SIMS 4 Faster Skills, Kill mod (1.19) Version | Download – 2020

Sims 4 faster skills mod helps the players achieve sims with greater efficiencies and more skill sets, making your sim way better than their peers. You will come across various new talents available according to the age groups and other impactful factors. Keep reading to know more.

Sims 4 Faster Skills Mods

This mod targets sims of all ages, from young adults to elders and teens; they all upgrade their skills in Sims 4. It is available in two different varieties of flavors, which are double and quadruple speed. The words 2x and 4x are quite self-explanatory; the first one increases the momentum four-folds, whereas the later one speeds it up two folds.

Both of them are available in the mod, and the player can pick whichever suits their gaming agenda. Both flavors are bug-free, and dont have any technical issue, which gives the comfort of switching between them frequently. A modder names Shimrod101 created the original version of Sims 4 faster skills.

SIMS 4 Faster Skills, Kill mod (1.19) Version | Download
SIMS 4 Faster Skills,

Sims 4 Learn Skills Faster Mod

This latest version of learn skill faster mod will offer 41 skills through an Online Learning System(OLS). Depending on the traits, characteristics, and other things like buffs, your sim will be set to gain 1.5 minutes per skill that he/she may achieve. Now, this depends on the efficiency of the player and his gaming experience.

Following are the features of the skills available in this mod-

  • Only four skills are accessible to child sims out of the total amount of 41.
  • Registered skills for all ages, from children to elders, are bowling, Skating, Wall climbing, and Dog Training.
  • Vampires can use only one skill, which is vampire lore.
  • Parenting skill mod is also available for teenagers.
  • All the remaining ones are only available for teens to elders.
  • These characters are set to learn skills of a higher level gradually than they acquire lower-level skills.
  • Level 1 aims to showcase the mind level.

Sims 4 Skills Mod – Comparison with Sims 3 Faster skill Mod

Sims 3 skill mod enabled the simmers to speed up their learning trajectory with non-traditional methods on the original bookshelves and the career path with the Golden book placed at the top section of the game. It would take between one or two hours to gain extra points for the initial four skills in the older version of the faster skill mod. With the increment in every skill point, the character in simverse will start becoming slower. However, they will start earning points for everyday household chores, like cooking and cleaning.

For practical things like parenting, life-long happiness, and career passion, the sims might take up to two hours. The non-traditional set of abilities like body, logic, and creativity will go the same as before.

In Sims 3 faster skill mod, the characters will learn all the non- traditional abilities at a natural rate. They will only be sped up for specific skills, as mentioned in the paragraph above.

Savant Trait Faster Skill Mod

Are you bored playing the vanilla game with sim’s skills and looking for a fascinating experience, then you should download this mod right away! A vanilla game is referred to as gameplay, which is wholly deprived of modifications and unique features. In this adaptation, a faster skill mod will not be much noticeable.

But in a modified game with custom traits, this mod can fasten up your sim’s capabilities from 5 times to up to 12 times max. You can also shuffle between the flavors according to your preferences, but you can be assured of smoother gameplay as there are no bugs and side effects.

Players must keep in mind that the sim, which uses this mod, will not drop down to its opening skill level even when the mod is uninstalled from the system.

Some new flavors with game version are-

Hq compatibility of all the above flavors is commendable. Modders also added flavors with slower sills like 4x v1 and Slower skills. Very slow v1 with the specific game version


We hope you are all pumped up by now to install sims 4 faster skills mod after completing this article. These mods will provide you and your character with a mesmerizing, indulging experience in the sims 4 game.

While you are wrapped up in the above mod’s fast-paced gameplay, you might lose some of your sims game files. Worry not! The last exception mod is here to save the day and help you out from this rot.

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