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Sims 4 Expand Lot Cheat (Updated) 2022

There are custom worlds mods in sims 4 that want you first to empty the lots in your world to install them. And if you are familiar with that concept, you should know that it is pretty challenging to utilize space on the lots in the game. The sims 4 expand lot cheat is something people look for when wanting to expand their spacing, but it might not be that simple.

Customizing your lot sizes can help with the unutilized space and look everything more organized, which can help your interest in playing the game much longer. It adds to the overall aesthetic and, honestly, just looks better. Let us answer some important questions you might have regarding lot customization.

Can you expand lots in Sims 4?

There is no direct way to expand lots in this game, but there are tricks to achieving your goal, which we will be discussing in this section. Mods are the easiest option for you to manipulate gameplay and get results faster. Let us see what you can do to get the results you want.

Use Gallery

The Gallery is a place where you can choose the lot sizes you want; therefore, getting a house from there is the most convenient way to utilize space in sims 4. It makes the houses look like they have better-used rooms, which is true since the designs are versatile.

Many options in The Gallery will aid you in using the space in lots better. You should have thorough experience in creating designed spaces to take lots from The Gallery, so make sure you know what you are doing.

Use The Free Build Cheat

We know we said earlier that there is no actual sims 4 expand lot cheat; well, there is not, but the free build cheat can help us even things out a little. With this cheat, you can demolish already established buildings to rearrange them according to your liking and get proper accommodations for the space you want to use.

You can apply this cheat as the other cheats, but if you do not remember, here is what you need to do. First, open the command prompt in the game and enter the following, “testingcheats true” (without quotation marks). Then, go ahead and add the Free Build Cheat by inputting these words, “bb.enablefreebuild”(Again, without quotation marks), and now you can change the layout of the lots as you want. (Stick to the reference article and just write – enable the cheats and put the cheat code xyz, don’t stretch the explanation part)

This is the only “cheat” you can get from the game, but it works like a charm since it gets you a lot of leeway in getting more bang for your back.

Sims 4 Expand Lot Cheat

Where is a 64×64 lot in Sims 4? (Source of this paragraph?)

You can find a 64×64 lot mod by demolishing the area in Brindelton Bay. This will maximize the amount of space you need. The Bindelton Bay has lots that are similar in size to the bigger lots mod. But the only thing to consider is that if you have pets, this lot is the one for you.

How do you edit a lot in Sims 4?

Editing a lot is pretty simple in sims 4. There are a couple of simple steps that go into editing a lot. Let us get into it through the example of “Oasis springs”:

  • First, you need to find Oasis Springs and click on Sandtrap Flats, see the options that appear on the menu alongside it.
  • After looking at the various options, then you need to move in your family by clicking on New Family.
  • Shifting takes a lot of money, so make sure you have money left over; free building your lot is the only option if you are out of cash.
  • You cannot build something while your sims are already living in that residential area, so you will have to move them.
  • Click on Change Lot Type; you will see three dots when you click the Change Lot Type option.

How to change lot size sims 4

To increase lot size in sims 4, firstly, you will need to remember that the expand lot cheats and other tips will only get you so far, so you can utilize your space better. There is no fixed cheat to increase your lot size, which has left a lot of players puzzled in the game.  So using cheats, for now, is out of the window, but you can use the gameplay itself to improve on certain aspects.

There are no bigger lot mods or any other ways given online or anywhere else that give us a way to edit our lots, but one thing we can do, which we have been discussing all this time, is to look at the way items properly are placed in the lots.

How do you get a 50×50 lot in Sims 4? (Source?)

You can get a 50×50 lot in Sylvian Glade at Willow Creek. All you need to do is go to the Sylvian Glade, empty the lot, and use it. You can get a 50×50 lot in Sylvian Glade at Willow Creek. All you need to do is go to the Sylvian Glade, empty the lot, and use it. This gives you many options as 50×50 lots provide lots of versatility and can be paired well with other residential areas.

Additional Lot Options and Custom Worlds

The game has lots of customization options, but the only problem that players encounter nowadays is that there are not many lot options or editable parts of lots. That is why people look for cheats to ensure they can secure some space. But even the cheats are not dedicated to that specific task to make a lot bigger.

Custom worlds are an excellent way to get new lots so you can start building your world from scratch. We can use other additional lot options that we will explore in the upcoming section to better your customization.

Let us look at some of the hidden lots you can claim in the game. 

Hidden Lots which you Can Utilize

You should always be on the lookout for where these hidden places appear in the game so you can use them to better your options.

The people who like to do side missions would have a field day in finding these hidden lots. That is why we have simplified those options and brought them to you here.

Base Game

There are three different spots you can find hidden lots in the base game. Those are three secret spots are:

  • The first one is located near the Sylvan tree in the Foundry Cove. Find this area in Willow Creek.
  • There is another one in the Forgotten Grotto in the Oasis Springs. Find the entrance near the mine passageway directly behind the Desert Bloom Park.

(Stick to the reference and refrain from adding additional information)

Outdoor Retreat

The larger lots in this pack are located near the Hermit’s House in the Granite Falls Forest.

Get To Work Pack

The hidden lot in this pack is located in the Sixiam; unlock it through the Scientist Career.

The Realm of Magic

This hidden lot is located by going through the portal that is found in Glimmerbook.

Snowy Escape

The hidden lot is found in Mt. Komorebi Peak in Snowy Escape, and you can discover this lot by completing an excursion of a mountain in the Yukimatsu Neighbourhood.

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there that explain where the hidden lots are. So you should have no problem finding them.  


There is not a “more lots” mod in the game due to the developers concentrating more on the packs, and we cannot blame them since the mod community is responsible for mods. But the sims 4 expand lot cheat is something many people desire, so it is easier to change things according to their liking. Only time will tell of what will happen to the state of the game with its introduction. Have a nice day!

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