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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Butler Mod | Download – Latest (2024) (Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack )

Sims 4 Butler Mod
Sims 4 Butler Mod

Butlers’ presence can ensure a household’s smooth functioning as they form a vital part of the domestic sphere. Therefore, Sims 4 butler mod has been introduced in the game to provide your characters with a pair of helping hands instead of doing it all on their own. Read more to understand how it functions.

A random butler would be assigned to your house, who would look after its cleanliness and hygiene. Gardening, cleaning or repairing broken stuff, you name it, and they’d do it. All your worries regarding the mess in your home would be a thing of the past.

Issues in Butler Mod Sims 4

Simmers have complained about the hired help mod because all they do is eat, sleep and cook the same food day after day. They work in opposition to their job profile, which is to help the members of the house.

Many gamers tried to fire their 1st butler and hired a 2nd one, but even the 2nd butler works in the same manner, so it doesn’t make much difference.

The players are troubled about the butler not working in accordance with their expectations. Another glitch that would surface is that a male would turn into a female butler or young butlers turn into an old one.

In the essence of these issues, LittleMsSam introduced a new mod, which is the solution to all the problems you’ve been facing till now.

Sims 4 Better Butler Mod

This butler mod allows the player to change the behavior of your butler entirely. In addition, you can even hire more butlers as per your convenience. However, you must have The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff DLC for this module to function effectively without any prior glitches; otherwise, the problem would persist.

A few more features of this modification in conjunction with vintage glamour stuff pack are listed below in the article, so read further.

Sims 4 Servant mod add-on

 If you are interested in hiring more than one butler, then follow these steps to do navigate through optional add ons

  • Go to the Household Category, select Phones. You can hire 4 more butlers from the Pie Menu.

But, if you hire more butlers for your household category’s working, you’d need to give them more beds than the ones provided by default.

In case you want to cancel the extra butlers, follow the given steps:

  • Navigate to the Sim>Butler>Management Menu.
  • Click on the “Cancel xx Butler” option.
  • Choose the ‘cancel xx butler’ interaction over the phone as an alternative if you want to cancel the butler.

Sims 4 Maid mod optional add-ons

Some of the optional additions to your palette of attributes are as follows –

  • Cannot Die: Through this add-on, none of your butlers can die in the game. They will keep working and serving you forever. They will work for you till you fire them or they quit themselves.
  • Forbidden Moods: If you want your butlers to stay organized, polished, and managed at all times, then you can use this add-on. Their negative characteristics, such as being dazed, uncomfortable, flirty, and so on, would remain at bay.
  • No Auto Put Away: The butler’s automatic function to serve food isn’t available in this version.
  • No Uniform: If you hired a butler recently, this feature enables them to wear their everyday clothes.
  • Go to bed and wake up early: In this, your butler would follow a strict sleep cycle wherein he/she would sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 6 AM.
  • Cost fix: You must make a one-time payment twice whenever you visit another lot and return. However, you need to pay only once while recruiting the butlers.

Sims 4 Live-in nanny

As the name suggests, a nanny would be living in your house, helping you out in every way in a disciplined ma’am. Anything not related to their duties wouldn’t be any of their concerns.

Duties of a nanny

A live-in maid has various duties she needs to adhere to while working in a household. Here is a list of them to refer to –

  • Cook meals
  • Talks to you and even play with kids.
  • Change the baby’s diapers.
  • Feed the babies and kids
  • Mentor the kids for their homework

Unlike the butlers, a nanny would be more efficient in their work, and you wouldn’t ever find them dawdling.

Sims 4 Better Nanny Mod

This module offers your nanny better performance and skills, along with improved behavior. It is to enhance her efficiency so that she can work more productively.

The optional supplements give you a choice to adjust the nanny’s functioning to keep them in sync with your demands, and for your satisfaction, you can even contrast butler v/s maid.

Optional Add-On

  • Regular Service: The Nanny would provide you regular services from Monday to Friday. The work-time variations on which the nanny works are-
  • 8 AM- 2 PM (6 hours)
  • 2 PM – 8 PM (6 hours)
  • 8 AM – 6 PM (10 hours)
  • 12 PM – 10 PM (10 hours)
  • 8 AM – 10 PM (14 hours)
  • 8 AM – 10 PM (14 hours) (even on weekends)
  • Hire another nanny:  The Better Nanny Mod allows you to book another nanny also. all you have to do is-

Click on the first nanny, select the Hire Service option from the Sim Menu. You could either employ a one-time nanny or a regular one with work time variations. For firing your second help, use the Sim Menu.

  • No cooking:  The nanny wouldn’t feed your kids food any longer if you choose this feature. However, they’d continue feeding the babies.
  • No uniform: If you wish to keep a casual work environment, then you could use this add on to permit your nanny to wear their everyday clothes.
  • Age Variations: There are different versions of nanny you could employ based on their age. They could be elder, adult, young adult, young adult-elder, adult-elder, and young-adult-adult.

How to install nanny module

Download the .package file and extract it into Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods’ folder, and your installation is complete.

The best butler modific

You’d have the choice between two packages in the butler mod Sims 4.

  • ButlerTraitAdjust – To avoid your butler’s mood traits that aren’t per their job profile, such as geek, hates children, lazy, jealous, slob, kleptomaniac, glutton, and insane, this package is your savior. It’d also reward them with a Mentor, a SuperGreenThumb, and a SpeedCleaner for their aid.
  • ButlerNoUniform – You can customize and use the usual 7×5 outfits for the NPC.

Rhames packages also include extra helping hands such as a gardener, a maid, and a full-time nanny. You can fine-tune their behavior in any way you want.

How to recruit Live-in services

Here are the steps to hire servants for your household –

  • Visit the Household Menu.
  • Click on the Phones’ Option.
  • Choices such as ‘Hire Live-in Nanny,’ ‘Hire Live In Gardener,’ and ‘Hire Live-in Maid’ would appear on the screen, so select any of them.

You have a limit of hiring only 2 of all these choices. Once you’ve decided, the options would change to ‘Hire second Live-in Maid’ and so on. You’d have to look after some extra things such as arranging more beds for them, changing them into their normal clothes, giving them a $100 tip or commanding them to sleep. To cancel their services, go to the Phone Menu and do so.


If you are using the Live-In Service option of a nanny, for instance, then you can’t select the in-game nanny option as well. If you’re unsuccessful in doing so, both of them will go home.


The Sims 4 butler mod brings with it a plethora of new and exciting additions to make your gaming experience worth your time. The Sims 4 better butler mod is the main module, whereas the servant or nanny mod is sub-modules. A servant is an essential part of maintaining the home, so it’s better to recruit one rather than go through the trouble yourself.

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