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Sims 4 Work Outfit & Edit Career Outfit – 2024 (latest)

Sims 4 Work Outfit & Edit Career Outfit
Sims 4 Work Outfit

There would have been times when your sim got a promotion, but they still had to wear that same monotonous attire to work every day. Or the outfits for your occupation were too hideous that it irked you out.

But worry no more, because you can now change your sims’ work outfit in a few simple steps with the sims 4 change work outfit hack.

Sims 4 change career outfit

You can easily change career outfit for sims. This involves no modules and doesn’t require testingcheats on to use it. The steps are pretty simple and are discussed below, so read till the end.

Sims 4 Work Outfit & Edit Career Outfit
Sims 4 Work Outfit

Sims 4 how to edit a career outfit?

Below are few things you need to keep in mind to change work clothes:

  • In case you turn off the career filter, the character’s current occupation clothes might not be visible in the list of items. Therefore, if you edit a career outfit in TS4, then you might not be able to go back to the default attire using this technique if it’s no more available.
  • You might find the work outfit due to CAS in the closet, but your sim won’t use it yet because they haven’t been promoted further in their job to wear that costume.
  • If you are unable to view a player, the job ID won’t work. This can also happen if they live in the same household. Though, it is not tested yet.

How to change work outfit sims 4

You can always install mods to alter your players’ clothing, but if you don’t wish to do that, there’s an easy alternative too.

Create an attire that you want your character to wear to work. Once you reach the workplace, remove the old apparel, and wear the one that you desire. It would be best if you remember this every time they go to work.

Sims 4 edit work outfits

Instead of the cheat codes, you can also utilize the ‘Plan Career Outfit’ interaction available for all the packs in sims 4. 

A CAS would then open up wherein you can switch your clothes. After doing this, save the adjustments, and then the next time, your character would go to their job in a different uniform.

How to change career outfit sims 4 cheat

Now, this is the time we reveal to you the most accessible alternative for sims 4 change career outfit through cheat commands:

  • Select the sim whose attire you wish to modify and then use the command – Ctrl+Shift+C, which would open the cheat console. 
  • Then, write – sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas and click enter.
  • This would lead you to the CAS with the present ensemble of your player. Please make sure not to style them from the ‘casual’ unit while you are in CAS. 
  • Now, alter the clothes according to your preferences, and then press on the checkmark present at the lower-right corner.

Note: If the outfit isn’t available in CAS, then remember that if you change out of it, you won’t be able to get back in that attire except with the Undo arrow (maybe).


Can you change the naked outfit too with this cheat?

No, this is only applicable to work outfits.

Do the characters have to be in their working outfit first? And, where does their name go?

No, the character needs not be in any particular outfit first. If you are using this for your current sim, you don’t have to specify their name. If you need to use this for other simmers, this cheat does not work with simmers’ names, but instead, you can use that other cheat  “sims.get_sim_id_by_name FirstName LastName” to get their ids, which is what this cheat uses.


With the sims 4 change work outfit hack, many you would get a chance to step out of those boring costumes and choose an attire that would suit you and your sims’ style. So, use this cheat code now. Try out the really cool furniture cc mods to give your casa a makeover along with your character.

Happy simming!

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