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Sims 4 Butt Slider & How To Use It (Download) 2022

Having a bigger butt is not only the dream for many women but also for men. And having an attractive butt is universally appreciated and not just limited to sexuality. Due to the beauty of Sims 4’s custom creations and the integration of CAS combined with multiple mods gives us a lot of room to enhance the body part of your sims with a realistic look rather than an artificial one.

In this article, we will look at the 4 butt slider mods that will ensure that your sim has the perfect booty to not only please your partner but attract even the gods.

Sims 4 Butt Slider

Enhanced Butt Slider

An enhanced and working butt slider is one of the essential body-enhancing mods since it has minimum conflict potential and enhances your sim’s look by a mile. That is why you must pick a good one for your sims. It enhances the curve and volume of your sim’s booty by a mile and offers many f choices for any sim with any kind of body shape. 

This particular mod has 400,000 downloads which prove its quality and authenticity. It gives your sim’s butt a certain firmness and lifts. Adjusting the height of the butt and the shape is possible with this mod, affecting both male and female sims. It can be used for sims from the teen to elder age, although the effect is more noticeable for females.

Changes in the butt shape have been linked to distortion in skirts, but it is minimal. There are no conflicts with any mod while using this slider, but if you have any doubts, you can ask around the Reddit forums.

Enhanced Butt Slider

Detailed Butt Slider

A detailed butt slider gives your sim more shape than volume and firmness. This quality is crucial in assuring that it is not just a mod that increases the size and pixels but also makes it realistic because many mods out there look like plastic surgery gone wrong. The compatibility of this mod with clothing is only slightly noticeable. 

The creator has specified that the shape of the butt is achieved by sculpting rather than increasing the number of polygons; this makes it more realistic. Both male and female sims can use this bigger booty cc to give a lift to their butt, although it is more noticeable for females, obviously.

Detailed Butt Slider

Extended Butt and Hip Sliders

One exaggerated sims 4 butt slider mod is very important if we put two realistic mods after the other. This one has butt and hip extension sliders in a mod which makes it worthwhile if you are looking for a hip slider mod too. Teens, young adults, adults and elder sims can use this mod. In the recent updates a butt width slider, minor adjustments, low and high butt positions and female sliders have been added.

By clicking on this bigger booty mod link you will find out what mods it is in conflict with since it has problems with two specific mods it collides with. 

Extended Butt and Hip Sliders


The sims 4 butt slider combined with the breast sliders will make your female sims a muse and irresistible to the human eye. That is why, it is important to get this mod just for the easier reshaping and firmness, plus the first two ones look lifelike as well. Happy swimming!

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