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Sims 4 Challenges (Best) You Should Try – Download – 2024

Sims 4 Challenges
Sims 4 Challenges

We’ve curated a list for all the simmers with the latest and excellent Sims 4 challenges that are offered to them in the program so that they can continue enjoying their beloved game and have something to look forward to. Check out the list given below!

Sims 4 challenge list

This list incorporates all the sims 4 challenges, even the ones introduced in 2022, which would benefit you as you accomplish them all. However, I wish this list included menstrual mod as well because it’s surely a challenge. Take a look and click on the links for extensive details.

Sims 4 Challenges (Best)
Sims 4 Challenges

100 baby challenge

This one is the oldest endeavor amongst all, but it has gained fame in recent times with more gamers learning about it. A female, young adult matriarch, preferably, would have children with different people.

The rules of 100 baby challenge are plain as a day –

  • You can’t be impregnated by the same person more than once.
  • You’d have to work from home in this 100 baby challenge.
  • To age up your children, you’d have to complete specific tasks. You can’t use cheats.
  • A girl must be born to continue the legacy.

To make it gender-neutral, men can also become pregnant in this 100 baby challenge. Now, you might need a baby shower ceremony, so do check out that mod too.

Not so berry

In this sims 4 challenge, different colors would denote different generations.

For example, if the first stage is mint, your character would have mint hair and attributes such as materialism and jealousy. They would be in a science profession and would have to accomplish the chief of mischief aspiration.

Everything is ready for you, so you don’t have to rake your brain regarding their functioning.

Rags to riches

It resembles a lot to “Slumdog Millionaire,” wherein you start from nothing (0 simoleans) with just a lot for your shelter and work towards your goal to become rich and create a real home. The person behind the popularity of this sims 4 challenge is James Turner, formerly known as The Sim Supply.

Black widow

This venture is my personal favorite because it allows your matriarch to marry and then kill her various husbands eventually with different death types to rob them of their wealth. You must have the Serial Romantic aspiration, and you can’t work to earn money. It is one of the fun Sims 4 challenges I’ve come across yet. It has the right amount of cynicism and entertainment.


Commitment is a vital requirement of the legacy challenges as the game begins with a young adult character who lives alone in a 50×50 empty lot.

You’d give your character a §1800 through the family funds cheat. You aim to earn money, marry, and give birth to children who’d live in the same lot, and the cycle would go on for 10 generations.

The storyline incorporates the rags to riches element as well.


There isn’t much difference between decades and ts4 legacy quest. However, in this sims 4 challenge, each generation would be a part of a different decade, and you’d have to adhere to the etiquettes of that era. It’d focus on the American timeline from 1890 to the present.

For instance, the game starts in the 1890s where you’d only have wood furniture with no electricity, and every time you woohoo, it should only be when you’re trying for a child. In the 1920s, women can have a career, and so on. As you progress, you’d eventually land in the current decade.


As the name suggests, in this homeless cc you’d have o simoleans in the beginning, and you’d have to reach up to 5000 simoleans and acquire a shelter. Before reaching this level, you can’t even have a job, and you can survive by collecting, fishing, etc., and no companionship either.

You’d come across mini-tasks as well that’ll push you ahead in the game. So, why not try it out?

Runaway teen

In this, your teenager would live alone in a lot with no parental supervision and would have to survive and earn a living without getting a job until you have a house.

School is a restricted zone for them; they can’t talk to anyone older than them, or else someone might report them.

Asylum challenge

If you take delight in chaos and disorder, then this here is an anarchy challenge. You should have a household with 8 sims, and all of them should have an insane attribute. However, they can’t acquire the ‘Self-Assured’ trait.

You have the power to control only one sim, and the rest would do whatever they wish to, like in an asylum. The completion of their aspiration would be the parameter to release them.

You can only have 5 beds in the house in contrast to 8 characters, one bathroom, so there would be ultimate mayhem all around in this asylum challenge.

Apocalypse challenge

A fight for survival is what describes this challenge the best. An atomic war in 2015 has wiped out every living being, and you have to stay alive in your shelter and not leave it for any reason, similar to our situation in 2022. Only the bare minimum necessities such as a cheap bed, toilet, kitchen appliances, etc., should be in your home in this apocalypse challenge.

They must die from old age; only then would you win. So be safe!

This is also one of the best challenges for the sims


This one’s exciting as you in prison for a crime you didn’t commit.

You must spend 12 hours in your cell from 9 am to 9 pm, along with 7 other prisoners who aren’t under your control.

Bachelor or bachelorette

If you’ve watched this reality show, then you’re in luck because this endeavor is a copy of the same. Your persona would have to fall in love with one of the contestants and spend their life together. There would be elimination after every three days, so try not to get evicted and stay with your true love till the end.

Your character must have the ‘romantic’ attribute, and they’d go on dates as a group or privately. It’s one of the best Sims challenges you’d come across anytime soon.


This challenge would require you to be a puppet master. You’d have to create a hotel on your lot and lock various sims in it. The events that transpire, be it friendship, animosity, woohooing, or even murder, would be based on the roll of a dice. The dice would also decide if someone should stay in the hotel or leave. It’s a game of luck.

Living off the land

For our nature enthusiasts, this task would be enjoyable as you’d be working in your garden to earn a living and you’d have no means of entertainment such as a television or a computer.

The prerequisite for this is for your sim to be a freelance botanist (nature aspiration). You’re allowed to own a small cottage in the beginning, but you can’t ask for more.

Disney princess

No matter how old you get, but Disney holds a special place in our hearts. In this disney princess challenge, you can be any princess from Snow White to Cinderella and live in their respective generations.

You can customize your character’s appearance and would also have to choose their traits. There would be specific assignments you’d have to accomplish at each level in this disney princess task.

100 heartbreak

You’re in for the drama of your life if you go ahead with this option. In here, you’d have to break other sim’s hearts 100 times, and for that, you’d need a long life span. You can’t marry or have babies with them or form a connection. Sounds exciting, right?

Mooch off your neighbor

This challenge asks you to be dependent on your neighbor for every possible thing. You’d eat, drink, sleep, and shower at their home and even use their money for your expenses. However, the neighbor has the option of throwing you out of the house if they get mad.

Big brother

Inspired by the reality show “Big Brother,” you’d be living in a house with other participants in this challenge. You’d have zero connection with the outside world, and there’d be no means of entertainment as well. The game’s format is the same as the show as every week there’d be an elimination, and one would emerge victorious in the end.

You can’t control any persona, and whichever sim wins the weekly tasks and acquires more skills gains immunity. So it’s more like an anarchy challenge with no supervision whatsoever.

Ultimate survival

The name of this challenge does justice to the difficulty level of the same. You wouldn’t have a job, a house, or even electricity. Your income would come from fishing or gardening only.

You’d be living in Oakenstead lot (50×50), and your aim is to survive without the help of any cheats.


Some of the ts4 challenges emphasize the storyline, and this venture is one of them. For this, you’d be the ruler of a kingdom for ten generations with numerous objects provided to you in each one of them. You’d have children, but once they turn into young adults, you need to remove them.

Devoted grandmother

If you enjoy a family storyline, then you can choose this option. In this, you have an elder sim who isn’t attached to her daughter. The daughter has a few kids, and her grandmother takes care of them and aids them to achieve essential milestones of their lives.

Bad blood

Now, this one is quite interesting, in my opinion. Here, you’d have to create a sim who’d have a best friend. However, she’d soon turn into an enemy of your character and form a squad. As you progress and acquire new skills, you’d eventually have the power to defeat them.

Hired help

In this adventure, you’d be working at different households as their hired help. Your job would be to take care of cleaning, cooking, gardening, and so on. Being a nanny would depend on your progress, which would be determined by a points system.

Block party

It’s one of the Sims 4 build challenges wherein you’d choose any one of the base game worlds such as Willow Creek, Newcrest, etc., and destroy every lot available only to rebuild them from scratch.

Going broke 

I like to call it an upside-down challenge as your motive in this is to lose all your money and become broke. You’d own a million simoleans, and your venture would end when you have none of it left before reaching your 10th generation.

Raise them right

Your character is an abandoned, pregnant female sim who’s child’s father is already married. She buys an empty lot and struggles to survive and support her baby. To make it extra fun, use the pancakes family.

Three little sims

You’d have to create 3 personae who aren’t related to each other. They live in individual houses, and you can only control one sim at a time, and the rest can do anything they want.

You’d get an idea as to how the other two behave when they aren’t supervised and choose a winner at the end based on their behavior.

Astronaut legend

Your character, a young adult genius who’d be a little awkward, would be pursuing the path of being an astronaut, and it’s your job to help them reach that stage. They’d be homeless as they spent all their money on a rocket ship. Follow the rules of this challenge provided to move ahead.

Some other best Sims 4 challenges

Homeless author

The storyline begins with your persona as a homeless author, and you’d have to work on your writing skills and write books to earn money. You must have the best-selling author aspiration for this. Life as an author could be difficult, so it’d take time to buy a home. Once you write 100 books, the challenge would end.


This task’s primary objective is to make your sim’s cowplant eat the other players by baiting them. You could use Their essence of life for eternity, which is a driving force to kill others.


This game features different parenting ways. The challenge rules for each generation, such as the number of children, etc., would be already established. You’d receive points based on your performance.


A carbon copy of the show, this quest would include 8 sims, 3 judges, and 5 contestants who’d compete in emerging victorious and earning the title of the best chef.

  • The contestants would live together and might even develop romantic interests.
  • The judges should be on level 5 in the cooking sphere and also have the foodie traits.
  • All the contestants would be amateurs and would have to develop their skills gradually.
  • They’d compete in three cooking tasks every week, and the one who prepares the lowest ranking dish gets eliminated.

Truman show

Those of you who’re acquainted with this movie would understand the needs of this venture. In this different world, you’d be able to dominate everything except Truman.

Your goal is to keep the fact that Truman’s in a reality show hidden from him and accomplish various milestones as well.


You’re a wanderer who doesn’t have a permanent job and lives in an empty lot, collecting things. You’ve to complete your collections, create a garden and a museum to showcase your collection. You might require The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat at times in this option.

Guardian legacy

Quite similar to the ts4 legacy challenge, you have to become the means of survival for the people of this virtual world. For instance, there is a food crisis, so you become a gardener to provide food.

Cult or commune

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could relish the benefits of a cult life without joining one? This task allows you to form a group of players who develop skills, collect and achieve their aims to complete the job.


An immigrant’s struggles would be a reality for you when you are new to the Sims world, and people treat you like a temporary citizen. You wouldn’t get a job; you can’t sell anything unless it’s through a retail store; therefore, you’d earn with The Sims 4: Get to Work retail system, which is a necessary feature.

Wolf pack

One sim and 6 dogs along with an evil raccoon, it’s worth a look for sure. You’d be living off the land, dependent on fishing, etc., and you can send your dogs to hunt for food. You must continue collecting until you acquire a house worth 50,000 simoleans.

Build a city

Your job is to build a city from scratch and increase its population to unlock new features such as pizza delivery. It’s also part of the Sims 4 build challenges. If you follow the given parameters, you’d be able to access new locations and services. For example, you can use adoption services only when you have a City Hall. Once you have 50,000 points, you win.

Melting pot

For fun and experimental adventure, choose this endeavor wherein your parents would be completely different from each other in every way. The motive is to mix and match different genetics and wait for the result as to how they’d look after 10 generations.


For this task, you have to create a sim and upload them to the gallery to live a life from their eyes.

Once their lifespan ends, you can do the same with another creation of yours. This way, you’d be able to experience numerous things and choose differently with distinct characters such as one of them could be a sim who lives alone; another could be the one with a big family, etc.


One of the easy Sims challenges wherein all you have to do is build a house that resembles a dollhouse, with no walls.

Alien widow

Your female alien sim would fall in love and give birth to babies from different partners, but all your husbands must die eventually by starving them to death in the basement. The moment you have killed 10 husbands and have 10 babies from each one, your challenge is complete. In the end, you need to build a rocket for the escape of your sim.

Serial killer

Your character would be a sinister one in this ts4 challenge who’d lure strangers off the streets to murder them. They can choose any method of killing, be it drowning, starving, etc.


Your objective is to live on WindeBurg Island and demolish all the houses and families to render it deserted. Your eyes should be set on your nature aspiration and collecting to earn money and survive.

Alien takeover

As the name suggests, your persona would be an alien who’s up to no good.

They plan to take over the world and eliminate all the other characters. To create an army of aliens, you need to lock various sims in your basement and impregnate them to make an alien baby, after which you’d let them starve to death. As soon s the baby becomes a young adult, they can live in their own home.

10k starter home

You are required to build an entire house with less than 10,000 simoleans, including the necessities such as a sink, toilet, shower, and a bedroom at the very least.

Random genetics

If you want to have God-like powers, then check this out! You’d start with two random personae with randomized physical features. You have the chance to play with their genetics and create a child who’d gradually age up, and you can see the result of your experimentation for yourself. It’s one of the easyTS4 challenges and fun too.

Expectations v/s reality

In this option, you’d have two houses, one of them would be your ideal house and the other a real one. You have to accomplish particular skills to turn your real house into a better version than your expectations.

8 sim starter

Here, you again have to build a house for less than 32,000 simoleans, including the lot sold to an 8 sim family.

The home must contain a bathroom, a kitchen, and enough beds to accommodate every member, along with a few entertainment and skill-focused objects.


Your journey would begin in the prehistoric era wherein you create two ancestors of yours who’d live in an empty world. They’d have no jobs and would have to survive on the food they gather or hunt. Once you finish your goals for this era, you’d progress to the next one, the ‘Early Civilization,’ and eventually reach the modern era.

You’d enjoy this challenge immensely as its themes and graphics are excellent.

One room, one week, one theme

To avoid things from getting monotonous, you’d be given a new challenge every week on the Sims 4 forums. Custom content isn’t allowed, and there are 118 such quests yet—for example, A Fruity Kitchen, A Music Room, A Guest Bedroom, etc.

I’m a lover

It’s another fun Sims 4 challenges wherein your persona should be a young adult with a romantic trait and soulmate aspiration. There’d be 10 generations in this game, and all of them would revolve around love.

For instance, in generation 1, you wish to be a romance writer and find true love, and so on. Your career, characteristics, etc., would be dependent on the age you belong to.

Royal kingdom

Your dream of being part of royalty would come true with this option in the Sims 4 challenge list.

There’d be 4 families that you’d be a part of one by one. They are royalty, noble, merchant, and peasant. Each family has a distinct set of requirements, and you can play each role for a few days before going on to the next one.

Castle of cards

In this task, there’d be four families based on cards such as Hearts, Spade, etc., and they’d be the ruler of their own world. The theme of royalty is essential, and you must adhere to the lifestyle of the era you choose. The goal is for all the families to reach up to 10 generations and build a castle. You should have 50,000 household funds by the end of the task.


If you’re looking for more Sims 4 challenges similar to rags to riches, then here is one. 8 characters would be living in a home, and they’d be assigned chores based on their role. For example, those who are lucky would be able to do whatever they desire, and those who are unlucky would have to complete all the activities assigned.

The roles would be given based on a dice roll. It all depends on your luck.

Block party

If you love healthy competition, choose this option as this endeavor would allow you to build a house in Willow Creek or Oasis Springs. Post it on the gallery with the hashtag #Sims4BlockParty, and every player would know that you’re competing in this task.

The amazon

This one is a woman-centered storyline with a beautiful young adult female character who is athletic and intelligent. Your persona would live in an empty lot. The role of men would only be as slaves or to impregnate the females.

There are various tribal rankings such as the heiress, creator, warrior, etc., and all of them follow distinct challenge rules and regulations. By gaining skill points, they’d be able to make their way through the ranks.

Living off the grid

You’d be living in isolation aka off the grid in a starter home along with a bathroom with no kitchen or electrical appliances at your disposal. Your means of income would be painting, gardening, etc.

Just the way I am

You begin with customizing your character’s appearance except for their hair color, as it’d depend on their choice of aspiration. Your traits can either be positive (cheerful, genius, creative, etc.) or neutral/negative (active, goofy, romantic, gloomy, short-tempered, etc.). You’d also have to choose a goal such as athletic, author, food and so on. If you select the creativity aspiration, your hair color would be light blue or yellow/blonde hair color for popularity aspiration, etc.

The first three generations can only have emotional attributes, the other two can also include hobbies, and the last three could be social, but they must have a negative trait. It gives an intense competition to other fun Sims 4 challenges, don’t you think?

The four immortal sisters

You’d have to create four sisters based on the four earthly elements who’d give birth to children in an attempt to improve society.

They’d drink cowplant milk to maintain their youth. Their traits would be in sync with their natural element. The one with fire would have romantic, hates children, and outgoing characteristics, and her aspiration would be love or popularity.

The sisters would live in separate houses, and the things you can include in their homes would again depend on their element. For instance, air would have a study, bedroom, bathroom, and kid’s learning objects.


You have a whole palette of diverse Sims 4 challenges, and you can choose as many of them as you want and play to your heart’s content. You can also check out the berry sims challenge, or even start a whole new challenge of your own apart from these sim challenges to complete all the available tasks in the gameplay and compete with other simmers. Happy gaming!

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