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Sims 4 Fertilizer (Fish and Plants) Guide – Best (2024)

Sims 4 Fertilizer
Sims 4 Fertilizer

The Sims 4 Gardening skill is an amazing skill that allows you to grow plants and fertilize them. First, we’ll look at how to start on your gardening skill, then move to plant evolution and quality, then finally on to types of sims 4 fertilizers

We’re going to focus on only the best fertilizers and provide you other areas where you can get specific sims 4 fertilizer strengths for both produce and fish.

Sims 4 Fertilizer (Fish and Plants) Guide
Sims 4 Fertilizer

Sims 4 gardening skill guide

Let us quickly look at how do we start gardening,

  • To get started on your Sims gardening skill, you have two choices: either go to the area and gather different plants by harvesting the already mature fruits, Vegetables, or get some flowers. You can buy a planter box/pot, then click on it and choose to buy seeds.
  • The seeds packets don’t need to be sown in a planter box/pot; you can sow them directly into the ground.
  • Plants can be produced in planter boxes Or Gardening Pots. You can even choose to plant directly into the ground. 
  • When ready to plant, open your inventory, click and drag the plant to the pot/box/ground. When you click on a plant and choose to produce it, your Sims will grow all plants placed in that area. You will need to water them and keep a close eye on your plants as they do need lots of attention.
  • Moving your mouse over a plant will show you the progress of its evolution and health by a symbol of the flower with petals. So, If the height is green, then your plant is happy and healthy; however, if it is red, orange, or yellow, act quickly as that plant requires some tender loving care. 

When you plant a lot of healthy plant varieties, you gradually level-up your skill. The levels of gardening skill go from 1 to 10.

 Each level unlocks a new feature:
  • Level 1 – Sims can sow, Water, Weed, and Harvest plants. Wandering in town to harvest and plant more collectibles is a great way to increase your Sim’s Gardening Skill.
  • Level 2 – You can now “Evolve” plants in few days to increase their quality level. Evolving a plant produces higher quality harvestable that are higher in value depending on their quality level. The following quality levels can be reached with plants: Normal, Good, Nice, Very Nice, Great, Excellent, Superb, Magnificent, Pristine, and Perfect.
  • Level 4 – Simmers can now “Talk to Plants” to fulfill their social need as well as to increase their gardening skill.
  • Level 5 – You will be allowed to “Fertilize” plants to help them “Evolve” faster. You can use flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and fish as sims 4 fertilizer.
  • Level 6 – Other players may compliment your garden which results in a pleasant conversation buff for your Sims and their gardening skill.
  • Level 7 – Characters can now “Take Cuttings”, “Graft” and “Tend” saplings. They can also purchase “Farmer Seed Packs” on the computer.
  • Level 8 – At this point, you are able to “Re-shape” overgrown Bonsai Trees for §50 Simoleons, and “Revive” them for §100 Simoleons. However, this will not be functional for the Cow plant in sims 4.
  • Level 9 – You are more efficient at taking care of plants. And you can even water plants and weed faster.
  • Level 10 – Simmers are more efficient at nurturing plant life. They will get plants that one wouldn’t normally get. Take advantage of this and get seed packets for “Farmer Seeds.”

How to fertilize and evolve in Sims 4?

Now, at Level 3 of the gardening skill, you’ll be able to Fertilize plants and your garden. Higher-level fish are the best fertilizers you can use.

However, during the lower levels of gardening, you can use other plants you have harvested to make manure. Hence, increasing your Fishing Skill is equally essential as well. 

Sims 4 best Gardening fertilizers can be applied once every four Sim days. To Fertilize, choose the option from the pie menu and then select a plant or fish to fertilize your garden.

Fertilized plants will not grow faster but jump in quality faster. Getting to Perfect Quality Plants quickly means using the Fertilize option as much as it is available. 

Now, Plants evolve best when outdoors. There are five levels of plant evolution:

  • Normal
  • Nice
  • Excellent
  • Magnificent
  • Perfect 

When a plant is ready to evolve, it will sparkle, and the Evolve option will instantly appear when you click the plant.

Moreover, with each evolution, your product will increase, serve as better fertilizers, and improve meal quality.

Fertilizer’s strength

It is tied to Simoleon’s value. More potent fertilizers in sims 4 will instantly progress to the bar that appears when you move your pointer over a plant.

Since you’re locked out after fertilizing a plant, make sure you use the right quality product instead of a cheaper alternative like the low-price herbs.

Here’s a table to help you know the quality in terms of price:

  • Less than $5 – Near-Useless
  • $5 to $11 – Low-Grade
  • $12 to $19 – Medium Strength
  • $20 to $49 – High Strength
  • $50+ – Best sims 4 Fertilizer

Plant-based fertilizers and their strength in sims 4

Plants are a primary choice for manure due to their extreme availability. Grow your saplings, use your product to fertilize all other saplings. 

However, many are not worth using as a fertilizer due to the long cooldown on the fertilizing ability.

The higher quality products you have on hand, the higher the price becomes. 

Sims 4 best fertilizer in plant category – Growfruit

At level 10 of gardening, you get the ability to open rare seed packets.

Growfruit, which was initially part of the spring challenge, can be found inside these packets about 20 percent of the time.

This is a super fertilizer or best fertilizer, and you can get it for $50.

Fish fertilizers and their strength

The strength of fish as fertilizer in sims 4 varies greatly upon freshness. You can see all of the fishes listed on the Fishing Guide below.

Now, the freshness of the fish directly impacts its fertilizer strength. A foul salmon won’t do as well as a fresh tuna of half the size because it suffers a penalty due to a lack of freshness. 

Moreover, any fish over $100 Simoleons will function as high-level fertilizer even when foul.

An excellent freshness bass at $50 can do the same thing, but if it ticks down even one freshness level, it will no longer be of excellent quality. 

Refrigerate your fish in the $60-90 range to keep them fresh.

There is no point in using a $3000 Sturgeon as manure over a $100 Salmon! Many rarest species should be sold for money instead.

The manure strength column is a remnant of the old system, but it happens most of the time that fish at the top of this chart will meet the $50 minimum requirement when fishing on levels 7-10.

Fish table for sims 4:

TunaLCommon$50-$90HighPart of The Sims 4 City Living expansion: located in San Myshuno fishing spots and lot of spots throughout the world.
SalmonLCommon$90-$342HighAvailable in almost all Fishing Spots
TambaquiLCommon$60-$90MedThe Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Found everywhere – can be caught at all places around the marketplace in Selvadorada.
Wolf EelLUncommon$108-$364HighYou should use a Frog as Bait. It is found in Forgotten Grotto.
SturgeonLRare$140-$3000HighCan be located at the pool in the back of Oasis Springs Park, Pond in Willow Creek Park, and in Forgotten Grotto.
Mountain LionfishLRare$166-$900HighPart of Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. Located in Deep Woods of Granite Falls (Waterfall Spot)
BassMCommon$16-$70MediumAvailable in every Fishing Spots
TroutMCommon$19-$113MediumFound in a Pond in Oasis Springs Park
WalleyeMCommon$22-81MediumSegment of Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. Caught in Granite Falls Fishing Spots
Armored CatfishMUncommon$50-$??MedThe Sims 4 Jungle Adventure pack includes this under Omiscan Royal Baths (take left doorway while facing the temple gateway, if it is open).
CatfishMUncommon$43-$107MediumUse Plants as Bait. Found commonly in Rivers.
DiscusMUncommon$35-50MediumIncluded in Spa Day Game Pack. Caught near the businesses in both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs
Exotic GoldfishSUncommon$30-60MediumPart of Spa Day Game Pack. And can be caught in Sylvan Glade’s waterfall fishing spot
TilapiaMUncommon$54-$62MediumFound in Sylvan Glades, Waterfall Area.
AnglerfishMRare$38-$1630Medium (but high weight)Use Bass, a Salmon, or Catfish as Bait. Search in the Forgotten Grotto and Sylvan Glade Ponds.
Electric EelLRare$50-$??MedAn expansion of The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure and Found near the temple entrance – take the right gateway while facing the temple entrance, if it is open.
BatfishMRare$119-$278Medium (but high weight)Found Commonly in Forgotten Grotto.
RainbowfishMRare$65-$85MediumCaught in Forgotten Grotto and the Waterfall in Sylvan Glade.
TreefishMRare$151-$375Medium (but high weight)Found in a Pond at Willow Creek Park, Sylvan Glade Pond.
Vampire SquidMRare$50-$??MedA part of the Sims 4 Vampires pack. Hardly rare – it is caught in Forgotten Hollow and can be an easy catch at level 10 without a bait.
GoldfishSCommon$12-$15LowFound in Ponds in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs’ Parks
GuppySCommon$7-$10LowFound in Pond in Oasis Springs Park
MinnowSCommon$7-$9LowAvailable in all Fishing Spots
PerchSCommon$10-$13LowAvailable in almost all Fishing Spots
TetraSCommon$6-$11LowIn the River at Willow Creek Park
AngelfishSUncommon$14-$20LowLocated in the Rivers in Willow Creek
BettaSUncommon$11-$20LowSearch the Pond in Willow Creek Park
Kissing GouramiSUncommon$16-$18LowFound most commonly in Rivers.
Gummie GuppieSRare$15-30LowSearch the Magnolia Promenade (GTW), Oasis Spring’s Park, Sylvan Glade waterfall, and Hermit’s Secret Location (Outdoor Retreat.)
Red-Tailed Black SharkSRare$18-$22LowUse a Small Fish as Bait. The fishing spot can be a Pond in Willow Creek Park.
Blue CrawdadSRare$50-81LowA part of the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. Can be located in Deep Woods of Granite Falls (Waterfall Spot.)

Growfruit, bee boxes, and Hermit’s fungal infusion

Growfruit is the only plant that gets the highest grade in terms of quality. It is available by cheating (bb. showhiddenobjects). 

Another exceptionally potent item but isn’t listed here is the special fertilizer you learn about from the sims 4 herbalism Skill and the Hermit of Granite Falls fishing spots.

This requires you to have a collectible item to craft and isn’t worth it unless you are a Scientist with access to a cloning machine.

Another way to make money – Collect Microscope Sample

You can make money in sims 4 by gardening if you invest in a Microscope which costs $1630. 

Then, you can click on a sapling and select the option to take a Microscopic Sample. This will give you a slide of the plant that you can analyze with the Microscope.

Furthermore, you can then create a print from this sample which is worth hundreds of Simoleons. And it will also help increase your Sims Logic skill level as well.


Gardening skill can be of enormous benefit in TS4 as it not only allows you to have another realistic recreational activity but gives you a fantastic chance to earn some extra Simoleons. And who wouldn’t want that?

This article has now provided you with all that you should know about gardening, including the best sims 4 fertilizer. If you’re interested in gardening, I’d recommend reading about cowberries. So, what are you waiting for? Go and use these tips to stack some cash in your virtual life.

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