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Sims 4 Fairy Mod & Fairy cc | Lights, Wings & More – Download (2023)

Sims 4 Fairy Mod & Fairy cc

EA leaves no stone unturned to introduce supernatural creatures in the sims to make it more riveting and add a bit of fantasy into the gameplay. From Vampires to flesh-eating plants, there’s a huge variety of them. But, looks like the creators did leave a stone unturned when they forgot to add fairies into TS4!

While fairies have been a part of the sims 3: Supernatural, they haven’t been able to sprinkle their magical dust in the sims 4. But worry not, because the modders’ community took the matter into their own hands and came up with the most magnificent, exciting, and awestricken sims 4 fairy mods!

Now, to help you find the best ccs on the lot, we’ve curated a list of the most exemplary sims 4 fairy cc. Let’s plunge straight into it!

Sims 4 fairy cc

Here are the best sims 4 fairy mod,

Fairy mod sims 4

This is the ultimate pixie module that is created by cc creator Nyx. With this modification, you’ll be able to live a life as a fairy, acquire those magical capabilities, skills, and other unique interactions that will make your life magical, to say the least.

How to be a fairy?

Being a fairy in this module is very easy. You can look for the option called “create a sim” and opt for the fairy trait. Or, you can beg a fairy for her blessings under the fairy’s tree and turn into one.

Fairy mod sims 4


Some of the features of this fairies’ mod sims 4 are:

  • Child/toddler fairies: To turn your child into this creature, you’ll have to plead the tree as mentioned above. Now, when your child turns into a pixie, they will have the same powers as the adult one. In addition to this, they’ll also have the “I can fly” feature.
  • Wings: Your characters will grow wings throughout their lifespan.
  • Magic abilities: The pixies will have certain magical powers known as auras. Some of the auras are Aura of Soothing, Body and Mind, Creativity, Discomfort, and Idiocy.
  • Magic energy: Whenever you use the aura interaction, you’ll receive an “out of magic energy” moodlet. This will last for 6 hours.

Tinker bell set

If you say that when you think of fairies, tinker bell doesn’t pop up in your head, then I know you are lying because this is next to impossible!

The sassiest and the most fun-loving Tinker bell deserves to make a debut in TS4. While she might not be here, she sends you her ensemble to make sure that you look no less than her. So, this sims 4 fairy mod has the classic tinker bell tube dress, her wings, and her blonde hairstyle to turn you into Tink. In addition to this, the dress has two more color options (blue and pink) if you do not love the green one.

Tinker bell set

Poison ivy

Inspired by the poison ivy plant, this accessory is perfect for nature lovers! While fairies are naturally attracted to nature as forests are found to be their homes, they also prefer to utilize forest resources. So, this set does just that.

It comes with a necklace and a circlet, both resembling poison ivy in multiple colors. In addition to this, the pieces are very delicate and intricate.

Poison ivy sims 4

Fairy wedding dress

Weddings are supposed to be the most special event in any girl’s life. So, to make it more unique and magical, we have this wedding dress by cc creator Beo!

The look of this fairy dress is ethereal. With a layered-tube design, many volumes, and a beautiful pair of wings, this dress will make people go crazy and turn you into the fairy you are!

Fairy wedding dress sims 4

Fairy child wings

Now, there are many wings’ options for older sims, but when it comes to the young members, there’s not much to find. So, we have this significant modification to give your younger sims their pair of fairy wings that they can use to fly (if they are a fairy) or as an accessory.

The wings are of the right size and look really pretty. So, get them to make the kids in your household look super adorable!

Fairy child wings sims 4

Forest wings

According to folklore, pixies are believed to be either angel from heaven or diabolical from hell. So, these beautiful, translucent, and adorned with sparkles wings are meant to showcase just that.

You can choose to be the dark pixie and get a black pair of wings, or be the ray of sunshine and use the white ones. Opt for the grey ones if you can decide what to choose!

Forest wings sims 4


This cc – Fairy lights, by “Waterwoman”, renders you an opportunity to prettify your home with a bunch of fairy-lights!

They’ve been named as fairy-lights because they resemble shiny fairies. They make any basic place look larger than life and highly exquisite. So, get this mod and 17 varieties of lights with black/white strings.

Fairy-lights sims 4

Cute fairy tree

Pixies naturally prefer to stay in nature’s lap. They take a mushroom, a tree, or for that matter, a log and turn it into their accommodation.

Now, I’m sure a log won’t soothe you. So, to give you the house of your dreams, this sims 4 fairy cc by Yvette Duong will get you the cutest and unimaginable treehouse!

With two floors, an attached mystical garden, and a foundation of two giant trees; While this house might not get five stars on privacy, it indeed takes away everybody’s hearts due to its aesthetics.

Cute fairy tree sims 4

Fairies’ ears

The traditional fairies have distinct ear shapes. So, to give you the actual feeling of being one, this sims 4 fairy mod has the best ear shape for you.

The ear size is perfect, they twist at the end, and they are outwardly pointed. In addition to this, you’ll also get a pair of star-shaped piercings!

Fairies' ears sims 4

Fairylight trees

Do you know what makes the festive season look really blissful? It’s the decoration and especially the lights!

So, to take your festive decoration up a notch, we have this fantastic modification by “Waterwoman” that has fairylight trees with 20 different lights and two tree types.

Fairylight trees sims 4

Fairies’ hairstyles

A hair-do is really important even if you are a mystical creature. You wouldn’t want to look like a dull fairy when you can choose to look the most vibrant!

So, this sims 4 fairy cc by maxis match has five unique hairstyles for fairies to choose from. The hair ranges from long and sleek to wavy and short. Thus, you can find the one that suits you the best. In addition to this, these hairstyles can be worn in any color.

Fairies’ hairstyles sims 4

Magic pose pack

Fairies are generally shown as cute creatures since their fandom is an army of kids who love everything cute. But, it’s not necessary for fairies to only have one look. They can choose to be bolder, mature, and appealing.

So, to give your pixie a makeover, you can get this magic pose pack that contains four poses, all bound to make your sprite look bold.

Magic pose pack

Aria wings

With fairies come wings. So, you might as well have the most remarkable ones!

This mod by Suzue has one of the exceptionally beautiful pairs of wings for your pixies. The wings look like stained glass and look jaw-dropping.

They come in 10 colors; you can match your wings with your outfits!

Aria wings sims 4

Sparkle wings 1

Fairies are known for their sparkle dust. So, it’s time that you cover the whole town in sparkles with this set of fairywings by S-club!

The wings resemble cicada’s wings and are so glittery that they might turn you blind if you stared for a long time.

They also come in 14 colors.

Sparkle wings 1 sims

Cole skin

The best part about creating mystical creatures is that you can let your creative juices flow! You can do whatever you like with their appearance, and they’ll still be accepted.

So, to play more with this autonomy, we have this cc. With this, you can choose from various facial features for your female/male pixies and adjust their lips, skin, ears, etc. This mod, however, focuses more on ears and provides you these small-sized, outward-pointing, and elves-like ears.

Cole skin sims

Faerie body preset N2

This body preset by cc creator Moony-bonbon, will turn your sim into a different and pretty little pixie!

Just download this sims 4 fairy cc, put it into your mods folder, go to the “create a sim” option, and you’ll find this preset.

It turns your sim into a tinier fairy, which is very delicate and dainty, as shown in the image.

Faerie body preset N2 sims

Willow wisp silvermoon

Some people love to curate every aspect of their life and their sims’. But some of the people find customizing every little thing a very tiresome process. So, to give you an appearance of the most beautiful mystical creature with zero effort, we have this module by Auralixx.

In this module, you’ll get a premade character that looks divine with lavender skin, pearls on her body, sleek platinum hair, and giant white wings. So, get this modification now and enjoy living life as the “Silvermoon!”

Willow wisp silvermoon sims

Fairy clothes set

Rumor has it that there is a far-off land where people are not fond of wearing many clothes. It seems that this cc is inspired by that land, as you won’t find much cloth on your pixie’s body if you opt for this set!

This set comes with four clothing options, and none of them cover the sim’s whole or at least half body. So, if your pixie loves to sit idle in the forest and wants a more sensual look, then this is the set that you need.

Fairy clothes set sims

Secret fairy garden

This is another premade lot for your fairies or your regular sims to live in.

This enchanting abode looks as if it has been taken straight from a Disney movie! The décor, the flowers, the white staircases, and the vast garden. All make this place so paradisiacal.

So, go get his garden home asap and let your characters taste heaven!

Secret fairy garden

Sunset set

Time to break the monotony of those ballerina dresses and give your pixies a fashion makeover with this fairy sunset set.

This cc by dansims has an outfit inspired by the Monarch butterfly. It includes an off-shoulder top and a skirt that looks like a giant butterfly wing wrapped. In addition to this, this cc also comes with ten color options for you to decide and choose from.

Sunset set sims


How do you get the fairy mod on Sims 4?

You get the fairy mod on sims 4 by downloading it from the website of the custom content creator. The links to all the modifications are given in this article.

Can you become a fairy in Sims 4?

No, and yes! While the sims 4 initially doesn’t have any option of fairies, you can make them a part of this game by downloading the fairy mod sims 4.


With this, we end our hunt for the best sims 4 fairy mods. All of these are enough to turn your TS4 world into the magical world of the pixies. Get them and have fun swimming!

Do you wish for playing TS4 dressed up as fairies with your pals? Then, try this multiple player module for TS4.

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