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69+ Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds CC & Mods
Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds

You might have noticed that the Sims 4 default background is quite boring and outdated. As fun as the game is, the background is the complete opposite of it, and we wouldn’t want you to continue playing with these default settings. So we’ve found the best Sims 4 CAS background for you, so that your game can become more lively and vibrant. You can switch between these backgrounds, so no fear of getting bored of looking at the same thing for years. 

There’s a wide variety of these BGs, such as floral, old school, bedroom background, and many more. So you can choose the ones that vibe with your style. 

Sims 4 CAS Background

This article is all about the variety of CAS background Sims 4, but before we jump to that, it’s vital to know how to install these backgrounds, so that you can easily use them. 

The download links would be given below, and once you download the files from there, open them in the downloads folder as well as the mods folder simultaneously. 

To go to the mods folder: documents > electronic arts > sims 4 > mods, here you can put in any cc or mod that you download. So drag the CAS background that you’ve downloaded in the mods folder and restart your game. 

Note: Download only one Create A Sim Background at a time, so that the system doesn’t get confused about which BG you want. Also, enable the mods in your game settings before you do this. 

A Mod Required Before You Use CAS BG

So there’s a mod that you might have to use when you’re using a CAS background, and that is the “blob remover mod.” If you notice a blue bob under your sim’s feet while using the CAS background, then it might be a glitch and you’d need the blob remover mod to get rid of it. 

List of CAS Background CC

Let’s take a look at all the backgrounds that the CC creators have created to avoid dull backdrops. 

1. Starlight CAS Background

Starlight CAS Background

So number 1 CAS background mod on our list is Starlight. It’s a beam of light that originates from your sim’s calf and spreads into pink, magenta, orange and yellow colours against a sparkly black backdrop. Your sim’s would be the centre of attention with this BG.

2. Vejle Harbour Denmark

Vejle Harbour Denmark

This background is inspired by a real life location, and it displays your sim standing at a boardwalk surrounded by water and boats. There are beautiful buildings and all of it is aesthetically pleasing. You sim’s appearance can also be enhanced with this backdrop.

3. Large Room CAS Background

Large Room CAS Background

If compared with others, this BG is quite basic with a combination of white, black and grey colours. However, it makes the other colours pop and makes you appreciate your sim’s clothes, and other items that you wouldn’t have in a normal EA background.

4. Graffiti Wall CAS Background

Graffiti Wall CAS

For those who want a bold and loud background, then this is the right choice. Your sim’s would look really cool with these graffiti walls as backgrounds, which shows their wild side. Is this the TS4 CAS background for you?

5. Grey Cat Walk

Grey Cat Walk

This background is perfect for those who are more into a minimalist approach, and want their sims to be in the limelight. The Grey Cat Walk background is a plain white BG with a grey cat walk in the middle for your sims. This way, the background wouldn’t take the attention away from your characters.

6. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

All literature fanatics, this background is for you. This Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat BG with a cat’s face staring at you, is quite cool and dominating at the same time. With this BG, you can even experiment with your sims and create them uniquely to uphold the spirit of the background.

7. My Bedrooms Part 2

My Bedrooms Part 2

With this CAS background mod, you have multiple options to choose your bedroom’s backdrop. The beds and the furniture are of different styles and not just limited to modern or country-style furniture. So have an excellent time taking your pick from this huge collection.

8. Anime CAS Background

Anime CAS Background

This collection of Create A Sim backgrounds are one of my favorites because of its aesthetic qualities. There are two ‘Moon Sky’ backgrounds that are absolutely beautiful, there’s one with a black backdrop and pink, white, and yellow flowers. Then there are three more backdrops that are anime-themed and showcase breathtaking cityscapes.

9. Attic Room CAS Background

Attic Room CAS Background

Are you a fan of Tangled, or Cinderella? Well, this BG offers a cozy disney movie inspired vibe with a peaked ceiling and a large oval window in the bedroom. Imagine your sims living in this cute background, which looks just out of a fantasy.

10. Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor

As the name suggests, this background has a nice grunge look with plain grey walls and wooden flooring. Also, the lighting of the room puts your sim as the centre of attention. Moreover, a BG with a floor looks more realistic instead of your sim just floating in the air.

11. Bathroom BG

Bathroom BG

Some people might not understand the significance of a bathroom background, but trust me, it’s a must! When getting dressed everyday, it’s important to have a BG with modern, floral glass walls that enhance your sim’s beauty as well. Now who wouldn;t want to get ready in such a gorgeous setting?

12. White CAS BG

White CAS BG

Not every player is into a colourful background that has a lot of things going on, and let’s not forget that beauty is in simplicity. So this plain white background is for those who want their entire focus to be on their sim. This would help them look at the finer details of their sim’s appearance, and all your sim’s clothes would pop against this background.

13. Bedroom Part 1

Bedroom Part 1

A background that allows you to feel as if you’re in your own home is the best part. It’s a much better option rather than looking at a green and blue bubble while your sim gets ready. There’s a huge closet as well in the background, making it more realistic and fun.

14. Black Background

Black Background

Like the white backdrop, this black background works in the same way. Infact with a black CAS background solid colour, your sim’s clothes would have a better chance of demanding attention. The brighter the clothes, the more pop they’d have against this backdrop.

15. Camo CAS Backdrop

Camo CAS Backdrop

Now this is a unique background, which can work as a camouflage for your sim. This green camouflage is excellent for players who are looking for a fun backdrop, and don’t prefer serious backgrounds.

16. Catwalk

Catwalk Wallpaper

Every player considers their sim as a model, and would have dreamt at least once to see them on a catwalk. Well, now is your time to do so with this background. Your sim would stand on a catwalk ramp while you work on them, with blue colours in the front and purple in the back, it creates the perfect contrast. 

17. White Rooms

White Rooms

These white room backgrounds are an interesting option because it makes you feel like you’re in a room but with white walls. It’s a much better option than just a plain white backdrop.

18. Winter 2016 Backgrounds

Winter 2016 Backgrounds

Love winters? Now you can feel that winter vibe with this CAS background Sims 4. Your sims would stand in white snow backdrops, and it’d make you feel that winter’s here. You can even dress your sims accordingly with a hat and earmuffs to keep them warm.

19. Colourful Gradient Backgrounds

Colourful Gradient Backgrounds

You might be wondering that Sims 4 already has a gradient BG, but it’s not as vibrant and colourful as this one. With a combination of pink and orange, yellows and blues, it makes for a perfect background to wipe away any dullness. It even has a crease at the bottom to make it look like a floor, isn’t that amazing?

20. Galaxy 2 Sims 4

Galaxy 2 Sims 4

This galaxy CAS mod is one of a kind, which makes it look like your sims are in the cosmos with a pink and purple starry background. The aesthetic beauty of this BG is beyond your imagination.

21. Cute CAS BG

 Cute CAS BG

Ah! A minimalist backdrop that features stars, moons, and much more. This cute background has fluffy pink clouds at the bottom and blue colour at the back. It feels like you’re in cotton candy land, and who doesn’t want that?

22. Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is hot cocoa, snow, and a cozy cabin with Christmas decorations. This CAS background offers all this and more with snow outside the doors and festive themed decorations in the room. I know you can’t resist downloading this one.

23. Stone Ocean

Stone Ocean

This background consists of solid colour backdrop options with light blue and mint combinations. These colours in the background would offer a cool and calm feeling, and its name is perfect to describe these BGs.

24. Daisy CAS Background Sims 4

Daisy CAS Background

If you’re looking for a cute, feminine touch, then this background is the one for you. With daisy flowers against different colour backgrounds, such as pink, blue, purple, etc., this backdrop is truly beautiful. 

25. Disney Background

Disney Background

Just like me, if you’re also a Disney fan and would love to see your sims against a disney background, then try out this mod. With gorgeous stairs in the background and your sim in the middle of it would make it seem like they are walking down the stairs as a princess.

26. Watercolour Sims 4 CAS Background

Watercolour Sims 4 CAS Background

Every sim doesn’t prefer bold colours in the background, so this option offers a watercolour background with pastel colours and slightly darker shades at some places to give it more depth.

27. Fall Background

Fall Background

Another solid colour background that offers numerous colour options that are perfect for fall months. They offer cozy sweater vibes with darker as well as lighter tones. You can change the backdrop frequently as the months pass by.

28. Forgotten Grotto Background

Forgotten Grotto Background

There are a few hidden worlds in the game that you can use as your CAS background as well. One such world is the Forgotten Grotto, which has a mystical vibe with crystals all over the place and the light illuminating from them.

29. Sylvan Glade

Sylvan Glade

Sylvan Glade is another such world with beautiful pink trees and flowers that add a cute vibe to the game.

30. Old Houses

Old Houses

Sims 4 doesn’t just offer cute and beautiful backgrounds, it also has dilapidated old houses that have an eerie vibe to it. It’s the right vibe for vampire sims or witches that would be perfect against this setting.

31. Gradient 2

Gradient 2

Slightly similar to gradient colours background mentioned before, this Create A Sim background also offers a variety of colours that you can choose from instead of the default backdrop settings.

32. Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

Autumn is the perfect weather, it’s neither too cold, nor too hot. So this backdrop offers you an excellent vibe for the cold weather, and the right outfits adds to its charm.

33. Vintage


Vintage colours are always in fashion, and this backdrop understands that. You can choose from various colours, such as black & white, pink, mauve, brown, and other solid colours.

34. Graffiti CAS Background

Graffiti CAS Background

This is another graffiti backdrop in an alleyway that would make your sim look cool. In addition, the metal bars in the background add a dimension to your sim as well, giving them a grunge look. 

35. Heart Backdrop

Heart Backdrop

Hearts in the background is an excellent choice, without any doubt, Your sim would be in the middle with several hearts of different sizes and opacities for an adorable vibe. It’d feel like love is in the air, and you should definitely use it during Valentine’s because nothing would be more perfect than this. 

36. Summer Backgrounds

Summer Backgrounds

We’ve already covered fall and winter BGs, but how can we leave summer behind? Try out this Create A Sim background for that sunny summer vibe with a beach in the background. Dress your sims in swimsuits, and dive right into that summer feelin’.

37. Living Room

Living Room

Your sim can now have a modern living room with a coffee table, white couches with pillows and blankets, and industrial style appearance to get the “at home” feeling after a long, tiring day.

38. Urban Peach

Urban Peach

This background consists of every shade of peach that you can imagine and more. They might also inspire you to use a similar lip shade.

39. Magic Library

Magic Library

All the feels, right here. Your dream of being a Hogwarts student can be fulfilled with this background. It features numerous bookcases, statues with light glowing from them, and a magical vibe. What more could we ask for? You might become inclined to turn your sim into a spellcaster or a magician, you never know. 

40. Christmas CAS Backgrounds

Christmas CAS Backgrounds

Another favorite background of mine with adorable glittery colourful backgrounds representing Rudolph, Gingerbread, Hot Chocolate, and more. You’d definitely fall in love with these BGs.

41. Marble


Marble design has recently started trending and you can see them almost everywhere, as furniture style, phone cases, and now even as a Sims 4 CAS background. The marble detail with white and blue colour blend gives it a glamorous look.

42. Kawaii Backgrounds

Kawaii Backgrounds

Kawaii backgrounds have been gaining a lot of popularity and for the right reasons. You can find a great variety in them with wild patterns or a more subtle version of them. 

43. Mt. Komorebi

Mt. Komorebi

This background is right out of a movie with it’s scenic beauty. With gorgeous frozen lakes, trees covered with snow and ice capped mountains make it a perfect escape. Who doesn’t prefer a winter vibe with your sim wearing gorgeous, warm clothes.

44. Eco Lifestyle

Eco Lifestyle

In this backdrop, you’d get a taste of Evergreen Harbour world with a beautiful setting. It’d serve as excellent scenery when taking screenshots of your sims.

45. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

This background is genuinely a wonderland with December cold and beautiful scenes. Imagine your sim wearing gorgeous jackets, and winter clothes against this backdrop.

46. Pancakes


Now this backdrop is a funny one, made by Lilsimie. In this, you’ll find the town’s favorite players Eliza and Bob pancakes along with their last names in the background. It’d be quite a distracting background when creating your sims.

47. Beach Please

Beach Please

This background is quite a convenient option because these are just plain colour backgrounds, and you can remove one mod, and add another one with a different colour without creating a huge change. The colours in this are quite subtle, and not in-your-face.

48. Pink Clouds

Pink Clouds

I believe pink makes everything pretty, and the same goes for this backdrop as well. Baby pink clouds add a dimension and beautiful detail to the game. This is so much better than a plain pink background, because the clouds add beauty to it, but don’t steal the limelight at the same time. 

49. Rainbow Background

Rainbow Background

Oooh, the watercolour detail in this background is to die for! The bright colours add so much aesthetic to the background that it makes the game even more fun. It’d evoke the quirkiness in you and you might create something completely unique.

50. Pride CAS Background

Pride CAS Background

This background is a huge shout out to the Sims LGBTQ+ community  with fun colours. You can now represent your pride colours, isn’t that amazing? Try this background now by downloading it. 

51. Realm of Magic

Realm of Magic

If you’ve tried out the Sims 4 Realm of Magic, then you’d agree that even though the mod isn’t great, it does offer several beautiful backdrops. The dark blue background with majestic items is worth considering. In fact your sim would look even more beautiful in the magic portal BG as it’d illuminate your character. 

52. Discover University Backgrounds

Discover University Backgrounds

The world of Britechester is what this BG offers. It’s an excellent option to combine the worlds into backdrops by taking screenshots from it.

53. Striped Studio

Striped Studio

As we said earlier, a simple background can also be as effective as a bold one, and this BG right here is all about simplicity. The stripes on pastel colours acts as a pretty backdrop, and the fold at the bottom gives it more dimension making it look like your sim is standing on a roll of fabric. 

54. Nature Edition Solid Colour

Nature Edition Solid Colour

You can find every shade of green in this backdrop, which means numerous options to choose from. All the colours aren’t too bright that they’d hurt your eyes, and would allow you to focus on your sim. 

55. Dressing Room

Dressing Room

When getting your sims ready, it’s essential to have a dressing room backdrop for more realism. With a partition on one side and chairs, tables, and a gorgeous closet on the other would surely inspire you. 

56. Sulani CAS BG

Sulani CAS BG

Sulani is a beautiful world in the game and the CC creators have added it to the CAS background mod as well. There are two options to choose from: the sunny and bright BG and the night time backdrop. It also features beautiful trees and water in the background. 

57. Pink CAS Background

Pink CAS Background

Many people love pink, like me and this option offers several backdrops in different shades of pink. In addition, it has different patterns like pink bricks, sky, solid pink, etc. But each one of them is prettier than the last. 

58. Discord Colours

Discord Colours

This discord coloured theme features basic solid colours, such as black, blue, grey, and so on. These colours could be comforting for some people, so how could this not be an option.

59. Town Streets

Town Streets

If you’re a city person, then you’d love this BG, which displays busy city life in the background. You can dress your sim accordingly in cool outfits to take on the town. 

60. Room CAS Backdrop

Room CAS Backdrop

This background is the perfect blend of base game and City Living Pack with its state-of-the-art items. No one can resist the charm of this room. 

61. White Flowers

White Flowers

Did we just go back in time? No, it’s just this retro themed background that offers a 60s, 70s vibe with its flower background. It acts as a perfect backdrop when getting your sims ready.

62. Room Part 2

Room Part 2

The first part of this background mod didn’t offer as much as this one does. You can get beautiful curtains with matching rugs, and this is a CAS background with mirror. It’d feel like you’re in a real life changing room, and who doesn’t want that?

63. Alice


Don’t confuse this BG with Alice in Wonderland. This backdrop features splotches of different colours in the background with leaf or line patterns on them. It’s one of the most gorgeous backgrounds you might have seen. 

64. The Sims 2 Inspired BG

The Sims 2 Inspired BG

Players who’ve been playing this game since the Sims 2 version would definitely be hit with nostalgia when they use this Create A Sim background. It takes you right back to the 2000s as it’s inspired by the Sims 2 game. 

65. Winter Background

Winter Background

Here we have another winter season inspired background with fine details, such as snow and the trees illuminated with lights that give you a festive vibe. It’d make you wish for winters a cup of hot cocoa and that fuzzy feeling. 

66. Old School

Old School

This old school mod is an upgraded version of Sims 2 and Sims 3 CAS room with a window, brick walls, mirror and a closet. They come in multiple colours, including purple.

67. Artors


If you’re more into an elite lifestyle, then this backdrop would work for you. Its elegant and chic look with a chair from Eco Lifestyle in the centre and expensive items under the window would make you feel powerful and rich.

68. Grey Grunge

Grey Grunge

It’s always great to experiment, so if you’re bored with the cute BGs, then check out this grunge background with dirty floors and walls that scream that you’re too cool to care about any of it. 

69. Disney D02

Disney D02

We’ll end this list with another Disney or we should say Alladin inspired background, which is fun and vibrant. Your sim would look just like a Disney character against this scene. 


Our list of best Sims 4 CAS Background comes to an end and we hope that out of these options, there were plenty that you loved, and would try because you can’t just ignore such beautiful features. Your entire gaming experience can change just by downloading a few of these backdrops. So what are you waiting for?

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