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Sims 4 Decades Challenge: Rules & Tips (Complete Guide) 2024



The Decades Challenge in The Sims 4 is a player-created challenge that tasks players with guiding a single Sim through 10 different decades of their life, each with specific goals and rules to follow. The purpose of the challenge is to complete all objectives and have the Sim live a whole and successful life.

The challenge can be modified to the player’s liking, but each decade has a particular set of goals that must be achieved before moving on to the next decade.


The challenge begins with the Sim in their teenage years, where they must focus on completing their education, getting a part-time job, and making friends. As they enter their twenties, they must focus on building their career, getting married, and starting a family. The thirties are all about career advancement and raising children.

In their forties, the Sim must focus on their career and retirement planning. The fifties are about enjoying the fruits of their labor and keeping up with their hobbies and friends. The sixties, seventies, and eighties are about enjoying their retirement and making the most of their golden years.




1. Sims can only marry others of the same ethnicity, and they must be of the opposite gender.

2. You use the fireplace to cook and candles for lighting. Electricity use is not permitted. In addition to that, toilets have to be outside of the house.

3. Girls can only move out of the house once married. They are encouraged to become “stay-at-home” mothers and are not allowed to work. However, they can only make money by gardening and have creativity bonus traits.

4. In the context of family heirs, Only male children were made family heirs. If you have only a girl child, one of their husbands can step in to become the family heir.

5. Careers were not in the provision then, so sims had to make their living by gardening, painting, or woodworking.

6. In the house, everything should be wooden, including walls, floors, and furniture. 

7. For bathing, you cant use showers. Only bathtubs are allowed.

8. In-house decorations, you can use impressionist or classical paintings.


1. In this era, you can use lamps, so electricity is permitted.

2. In-house decorations and wallpapers are included.

3. Phonographs(new item) are introduced in the game.

4. The male sims are allowed to work now! They can work in the following careers.

  • Culinary upto level 5
  • Business upto level 6
  • Musician upto level  max.


1. Male teens are required to go to war before their adulthood. You must roll a random number to decide whether they will die in battle. If the number is odd, they will fail; if it is even, they will survive. If you’re unlucky enough to receive an odd number, you have little authority to decide how they die.

2. Male sims are not allowed to work until adulthood.

3. The female sims that men sims marry must also go to war. That is only if they’re a young adult.

4. In careers, entertainment is introduced. As mentioned above, they’re only available for men only.

5. After returning from war, male sims should have one of these traits.

  •  Gloomy
  • Hot headed
  • Lazy
  • Clumsy
  • Insane
  • Squeamish
  • Noncommital
  • Mean


1. It was the decade when women’s rights were encouraged. Female sims are provided more rights than before.

2. They’re allowed to be the family heirs.

3. Female sims can join careers like painters or musicians. Sadly, they have to quit permanently if they have children.

4. In careers, mixologist and the criminal boss are introduced(only for males)


1. As it’s the year of the great depression, all sims have to lose their job for two weeks. The only way they can make money is by searching in the trash, dustbins, etc. However, they can join new jobs after these two weeks.

2. The problem of paying bills has also been raised. You cannot pay the bill till your electricity is cut down. To make your living harder, include water cut down problem also.

3. The sims that enter adulthood in this decade must possess one of the traits: gloomy, noncommittal, and mean.

1940- WORLD WAR 2

1. Male sims in their teens are forced to go to war. The procedure for deciding whether they’ll live or die remains the same as in world war 1.

2. Male sims can’t join any career until adulthood because of war.

3. When male sims return from war, they must acquire the following traits:

  • Gloomy
  • Hot headed
  • Clumsy
  • Insane
  • Lazy
  • Squeamish
  • Mean
  • Noncommital

4. In the house, having a radio is compulsory and should be listened to for at least one hour a day. 

5. Gardens in-house are compulsory.

6. Meals are allowed only once per day. However, you can eat anything out of your garden.

7. Women have to necessarily choose one of the following careers:

  • Athlete – Body builder career.
  • Painter – Master of the real.
  • Culinary – Mixologist.
  • Entertainer – Either.


1. The first male child must join the army, and the first female child must volunteer for nursing. They must choose one trait of 1st and 2nd world war in adulthood, and both must be fed to cowplant.

2. TVs are introduced in the game. However, there are time restrictions, i.e., from 6–10 am and 6–12 pm.

3. Personal computers are available and can only be used for writing.

4. The professional athlete batch is introduced in careers, and a writing career enters the game. 

5. In the house you can use pop art for decorations and showers are allowed.


1. Birth control comes into action. You cannot “try for baby.”

2. Homosexual relationships are allowed. 

3. The restriction for marriage in the same ethnicity Is removed.

4. In careers, secret agent and astronaut career is introduced. You can take leaves for the birth of your baby


1. First two children, regardless of gender, are to be sent to war, or volunteer nurses must take a survivor trait.

2. Advanced computers are available. But only writing and gaming are allowed.

3. Due to uprising environmentalism, the child born in this era must possess one of the following traits: Active, Self-assured, Loving the outdoors, and Outgoing. 


1. Every type of PC’s available for writing and gaming.

2. As its the yuppie era, the children born in this decade must possess the following traits: 

  • Self assured
  • Foodie
  • Ambitious
  • Materialistic
  • Snob

3. Sims are allowed to do exploring activities like camping.

4. One member of the family must be engaged in the business of an inventor career.

5. TV restrictions are modified. That is 6 am – 2 am.


1. Internet is introduced.

2. Computers are free of writing and gaming restrictions. i.e., they can be used for anything.

3. Mobile phones are brought into action!

4. Any restrictions placed on shower, appliances, furniture, etc., are removed.

5. When the family’s first child turns into a teen, the whole family becomes a Y2k disaster prepper.

6. On the occasion of your oldest teen’s birthday, you must build a safe house three days before their birthday. The material used to make the house should be the cheapest.

7. Children are not allowed to go to school.


1. All career restrictions are lifted.

2. Climate change takes place.

3. Males are allowed to take leave for the birth of their child.

4. Music is allowed, including the use of earphones


1. Same sex-marriage is allowed.

2. Females can’t be in the military

3. Part-time jobs of any type are allowed.

4. Careers, except for journalism, are allowed.




The Decades Challenge is a fun and engaging way to play The Sims 4, as it allows players to guide their Sim through an entire lifetime and see all the different stages of their life. It also allows players to be creative with the story they want their Sim to have. If they wish to see their Sim become a successful business owner or a retiree who travels the world, the Decades Challenge offers a wide range of possibilities.


How long is a decade in Sims 4 decades challenge?

A sim day in the game is about 6 months, so a year passes every 2 days. Thus making a decade every 20  sim days.

However, in real-time, 1 real minute is 1 hour in sims 4. So 24 real minutes=1 day in sims. Using this information we can conclude that you can complete a decade in about 6 real days.

How to do the decades challenge in Sims 4?

You have to make your sim live every decade, from 1890 to 2010. A decade changes when your first family’s first child becomes an adult.

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