartment Building Cheats given below to edit your apartment or houses according to your needs in build mode.


This one is probably the most used cheats of the pack. You will be able to shift objects to the places where sims game would not normally allow. You can also combine two pieces together to make a bigger one. For example, you may want to combine two small sofas to create a larger lounge area for your sims comfort. Retype the cheat code to turn it off.


This code is used to unlock all the career rewards at once for styling rooms. It will increase your game points by a considerable amount.


This one will allow players to play with objects that they normally can not buy. It will let you select various items, from a big green tree to little things that your sim uses in daily routine activities. Up until now, there is no way to turn off this cheat other than exiting the game.


This Sims 4 edit public spaces cheat will enable free build for you to edit secret areas all around the simulation world. You can also turn off the freebuild cheat by logging out of the game. But make sure to save your progress before doing that.

Shift +]

This feature is useful while re-decorating the whole house. You can pick up an item and press ‘Shift+]’ to make the object larger in size. A few things may not zoom-in well because of graphic issues. The windows and door frames will get bigger properly, but the hole in the wall or mirrors will still remain their original size.

Shift +[

Similarly, pressing ‘Shift+[‘ will help the player to decrease the size of objects in the apartment. You may experiment by trial and error to see which items do not respond well to this code.

Free placement of objects

This is another trick that you may use while editing your house. Hold the ALT key while placing something to erase the grid pattern. That’s how you will be allowed to place it anywhere. Combine any two objects while holding the ALT key to give you more placement options.

Rotation objects

This trick depends on the player using the sims 3 camera. As you are playing in the Sims 4 version, you will have to switch the camera to Sims 3 to rotate objects. Select the options menu from the top right corner of the screen and tick on the box that says The Sims 3 camera. Apply this change and return to your game. Now you will be able to rotate an item by simply dragging it.

The Sims 4 Build Anywhere Cheat – points to remember

Here are a few things that you might want to consider while sharing your house with the sims 4 build anywhere cheat mods.

  • All the objects placed using ‘showhiddenobjects’ may not transfer through the gallery.

● In case you are sharing a room, hidden lights may not be included. They will only transfer if you save and then share the entire lot.

● Items transferring largely depend on the game is up to date. So make sure to do that regularly.


How do you unlock all build items in Sims 4?

You can unlock all build items in the Sims 4 as follows –
• Press Ctrl+Shift+C (PC) or R1/RB+R2/RT+L1/LB+L2/LT (Xbox One or PS4) and opening the cheat console.
• Type “testingcheats true.”
• Input “bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement” to unlock all the objects.

How do you get free build mode on the Sims 4 ps4?

To enable free build mode cheats on the Sims 4 ps4, press the four shoulder buttons simultaneously.

What is the cheat to build in university Sims 4?

The cheat to build in university Sims 4 is to input the free build cheat and enable constructing a building on dorm lots.


All the features mentioned above are very useful while playing the sims 4. They can help your buildings look more realistic and natural. Read the contents of the article to get a thorough guide of the sims 4 free build cheat mod.

After sifting through the landscape using build mod you may come across a lot of conflicts in the sims 4. These are mere technical issues that arise when mod is not in sync with certain aspects of the game. To detect and deduct all these glitches, you can check out ts4 package mod. More such cheats are available for you as well like the debug cheat, so do check it out.

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