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Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Farming CC & Mods (Complete Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Farm Mod

The Sims 4 has come up with yet another excellent mod created by the modder, Arnie (popularly known as The Sims Plus), Sims 4 Farm Mod.

This expansion pack was launched on 22nd July 2021, and there’s a lot that this mod offers simmers, and we’ll discuss all the features that you can gain from it to make your gameplay more exciting. 

Sims 4 Farm Mod

Sims 4 Farm Mod

The farmland mod introduced in the game features a semi-open world where your sim can enjoy new farming and gardening skills and aspirations and live a simple life on the farm with your animals and crops. This mod takes place in Brindleton Bay, a pre-existing world in the Sims 4. 

Apart from these features, there are other additions to look forward to, such as – 

1. Install the Mod Without Activating the World

Here’s how you can install the pack in the game. Navigate to Brindleton Bay’s Sable Square and select a lot where your sim would live. Once this is done, go to the middle of the five playable lots and to the town square area and find the water fountain, or where it used to be.

You’ll notice a blue planet in place of the fountain; as soon as you click on it, the mod will be downloaded. 

This would open up a whole new area for you where you can interact with things while still retaining the original lots in the world, such as Pupperstone Park, Sporting Space, Dormus Familarus, etc.

You can either remodel these lots or keep them as it is; it’s up to you. However, if you’re going to demolish these buildings, then save them in your gallery first for future use. 

2. Focus on the Plot Signs

You might encounter sign boards on various plots, and you usually wouldn’t make anything of it, but even those plot signs have numerous features. For instance, those signs on every plot can help you buy amenities or interact with them.

These amenities could include adding watering or bug prevention systems to make the garden work automatically and aid in crop growth. The installation of greenhouses could also help you grow crops all year round. 

If you see a wooden sign, its function is to reset a farm plot, so you won’t have to buy a new plot and switch things up in the existing one but sell the animals and crops first. 

3. Have Two Careers

The best part about this mod is that your sim can continue farming while also pursuing a second career because farming is similar to gardening in the game and doesn’t have to be your primary career. Once you register as a farmer in the city hall, they can do other freelance or traditional jobs along with it. 

4. Interact with George’s Story

A new NPC, George, is introduced in the farming mod and is there to offer advice and information regarding farming to your sims. But like every other character, George also has a backstory, which you’ll uncover as you keep asking questions to him. There’s no compulsion to fulfil George’s requests, but if you do so, you can gain some new functions. 

5. Customizable World Tags

World tags refer to the icons that appear above Eden Hills’ lots, informing the players about the buildings, such as City Hall, Town Square, etc.

However, players have the option to change the name of these buildings or remove them altogether by clicking on the tags. We recommend you not remove the tags because it helps in navigating the new world. 

Farm plots also have such tags on animals and crops to help you remember which crop you planted or what animals you have. It’s quite useful. 

6. Farm Anywhere

A remarkable feature of this mod is that your farming features aren’t restricted to the Brindleton Bay world. You can access them in any world or lot of your choice.

To do so, go to the Build Menu and select “Outdoor Activities”, and there you’d find several plots, decor, and objects that are a part of Eden Hills. You can even travel on tractors or horses in the other worlds, but you’d have to get used to the loading screens. 

7. Customize Eden Hills

Did you know that you can edit the objects in Eden Hills? Move things around, delete buildings, or add new ones in the Live Mode Menu; it’s entirely up to you. However, we advise you to play the Eden Hills Story feature first because it’ll help you understand the significance of some of the places before removing them. 

You can even play this mod in a fresh save to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Therefore, Eden Hills is known as a semi-open world because you can interact with lots and create new buildings while retaining the original lots.

8. Play with Deco Buildings

Apart from the lots, there are several decorative buildings that you can interact with, such as the Horse Ranch, where a set of sheds can be used to store things. You can drag and drop items there from the inventory, so it’s not just part of the decor but has a utility as well. 

9. Create A Sim

Even though there are no new clothes or other additions related to appearance, this mod does add a new aspiration to the game, Country Farmer Aspiration.

This would change your sim’s lifetime aim to embrace the simple life and take care of the farm. There’s also a Country Farmer Challenge aspiration where your sim would become the best farmer and also assist George in his quests. 

10. Build Mode Items

As soon as you download this pack, new items will be added to the build mode, such as a tractor, a pond, a 64×64 large greenhouse, etc. For now, furniture and appliances are not a part of the build mode.

Players would notice a sign in the middle of the field; clicking it would lead you to the build mode, where you can purchase the items you want. When you buy these items, they’ll be placed on the lot in the correct manner. 

11. Gardening

Your sim can buy plots from George, City Hall or Bank and grow different crops in each section of the land. As the crops grow, you can buy a greenhouse, watering and insect repellent system, and your household would be charged for these and for the recurring maintenance cost. You can also add soil patches to your home lot. 

12. Animal Care

Since this is a farming mod, animals are quite an essential part of it. You can purchase horses, cows, pigs, and other animals from the farming lots either for the items they produce, such as milk, eggs, etc. or for transportation purposes, especially horses. Every animal’s care is also different; for instance, chickens should be fed daily, while cows and sheep only eat grass and don’t need to be fed every day, and so on. 


This was all you needed to know about the Sims 4 Farm Mod, and enjoy this new addition to the game because it offers several exciting features and enhances your gameplay.

Downloading this pack would be the best decision you take because there aren’t any other farm mods that are this beneficial to the simmers.

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