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Sims 4 Cheating & Realistic Reactions Mod (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Cheating & Realistic Reactions Mod
Sims 4 Realistic Reactions

Getting cheated on is never fun; in fact, it can leave you devastated. No one should suffer the fate of getting cheated on by someone you love, but there are not many things you can do.

Therefore, to relieve stress, video games are a blessing that almost everyone should experience. The Sims 4 cheating mod will let your sim experience the suffering, but it does make for a good show.

That is why we will be looking at multiple sims 4 cheating mods that have been made to experience the heartbreaks of a relationship and see what you can make out of it.

Sims 4 Cheating Mods

Realistic Reactions Mod

Having realistic reactions to getting cheated on is an essential aspect of a simulator game. However, the base game does not emphasize the value of this interaction, which is why it is overlooked so much. This mod changes that and makes sure that the person getting cheated on is the one that has many different reactions compared to the base game.

In the base game, when a sim has gotten caught cheating, the spouse (the one who got cheated on) will just receive an angry flirty spouse buff that only lasts for less than a day. The one cheating is happy with their affair, and no other effects are noticed on children if they have them or anyone else close to them. 

With the Cheating Overhaul module, many new aspects of a cheating relationship that are realistic have been introduced to the game. In this mod, one can encounter situations when a cheating sim is found out about. The description of various situations and their effects on sims are given below.

Realistic Reactions Mod

For the one who cheats

You need to go to the Friendly Interactions menu, where you will see the “Apologize for Cheating” option whenever you click on your beloved on who you cheated. Feels bad, man. There is also a mean interactions mod that you can use. The “Convince That Your Cheating Is Their Fault” option will appear when you click on your spouse. Doing this will remove the +5 embarrassed moodlet.

For the one who got cheated on

In this cheater mod, go to the Friendly Interactions menu, and you will get the “Forgive for Cheating” option, which will also appear when you click on your spouse/engaged. Due to this interaction will remove the sim’s +5 sad moodlet, “Forgive Spouse For Cheating” which will last for 4 hours for married sims and 5 hours for engaged sims.

The spouse, after the interaction, would also not have an embarrassed moodlet, which will be switched with a +5 sad moodlet that lasts for 4 hours. For the mean interactions menu, when you click on your partner, two new interactions will appear: “Confront About Cheating” and “Fight For Cheating.” 

However, if the same sim is married, an interaction is “Confront For Cheating With Your Spouse” and “Fight For Cheating” when clicking on the sim that was being cheated on. 

When the couple has children

When you have children, their interactions also change when the sims cheat. Following are some of the changes. For Friendly Interactions, “Console About Witnessing Cheating” will appear when you click on your children. By doing this interaction, your child’s +5 sad/angry moodlet will be removed.

For the sim that the married/engaged sim cheated with

There are interactions only for the married/dating sims in this category. We will discuss those below:

For married ones: When clicking on the sim, in the Friendly Interactions menu, a new interaction named “Apologize for Cheating With Their Spouse” is unlocked. However, an exchange called “Apologize for Cheating With Their Significant Other” is unlocked for the engaged sims.

For Mean Interactions for married sims, a “Taunt About Cheating With Their Spouse” is unlocked when clicking on the spouse of the person you cheat with. Their embarrassed moodlet will be replaced with new interaction, “Brag About Cheating With Married Sim.” 

And for engaged sims, a new interaction is unlocked in the Mean Interactions menu. “Taunt About Cheating With Their Significant Other” appears when talking to the girlfriend/fiance/boyfriend you cheated with. This interaction will replace the embarrassed moodlet with new interaction, “Brag About Cheating With Taken Sim.”

Relationship and Pregnancy Overhaul

In this sims 4 cheating mod, there are relationship and pregnancy overhauls that offer multiple options for the people who want to know what happens if a couple is expecting and a person cheats. It has more than ten modules that offer numerous situations a couple goes through in a relationship and during pregnancy. But we are concerned with the Cheating module, which is Module No. 7.

The Cheating Module, in its essence, is a redesign of an old mod which was called Contextual Interactions Mod. As we covered earlier, there is a base game sentiment for cheating, and this mod replaces it with an advanced one, which is realistic too. This mod gives specific sentiments when the sim who was cheated on finds out about it. There are situations for those sentiments to emerge, which we will cover below.

Relationship and Pregnancy Overhaul

Sentiment situations: The jealousy system of the base game has a technical problem that not a lot of modders can get around or change. However, this mod greatly changes the jealousy problems and introduces a believable fresh concept. If a sim has two love interests, and one catches the sim in an act with the other, then those sims will be able to get cheating-related interactions and sentiments. 

Sentiments from Kissing and Flirting: Soulmates who see their significant another flirt with anyone/kiss them will not get a sentiment in the base game. However, in this mod version, they will get a sentiment, but a minor one. There is also a situation where the sims between 30 and 50 will not care enough to get a cheating sentiment, which is pretty realistic if you ask us!

Duration of the cheating sentiments: The faults and reactions depend on the level of betrayal; that is why it is better to have something that lasts less than it is. That is why the duration for flirting and kissing sentiments are lesser than the base game ones.

Some videos explain what happens if kissing/flirting and WooHooing are witnessed by the related sims; these will result in many buffs and situational interactions. By clicking the link below, you will find a video detailing all that happens if kissing is witnessed.

Some Extra Mods You Will Need

These extra mods will help your quality of life in the game and make your gameplay more accessible and more interactive. There are several lifelike interactions present in these mods. We will primarily look at two mods to help you better utilize the sims 4 engine and improve on it.

Mc Command Center

The MCCC is one of the best script mods in sims 4 since it improves on the base game engine and makes it 100 times better. This mod is basically a key to improving everything within the game without having to put in any effort for your sims. The veteran players of this game advise every new player to download this mod since it is a cheat to get what you want within some regions of the game.

Ui Cheats Extension Mod

The use of cheats ins sims 4 is very extensive, and there is a cheat for almost anything in the game. Cataloging them and finding out what each cheat does is troublesome. In MC Command Center, MC Cheats was an option that improved the use of cheats; this will also be a systematic replacement of the console, which players use to type cheats manually. 

Ui Cheats Extension Mod
Can your sims get cheated on Sims 4?

Yes, your sims can get cheated on sims 4. You can download the mod mentioned above to experience this phenomenon.

Can sims cheat if married?

es, Sims can cheat if married but only if you have the polygamy or cheating mod installed


That is everything you need to know about the sims 4 cheating mod. Everything related to cheating in-game and cheating in a relationship in the game has been highlighted in this article. For an added measure, download the last two extra mods we gave you since they will improve your overall experience. Happy swimming! 

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