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Sims 4 Foster Family Mod | Care Mod (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Foster Family Mod
Foster Family Mod

It is said that family is not defined by genes but love. So, let your sims experience the love by fostering a pet or a child and experiencing the joys of parenthood with the help of  LittleMsSam’s sims 4 foster family mod.

Sims 4 foster care mod

The LMS foster family network is an integral part of this modification. So, become a part of the LMS Foster Family Network to allow simmers to foster kids pets.

LMS foster family network: what is it and where to find it?

To register yourself as a foster family and receive regular notifications, you can search for the option of LMS foster family network in the household menu.

You will find the following options:

  • Register at foster family network for children
  • Unregister from foster fam network for adoptee Kids
  • Check for Needy Kids. It can be done solely from 8 in the morning to 7 pm. (Use once per Day)
  • Register at FFN for adoptee pets. However, it is achievable only if a Pet Bowl is in the area.
  • Unregister for Pets
  • Check for prospective adoptive Pets (once a day.)
  • Potential applicants for adoption (use only once a day)
  • Check for a household looking to adopt (Only possible if an adoptee Kid/Pet exists in the adoption Family.

 Options via phone

  • Call the foster fam home (Household.) If a Kid or Pet disappears from the lot, you can use the feature called “call them back Home” or use the FF Lot Trait, which makes them retract their own!
  • Cancel Agreement (Household.) Sims can cancel the foster agreement for the potential Kid/Pet if it doesn’t work out for them.
  • Meet former Foster Family (Social.) If the child has been parented, you can call his progenitors to talk to them and know how they feel or maintain a bond with them.

How does the foster care module work?

After registering on the network, you’ll be getting notifications whenever a child or pet is looking for a foster home. With that, you’ll also be provided with all the information of the adoptee, including his/her age and the breed (in cases of pets).

  • Your SimSim will then have a choice. So, if they choose “Yes, I am coming over,” they will go into a Rabbit hole for 1 hour for you to pick up.
  • The foster house module will create a brand-new Kid/Pet after every visit.
  • You’ll then get a “Welcome them into their new Foster Family” notif when they come to your place. This feature can be found when you click on your kid/pet. It is also necessary to add all hidden Traits/Relationships and facilitate the foster Family atmosphere that the Kids/Pets demand to exist peacefully with you.
  • They would act like your own, and if you hold parenthood (suggested), you’ll be able to utilize every parenting Influence or Discipline Synergy on them. If you don’t, you can obtain the options of (Bladder/Energy/Hygiene) by the FF Pie Menu.

After they are housebroken, you can take them to school, but do remember to summon them home after school or utilize the “Foster Family lot Trait,” which lets kids come home autonomously.

Other Interactions for Adoptee Kids/Pets

This modification has loads of fun and realistic interactions to enhance your gameplay. Some of them are:

  • Plan outfit: Use this feature to put the kid into Sim CAS Modus, choose and switch outfits, hairdo, etc., to look pretty. This innovation only runs for adopted Pets.
  • Pet mattresses, recipe meals, bowls, and playthings.
  • Obstacle Course.
  • Pets Bathtubs to shower Dogs.
  • Treat animals where they will be taken care of. It will require 200 simoleans.
  • Spay or Neuter Animal here will need about 100 simoleans.
  • Emergency Dial or the LMSFF Activation: This is particularly apparent in the FF Pie Menu for the Kid or Pet if it refuses to get into the adoption status themselves for any reason. (Only notable if required)

And, to give you a smooth economic experience, an additional aid- foster Support is provided once on Monday, every week for each kid you take responsibility for, which is:

  • 500 $ for Kids/Teens
  • 750 $ for Toddlers.

Babysitter Mod

We get you can be busy sometimes, so choose the interplay of “introduce foster kids” and make them meet their nanny or butler. For that;

  • Choose a nanny, butler, or babysitter to make this interplay possible.
  • This will grant them the “has met” connection, so the NPCs will remember the adoptee kids and help take care of them.

Give the baby up for adoption TS4 module

This modification has two interactions:

  • Vanilla: Provides an interaction to give the baby up for adoption in the regular bassinet menu.
  • Testing: This will only be available with testing cheats enabled via shift-click on the bassinet.

It’s imperative to have mccc. Otherwise, your child would vanish, and if you have “adopt neglected child” allowed in mccc, an NPC family will embrace it.

Why did the foster Kids/Pets “disappeared” from the lot?

The following two causes are:

  • The most obvious is the game that mimics time jumps. When your SimSim departs the lot without the Child/Pet, the game follows the time you have stayed away. This can let Kids/Pets disappear from the lot. Don’t worry; just use the “Call FF Home” Request to seize them back home or utilize the Foster Family Lot Trait.
  • There are chances that they left like visitors by saying – “Thanks for taking the time.” This signifies that they are not in the right “Situation” or somebody”kicks” them out of this circumstance.
  • Also, their adoption Situation is fixed to a span of 99999999 Days till the Sim/Pet goes. To examine if they are in the proper condition, you can verify if they possess the FF Pie Menu on them with the “Adopt” interaction. If they leave the area, you can quickly call them back, as mentioned earlier.


This is all you need to know about the Sims 4 foster family mod. Install it to add a hint of realism in the game, and have fun taking care of your foster kids and pets.

Happy simming!

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