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Sims 4 First Person | Camera & Mode (Guide) 2024

Sims 4 First Person
First Person Mod

If you’ve been bored by observing things as a third person and want to have an immersive visual experience in the game then, it’s time to switch to the sims 4 first-person view!

So, read till the end if you wish to know how to change and navigate into this sims 4 first person mode, hotkeys, and a lot more.

Sims 4 first-person camera

The first-person controls were added to the game to give it a new perspective. So, now sims can know what it is like to see the world as their sim.

Additionally, they can explore their house as a 1st person, cook, interact with others. Gaze into the eyes of their pets and whatnot.

Other than this, simmers will enjoy the specific experience in this version, like dying by drowning in a swimming pool would feel very real and daunting.

You will see how the sim struggles to keep his head above water in sims 4.

The only thing that won’t be visible to you is the grim reaper near the pool.

One more experience to note is that of delivering a baby, where the mother would see doctors bringing her child into this world but would still be spared with the eerie details.

So, get ready to explore del sol valley in the first-person view!

Sims 4 First Person | Camera & Mode

How do you go the first person in Sims 4?

To go the first person mode in Sims 4, hold the shift + tab key. Now, to exit this perspective, press the same set of keys.

First-person camera mod controls and keys

Before we begin to discuss what changes you’ll observe after switching into First person mode sims 4 , let us look at the list of host keys for functional ease.

  • Left Arrow / Right Arrow: To skip to another sim and look through his eyes.
  • Left Mouse Button: Engage with the people.
  • Right Mouse: Choose the different sides of doorways, floors, etc. Travel
  • Shift Key (Hold): FP controls the mouse cursor.
  • Mouse Look: Change camera angle and look anywhere.
  • Ctrl Key: Lock the camera back to where your sim is watching.
  • Mouse Wheel: Alter camera controls tilt and view to prevent motion sickness.

Sims 4 pov camera- Interacting with the game world.

This first-person update is beneficial as it lets you interact with the virtual world and help you look through your character’s perspective.

You can see what’s in front or even behind the sim.

All you have to make sure is that there is no blockage whatsoever (walls, doors, etc.) in front of your vision.

There are, however, ways to get past any obstacle. Read below:

Walls and doors

If you cannot get through the door or are stuck in front of a wall, simply hold the right key. Then, a “go here” menu will appear that will let you navigate through this area with ease.

Motion sickness

Field of view is a tool utilized to get better visual angles so that users don’t get motion-sickness in FPVs.

Now, to increase your FOV, scroll down the mouse wheel.

While the whole FPV experience can be nauseating for some people due to their sim’s hobbling and unnecessary eye movements, expanding the field of view would be helpful.

Issues with the update

  • Bad woohoo: Some of you might think that the woohoo interaction will look enchanting in the FPV, but that’s not the case. The woohoo interplay is already filled with bugs, and experiencing it in first-person is no better. The animation would feel unreal, you’ll see your partner with closed eyes, some fluttering red hearts, and it’s done!
  • Not suitable for bats: When your character would turn into a bat, he/she will abandon you in a TPV and take a flight alone.
  • Visual glitches: Anything that is at a weird angle or has textures would appear strange.


How to go the first person in sims 4?

To go FP in Sims4, hold the shift + tab key.

How do you change the camera view on Sims 4?

You can change the camera view on S4 by holding down the control button while scrolling or using the directional arrow to change the angle. Now, if you use a trackpad, Use CTRL + A/S/W/D for alterations.

How do you go the first person in Sims4 PS4?

You go first person mode in S4 by first going near the sim that you want to see through that perspective. Then, press the right thumbstick on your PS4 or XBOX controller to see in FP.

What should I do first in Sims 4?

The thing you should do first in S4 creates your sim’s appearance, then work on their personality, get them a house, and build meaningful relationships with people by interacting with them in town.


The sims 4 first-person camera mode is a fantastic way to explore del sol valley and live your sim’s life. You would feel a sense of reality seeing the world through their eyes.

In addition to this, you can immerse yourself fully into basic things like cooking food, watching tv, talking to people, etc. Although there are some glitches, they can still be worked around.

Happy swimming!

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