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Sims 4 Mod

Sims 4 Body Mods | Muscle Mod For Male & Female (Latest) 2024

Sims 4 Body Mods
Sims 4 Body Mods

A human’s body goes through several changes in a lifetime. Unlike several other games, sims 4 comes up with these body shape and slider mods that will enable its users to make specific changes to their game’s visuals without compromising the gameplay in any sense or way. These Sims 4 body mods allow you to change different aspects of your player’s appearances, like their eyes, nose, lips, hips, etc.

The Sims 4 also has some extreme sliders and presets that allow you to control your Sims’ characteristics along with body mods.

Here’s a detailed list of some of these mods that you can explore.

Sims 4 Body Shape Mods installation guide?

The installation of the Sims 4 mods is a dime a dozen; follow these steps to get your Mods kicking.

  • Step 1: Download the Sims 4 body mod from the mentioned link.
  • Step 2: Extract the downloaded file in your default Sims 4 folder. the location of this folder is as follows

My Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> Mods

  • Step 3: Restart the game and go to your game settings for the mod.
Sims 4 Body Mods | Sliders | Shape mod
Sims 4 Body Mods

Sims 4 Body Mods slider and presets

The Sims 4 body sliders, mods, and presets do the same for your chap. It allows you to change the design or structure of your Sim any time you feel like doing so (also called better body mod for that reason sometimes).

These amendment options from the CAS menu help you make easy adjustments to your player’s body design with the help of Sims 4 body CC in how they look pretty realistic. These Body Mods sliders and presets allow you to change everything from the height of your Sim to its skin.

Sims 4 Breast Sliders

Well, if you look at this feature, it’s quite obvious how it has become the most downloaded Feature or Mod of this category. It is meant for all body types, considering the body diversity in this world. The game’s breast slider body mod allows its users to change the breasts’ size and separation according to the viewer’s content.

It is also one of the realistic body mods. You don’t need any expansion packs for this too.

Sims 4 Breast Sliders

Sims 4 Height slider

A person’s height is one of the most noticeable features of their body, and I’m glad that such a mod does exist that can adjust the height of various parts of our Sims body. You can alter the size of different parts of Sims’s body by stretching and compressing them(like neck, arms, legs, waist, hips, etc.).

This height slider feature is for both teens and elders. I would suggest you use this Mod less often as it can mess with your Sim’s figure if your hands-on mouse is not the experienced one.

The best way to avoid messing up your Sims figure by the wrong use of height sliders mod  is by knowing more about them and Mccc.

This height slider will work for every body type.

Sims 4 Height slider

Sims 4 Butt Slider

Sims 4 hip slider is the same as the game’s breast slider mod in terms of its features and usage; the only difference is that it alters hips or butt and not breasts.

Sims 4 Butt Slider

Sims 4 Nose Width Mod

This Sims 4 body Mod has achieved what most of the world’s governments have not, i.e., to treat everyone equally. This Mod is available for all ages and genders in Sims 4. this sims 4 body Mod helps to adjust your character’s nose’s size and shape. Although the base game had its ways to adjust the nose of your Sims, it is with the help of this Mod that users are allowed to make defining changes in their character’s nose, which helps to bring out the best of your Sims’ appearance.

Sims 4 Nose Width Mod

Sims 4 Ears Sliders

Generally, the Sims 4 game comes with few ear shapes, which can be annoying to look at repeatedly; this Sims 4 Ear slider and preset Mod is here for your aid. Packed with six ear presets and a slider to adjust your Sim’s ears’ shape and height.

Now you can make ears pointy, change their heights, and give a unique look to you, little chap.

Sims 4 Ears Sliders

Moue Lips Slider in Sims 4

This Mod of sims 4 allows users to adjust their sims’ pout by changing their lips’ width and size. While you can get other lip presets mod, this mod gives your fellas a tremendous new identity, but be careful while using the Slider as you can easily mess up your sims.

Dark elf skin tones set

A supernatural mod that makes your characters look like they stepped right out of a fantasy novel. It provides 9 skin tones for all supernatural creatures like elves.

Dark elf skin tones set

Curly ponytail for girls

As the name suggests, this module would offer a curly ponytail hairstyle for girls. This will look cute on every body type.

Curly ponytail for girls

Sims 4 new skin and alien set mods

This Mod from modthesims offers 54 new skins for your sims and aliens. This Mod allows you to amend your buddy’s skin color and give them a modern look.

Sims 4 new skin and alien set mods

Eye Altering Mods


Whisper eye is a new feature adding to realism in the Sims 4 game by featuring unbelievably adorable eyes for your toddler sims. This Mod was developed by Kellyhb5 and can operate just on the base game. You can also check out a similar collection of colorful eyes’ mods.


Accessories Mods

  • PIERCING SET: allows you to add piercing and tattoos to you sims
  • SIMLISH CLUBMASTER GLASSES SET: This Mod gives you access to cool eyeglasses.
  • THONG UNDERWEAR SET: Allows you to have a range of underwears
  • PLUMBOTS: assemble your own robot Sims with this Mod from modthesims.
  • GLASS WINGS MOD: this mod allows you to add glass wings(recolorable) to your sims regardless of their age and sex.

Sims 4 Male body Mods

Body Hair Set

What makes a man super manly is his body hair, especially chest hair. This is what this Mod does for its operators; it allows them to put hair on the body of their Sims to make them look more realistic.

Body Hair Set

Smooth Hairs Mod

One thing that every man loves about himself is his hair, and if you are a man and you love to try different hairstyles and have smooth hair, then this is the Mod for you.

Smooth Hairs Mod

Bigger Chest Set

This muscle definition mod allows you to convert your Sim into Dwayne the ROCK Johnson by adding extra muscles and making your chest look more prominent in general. This Sims 4 muscle mod by Linkster123 indeed adds to the fun of the sims 4 game.

Bigger Chest Set

Sims 4 Body Mods Female

The Sims 4 body mods female has some detailed features or body mods, especially for their female gamers. The female body mesh includes the following –

  • Female body hair mod: allows the user to have hair on their player’s body.
  • The detailed body overlay: allows you to have different body overlays for female gamers like to change of color etc
  • Sun-kissed body blush: change the body color to brown.
  • Pamela’s skin: Allows you to opt for Pamela’s skin type for your sims.
  • Afterglow skin – Kellyhb5’s feature offers you cool skin to try out.
  • Strawberry blonde hair color – This is another module by Kellyhb5 that provides strawberry blonde hair color in your bodyshop.
  • Dreamy eyes – if you want heterochromia eyes, then this feature by Kellyhb5 is a must.

Sims 4 Realistic Body Mods

There are no second opinions that the more closely a simulation game like Sims 4 is attached to reality, the more attractive it is. Therefore, Sims 4 body Mods has this feature. Here are some of those mods.

  • The Sims 4 Infinite Skin Realistic Mod: Available for all ages and genders, this Mod adds to the skin texture and some other details to your game.
  • The Sims 4 Special Effects Realistic Mod: This Mod adds special effects to the sims characters; this Mod comes with over 20 eye colors, lipsticks, eyebrows, etc.
  • The Sims 4 Realistic Body Mod: This is a male body Mod that creates the muscles on your sims like chest, arms, legs and abs, etc
  • The Sims 4 Realistic Stretch Marks: It allows you to add stretch marks to your Sim.
  • The Sims 4 Alpha Sim Realistic Mod: allows you to change your characters’ skin color (has over 20 different colors).

All in One Custom Slider Mod

The custom slider Mod by LUUMIA is my favorite Slider of all as it is one Slider that can be used to customize almost all the body parts of your Sim without going into CAS.

And works as an actual body replacer for your Sims; this feature can be used to alter your sims height, hands size, thigh thickness(doing the work of thick Mod), etc. Moreover, players can add their sliders to work with this Mod without modifying the sims Modifiers in the package file itself.

This Mod is available for sims of all ages and sexes and does the work of full body replacer.


Can you change Sims body shape Sims 4?

Yes, you can change Sims body shape Sims 4 as follows –
• Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the cheat console and press ESC to close it.
• Now, change all the physical characteristics like body, voice, nose, etc.
• Click ‘ok’ on the bottom right to save the modifications.

Do Sims 4 mods ruin your game?

No, Sims 4 mods don’t ruin your game; they only alter the game. However, download them from an authentic site like Mod the Sims if you don’t want any trouble.

Can you make a sim more muscular?

Yes, through the muscle sliders you can make the sim more muscular or leaner.

What is the fastest way to build fitness in sims 4?

The fastest way to build exterior fitness is through muscle sliders and mods, but if you want to take a more holistic approach then aim for doing more exercise in sims 4.

Some significant side notes

  • If you set the Slider at -100, it would make this effect minimum, and similarly, if you set it at 100, it would make it maximum. The setting of 0.0 would generally mean that the Sim is in its default state.’
  • This would mean that a positive no. Will enhance the state of Mod and Negative no. Will decrease it.
  • The default value of a slider is what it is already set to.

So these were some of the best SIMS 4 BODY MODS that you can ever come across. There are plenty of these, and you indeed have a lot of time to go check them out. So go now and find the one that suits you best.

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