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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Career Mods (Updated) Download – 2024

Sims 4 Career Mods
Sims 4 Career Mods

We know there are limited career options in sims 4, so we have curated a list of the best Sims 4 career mods that you can install and enjoy being a professional dancer, a therapist, and whatnot!

Sims 4 cc jobs and careers

While there are many options to choose from when you search for a mod, we decided to save you from the hassle and picked the best sims 4 cc careers on the internet.

These modifications will allow you to have several exciting career paths to choose from and earn a bag of Simoleans. But first, let us see how to install the career mods.

How to download sims 4 career mods?

Follow the steps given below,

  • Extract the installed files into your pc.
  • Copy and then paste the files into: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.
  • Relaunch the game and click the options.
  • Go to the script mod and enable it.
  • Enjoy the modification!

Note: Don’t forget to enable script mod for all these modules to work correctly.

Teen careers sims 4

These teenage jobs won’t accelerate the career growth rate for young adults. It will neither increase your sim’s skills nor make you famous. T

hese teen jobs sims 4 will help your sims earn some simoleons.

The ultimate sims 4 teen career set

The Ultimate Teen Career Set by Asiashamecca gives teenagers in TS4 an opportunity to do many unique jobs.

The ones included in this module are:

  • Camp counselor
  • Trainee
  • Camp counselor
  • Camp director
  • Pet store associate
  • Senior store associate
  • Retail sale associate
  • Stocking Clerk
  • Register Associate
  • Sales Clerk
The ultimate teen career set

Adult Jobs for sims 4 Teen – Gardener career mod

Teens don’t usually hang in nature and appreciate its beauty. They are busy hanging out with their friends and struggling with homework, and getting good grades.

However, Gardener’s job will allow your teen to live a more healthy and natural life. For this module to work, they will have to quit high school.

Adult Jobs for Teen - Gardener

Sims 4 Private tutor

If you’re a bright student who can make time to help other kids with doubts related to academics and assignments, then this is for you!

Being a private tutor could get you some extra cash and simultaneously feel good about yourself for helping kids.

Private tutor

Sims 4 Social media job

Everybody loves social media in this era of technology, especially teenagers.

So, now teens can opt to work as a social media manager/analyst/advisor and anything in social media.

What’s more fun than doing something that you already love, that is, scrolling through the gram and earn some bucks!

Social media job

Sims 4 Teenage jobs set – Baby sitter, Barista, etc

To utilize your summer break to the fullest, get this Sims 4 Teen jobs career set that includes attractive options like a baby sitter, camp counselor,

Barista, fast-food employee, lifeguard, etc. few bucks. So, choose whatever you suit.

Teenage jobs set - Baby sitter, Barista, etc

All freelancer job for teens

Freelancing is the most accessible work for teens, the internet has made this hassle-free, and the plus point is there are no giant legal formalities.

Doing freelancing is possible now for you as well.

Browse through a range of freelancer options for teens available at All Freelancer Careers for Teens set.

Things To Remember in Sims 4 Teen jobs Mods

  • No advance expansion packs are required.
  • Only some jobs provide promotion opportunities to the sims.
  • Teens can look for jobs online on their phones and pcs.
  • A young adult’s work information can be viewed just like their schooling—all by pressing “J” on the keyboard.
  • If you need a break from the routine, you can always quit and re-join your job.
  • After a certain age, the sim would automatically quit the job, and cheat codes would be required to advance in the career.

Sims 4 part-time jobs mods

Barista career mod sims 4

Your sim in sims 4 would have to work hard for this and have a proper routine that involves getting out of bed early and sleeping early.

Sim would still have plenty of time to do other things. Moreover, it is considered the least hectic job among all others and has decent pay.

Future mixologists can start doing it in their teenage years to gain experience and skills. It’s also a creative job, and you learn things quickly in this to join the mixology branch in the future.

Day-to-day duties include – Coffee Stain Remover ($28/hour), Latte Artiste ($62/hour), and Bean Blender ($41/hour).

Fast food employee career mod

If you wish to have a culinary occupation in the future, then this is tailor-made for you.

The hours are tolerable and can be done by teenagers too. It will generate traits like a foodie, which may kick you in the beginning if you do not enjoy cooking.

It makes you a gregarious person and increases your charisma. It would also make you energetic and generate a trait called “Master Chef Aspiration.”

This makes you reach the top of your culinary career and look professional. It will include jobs of a Table Cleaner ($16/hour), Service Cashier ($20/hour), and Fry Cook ($18/hour).

Sims 4 adult careers

After looking at the choices that teenagers have, let us look at what career paths adults can follow in TS4 apart from those initially available in the game.

Filmmaker career mod

With this modification, you’ll be able to become the finest filmmaker in the TS4 world!

You will grow from being an amateur to a pro. This is a highly creative line of work, and one would enjoy this if they have the creative bent of mind.

So, what is it going to be? A sci-fi, rom-com, or an action movie that you’ll direct.

Filmmaker sims 4

Animal care

For all those animal lovers, who wish to sit in nature’s lap and care for those four-legged species, this animal care mod is for you.

With this sims 4 career mod, your sim can be out there helping endangered species and looking out for ways to care for and protect them—a perfect career for those that wish to help.

After all, nature needs our help.

Animal care mod sims 4

Makeup artist

Every girl low-key wishes to be a makeup artist; consider that wish true with this sims 4 module.

Being a makeup artist isn’t an easy task; even if a person is highly talented, people are always looking to bring this person down in this industry.

So, beware and ready to face the challenges. For if you survive this pressure, you’ll be the shiniest diamond in this mine!

makeup artist career sims4 mod

Modeling career mod

Gaining money from being a model sounds rather fancy and straightforward, but it is not!

With this sims 4 career mod, your male or female sims can become paid models and earn money from photoshoots and ads.

But make sure they stay in their best shape as the sims world still doesn’t accept plus-size models.

So, to be on top of the food chain, make them run miles, lift weights and stay away from junk food.

Modeling module mod

Game developer career mod

All the geeks out there aspire to be game developers, and why not! It is exciting and modern. But it isn’t easy for one to be a developer as it requires a lot of technical skills like programming.

But if you wish to experience that feeling, you can download this modification and work for big companies to create games using your meta-skills and creativity.

So, apply for that initial role in this module, and you can slowly move towards being the best game dev.

Game developer career mod


This is a very unexpected sims 4 career mod on this list because nobody aspires to become a mortician.

However, this modification is very riveting because you get to experience the grim life of a person working at a place full of dead bodies.

But the twist here is that they will also help them depart towards a better life and work closely with them. Creepy but interesting!



This is one of those sims 4 career mod options that you wish you had in the game but never got.

Now, we’ve managed to discover some of the ocean’s mysteries with the Island Living expansion pack, but there are still many things that are waiting to be discovered.

With this module, you can have your sim study the depth of oceans and become an inventive scientist.

Oceanography sims 4 cc


Being a psychoanalyst takes a toll on most of the sims, as they come home feeling stressed out, which is quite normal for a psychologist.

But with this best sims 4 career mod, they can be a top-rated psychologist and help people deal with psychological issues and earn some handsome amount of money!

Helping people and getting paid high is what we call the best life.

Psychologist mod sims 4


Being a doctor in TS4 hasn’t been an excellent experience for a lot of people. There’s always a feeling that something is lacking. Even though the get-to-work custom career mods did a fantastic job with many scientific careers, medicine has always seemed to be the weak link. Not anymore! With this career mod, your sims can be a doctor and specialize in 4 branches: pediatrics, dermatology, cardiology, and plastic surgery.

medical lab career mod

Animal rescuer

We know there are a lot of animals that live in terrible conditions because their owners abandon them or they have no place called home.

This career mod helps you rescue these furry pets and provide them a better life while working for the biggest shelter in this virtual world.

animal-rescue sims4 cc

Daycare career mod

If your sim is fond of kids and loves to take care of them, this is the perfect career path.

They can be a daycare worker with this module and spend some fun looking after kids and making money!

Daycare career mod

Sims 4 custom careers

These careers have both their advantages and disadvantages. They all have varied PayScale and working hours, but almost all of them guarantee you success. These jobs can also be surprisingly interesting. The most common custom careers are:

  • Detective
  • Doctor
  • Scientist
  • Barista
  • Architect
  • Babysitter
  • Youtuber
  • Uber driver

Other interesting ccs are:

Singer career mod

Being a musician, going on tours, getting fame, and singing on stage all sounds immensely mesmerizing. So, why not attach this element to your game?

People complained that why does the game have a singing skill if they can’t use it to become a singer. This module takes charge of that and makes your character a singer who does live shows and has loads of fans cheering for him/her!

singer career mod cc

Rocket scientist career mod

This, too, like the singer skill, is just skill with no completion. While this was frustrating, a Modder found a way to save us by introducing the rocket scientist career path where your sims can start working as one and adequately use their skill.

Rocket scientists are highly paid and revered, as their job is one of the most challenging jobs on this planet. So, start working hard and slowly get your ranks increased.

rocket scientist mod sims4


Who would hate to become a YouTuber and take over the internet? Nobody! This is what we thought while putting this one on the list.

This is the most creative and gripping career mod as it lets your characters be a star on the internet and make easy money. So, what are you waiting for? Get this module now!

youtuber mod sims4

Social services career mod

Irresponsible sims have one day or the other faced the wrath of those social workers; it’s time that you get to experience that too.

While parents despise this profession, this is an honorable way to live in society. You get to help save kids from awful situations and shine in the community as the knight in shining armor!

Social services mod

Real estate career mod

This might not be your ideal job, but it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable way to earn money.

If your sim has got their perfect pitch ready to sell property, then there’s nothing that can stop them from climbing the ladder and be a real estate tycoon.

real estate mod sims 4

Fitness Instructor career mod

Your sim might not be able to choose this option unless they have the bodybuilder aspiration.

Fitness instructors sweat daily to stay in shape and help others do the same. Other than an aesthetic body, they focus on making a healthy body. So, go out there and practice and preach to people to go to the gym lately and stay fit!

Fitness Instructor sims 4 cc

Other prominent career mods


This career mod allows you to choose three careers from the start – fashion career, modeling, or fashion writing.

The fashion career mod includes sketch artists, part-time design assistants, textile assistants, fashion design, and experts. You can also choose to be the fashion catalog seller or designer as your all-in-one career.

Naruto ninja

 Naruto ninja as a profession is perfect for anime lovers. It has five primary occupations and five sub-level careers. Be a legend, leader, tutor, or medical ninja; you have the choice.

Fortune teller

This career mod allows you to live a charmed life. The most significant element in this mod is the Mischief prowess and the scan artist branch, both of which are transformed in the S3 alchemy skill. In short, you will have plenty of options to focus on spellcasting.

Wicked jobs

For this career mod to work, you should have a Wicked Worker Trait. You can create a new character to add this trait or enter a cas—fulleditmode on your existing sim. Once done, you can select Female or Male customers.


There are ten levels in this career mod, starting from receptionist to veterinary surgeon. It reflects a vet shop. However, you’ll have to put a lot of hard effort into leveling up your success.

You will be interacting daily with animals and their owners. So, perform your duties well and level up quickly. This modification requires the Cats and Dogs expansion pack.

Entertainer career mod

This lets you choose from a comedian or a musical professional. Based on your traits and ambitions, you’ll receive day-to-day tasks to write jokes or polish your music. Typically the mood-let of this career is inspired or playful, so select each trait from the start.

Sims 4 work from home mods


The professions mentioned below will give you the option of work from home (WFH):
• Tech Guru
• Writer
• Secret Agent
• Criminal
• Astronaut
• Entertainer
• Business
• Culinary
• Athlete
• Painter


Most Popular Custom Career Mods

There are many points that simmer should consider before choosing a career path. First of all, check the working hours, then Simoleons/week, weekend holidays and much more.

The best professions are:

  • Boss
  • Interstellar Smuggler
  • Triple Agent

These custom career not only offer fewer working hours but have the highest PayScale too. By doing these jobs, a simmer can earn from 11000 to 15000 Simoleons/week!

TS4 Career Mods not working

Follow these steps for troubleshooting:

  • Clear the game’s cache.
  • Enable both Script and cc mod.
  • Put custom content in: Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4>Mods
  • Make sure to update the game with the latest patch.
  • Remove any unwanted script mods.


This was your ultimate guide to Sims 4 career mods. Install these outstanding custom careers to help your sims live their life to the fullest. So, they don’t have to let their singing skill or scientific skills go to waste, because there is a career for every skill!

Happy simming.

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