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Sims 4 First Love Mod | Child Romance & Crush Mod – Download (2024)

Sims 4 First Love Mod
Sims 4 First Love Mod

Keep reading to find more about child relationship mod and learn how you can download it to your devices. Once you install sims first love mod, you wouldn’t want to play the game normally without it. That’s for sure!

Sims 4 First Love Mod

Child dating mod is one of the most popular mods available. Till now, only teens or older couples could fall in love and have a special relationship with each other.

But with child love mod , your child sims can also have crushes on the fellow sims, perform various activities with them, and fall in love as they grow up to become teens. Your sim will need to develop ‘relationship progress’ in order to turn their crush into love interests.


How To Initiate The Child Crush Mod?

  • Make sure the child sim is friends with the target child sim on which you are crushing.
  • Their mind value must be at least 75.
  • Make one of these two sims active and then tap on the other one.
  • A new menu will pop up on your screen called ‘first love’.
  • You’ll spot an interaction called ‘Confess to have a Crush’.
  • If the target sim responds with a ‘yes’, then congratulations your sim will get into a ‘First Crush’ relationship with his/her crush.

And that’s how you can initiate child romance mod in your sim simulation.

Sims 4 Child Romance Mod : How do you make your sims fall in love?

By performing these interactions, you can gradually increase the relationship progress of your sim in the sims 4 child romance mod:-

Stay close to your crush

Two new interactions will appear in the ‘First Love’ menu-

  • If you have installed LittleMsSam’s ‘Social interaction’ mod, then you’ll spot a ‘visit crush’ icon.
  • Click on it to hug your crush and move on from being “just friends.”

Exchange phone numbers

This is a self-explanatory sub mod which you can find in the pie menu. It is called ‘Exchange Numbers’, choose what you want your sim to do from following interactions :-

  • Text your crush
  • Call your crush

This will help your sim gain relationship progress in little miss sam’s first love mod.

Monkey around

After you reach a certain level of progress, you can use a new interaction called ‘Monkey Around’. This is a fun and casual activity where two child sims will goof around the simulation together. And this is what kids love to do in real life too.

Stargazing with your crush

After making an adequate amount of progress, a new notification will appear in the ‘First Love’ menu called ‘Stargazing’. Honestly, this one is the most romantic interaction out of all. Your sim will simply lie down on the ground with his/her crush and stare at stars peacefully.

Little Ms.sam First Love – How Does It Work?

In the popular Little miss Sam mods, Sim’s special relationship with their crush will also depend on their ages.

As both the sims are constantly growing up, one might turn into a teen before the other one. In this case, a hidden 7 day countdown will begin. In this time duration you’ll only find one interaction option in the menu called ‘Ask to be just friends’. The reason for the same is that things might get awkward if a teenager keeps dating a child. You can choose to keep them together, but without any special interactions as mentioned above.

However, if both of them turn into teenagers around the same time, the 7 day countdown will still begin. Although in this case, they’ll get an option called ‘Sign.Other’. They’ll have to start from the beginning if they want to continue their relationship.

Sims 4 First Love Aspirations: Level Of Aspirations-

Now can successfully monitor all the levels of aspirations in your sims love life. There are three available aspirations level in the sims 4 child romance mod as given below:

The Crush Level:

  • Your sims confess his/her crush to the target sim.
    • Both of them can exchange phone numbers.
    • Your child sim can visit their crush.
  • The Lovesick Level-
  • You can call your crush.
    • Text your crush 8 times which is what happen when you first get a crush in real life.
    • You may invite your crush for a sleepover or a slumber party.

The Steady Level-

  • Both sims can hug each other.
    • Mess around with their crushes.
    • Now ask your crush if he/she wants to be in a relationship.

Prerequisites for Sims 4 aspirations –

There are certain conditions for the aspirations mod to work effectively. You need to fulfil any one of them.

  • LittleMsSam’s Sims 4 first love mod.
  • Invite to Stay the Night for children mod by Deaderpool.
  • Deaderpool’s MC Command Center.


How does the Sims 4 first love mod works?

The Sims 4 first love mod functions through numerous stages like staying close to your crush, exchange numbers, meet them, goof around, stargaze with them and finally, ask them to be your girlfriend or boyfriend or just remain friends.

Can child Sim have crushes?

Yes, child Sims can have crushes but only on children of their age. They can’t have a crush on teenagers or elders. Moreover, they can only have a crush and can’t move on to the girlfriend/boyfriend stage. Their storyline would be cute and silly.

Can kids have romance in sims 4?

Yes, Kids can have romance in sims 4 with the first love mod.

What age can sims be romantic?

Sims can get romantic at any age if they have the required mod for it, so if you want your child to experience pure love then you can get the first love mod.


Just like real humans, sims also experience a wide variety of emotions and love is just one of them. Similar to adults, children sometimes develop a connection with each other that may turn into love as they grow old. Following on the same concept sims 4 first love mod was created by our talented modders.

The feeling of love holds a very special place in everyone’s hearts, one always cherishes those memories.

Download first love mod and your sim will also be able to experience the true essence of young love. If this doesn’t work properly then do check the local folder. Also, if you’re looking something more fiery for your adult sims then do check out the passionate romance cc.

Childish interactions grow into love and that love one day turns into the sacred bond of marriage. Create your own little family with the latest pregnancy mod to improve your gaming experience.

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