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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Fat Mod (Updated) – Download (2024)

Sims 4 Fat Mod

The sims 4 fat mod has taken over the simmers’ community with its sheer authenticity, the ability to make the sims look more lifelike, and to help banish society’s perception of “thin is beautiful.”

Furthermore, this unique modification transcends the belief that game characters should have an “ideal” body.

So, let us quickly dive into this article to know more about this miraculous mod.

Roburky’s fat mod

This modification right here is your one-stop shop for the best fat modifications on the internet.

It’s a collection of many well-crafted weight gain modules, all of which are stored under a single menu. So, let’s know more about this cc.

The menu

Now, this module comes with a personalized “Roburky category” menu for your game. You can locate this menu by clicking on your sim.

The menu has all the fitness controls for you, and you can quickly alter your sim’s appearance without much inconvenience.

However, you need to restart the game for the changes to appear.

No NPC fitness alteration

This option will be given to you in the menu itself and is enabled by default. Now, when it’s enabled, it ensures that there is no mass and muscle change in your sim’s body outside of an active household.

No high metabolism

This option in the menu is disabled by default, but you can make your character’s metabolism average even if your sim has acquired the “high metabolism” trait once you enable it. So, there will be a natural and slow decay in mass.

Expanded fitness limits

This is an integral part of this modification!

You can go off limits with the fitness of your sim by making them appear too skinny, too chubby, or muscular.

So, you get a fat slider modification that lets you alter the body fat and muscles and the power to keep these changes in the live game as well.

Sims 4 Fat Mod

The Big Fat Sims 4 Mod Package

This modification package by “TheSimFattener” contains the best weight-gaining modifications for your character in a single package.

So, you don’t have to go around choosing the best ones because they are all part of this pack.

Let’s find out what it includes!

The Gain

This amazing fatter sims mod contains the “weight gain virus,” which makes your sim gain weight and get those curves.

However, this module is made only for females.

The Fattener

This cc ensures that not only you but even those around you contract the “weight gain virus” and turn fatter! Wicked, isn’t it? 

Comfort Eater

This makes your sim’s hunger insatiable, and all he does is binge eat his comfort food (mainly sugary foods) when he is sad or bored.

Expanding Waistline

One can easily determine that a percent is gaining weight by looking at their waistline. So, getting a paunch is equal to getting fat!

Now, this mod does just that and increases your weight by increasing your waistline.

Weight Powers

This one renders you a power that I guess all of us wish that we had – the supernatural ability to regulate your weight!

So, your character can now alter his weight easily with the powers bestowed upon him through this cc.

Gainer Career

You can now make a career out of your ability to gain weight with this mod.


The best way to gain weight is to eat as if there’s no tomorrow!

So, this cc gives you the “ravenous trait” that transforms you into a monster whose hunger is insatiable.

Bonus mod:Fattening Lot

The working of this modification is the simplest on this list.

All it does is gradually fatten your sim without any effort. So, if you want a quick fix for your weight gain situation, then this is it!


The sims 4 fat mods are great for giving your sims those extra pounds and making them look realistic. In addition to this, including them in our game is an incredible way of reminding ourselves how each body shape is unique and pretty since characters in a game are usually designed to appear thin and of “ideal” size.

But we know that this is far from true, so get these mods and have fun swimming!

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