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Sims 4 Birthday Cake | Birthday Party – 2024

Sims 4 Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake & Party

A cake is an item that is used to celebrate a Sims’ birthday and age him/her up in Sims 4. unlike the other versions of this game, gamers have to bake their own cake in Sims 4.

You can bake either a chocolate or a white cake for your sims, and if Up All Night digital content is installed, you can have numerous other options to your service like a hamburger cake, blue confetti cake or a strawberry cake. All the other sims except the elders can be aged using the sims 4 birthday cake.

Baking A Birthday Cake, Sims 4?

Sims 4 allows your sims to bake several different types of cakes. Which if you don’t take advantage of it, your sims might remain toddlers for life and might never age up.

For avoiding that from happening, you must go to the kitchen and guide yourself to the sims’ fridge; there, you can click on cook(which bugs me that it’s not under the bake option, lol) and choose from various possibilities a cake to bake -:

Fortunately, you can heat various kinds of cakes that are qualified to be a birthday cake in-game, and all are similarly as tasty for your sims.

  • Chocolate Cake
  • White Cake
  • Cheeseburger Cake (on the off chance that you have the Digital Deluxe game)
  • Blue Confetti Cake
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Nectar Cake (from nectar gathered from beekeeping)
  • Sim City Cheesecake

You can also bake a gourmet cake for your Sims if you have desired gourmet skills.

Sims 4 Birthday Cake | Birthday Party  -

How To Get Birthday Cake Sims 4

You can also take the help of Sims 4 birthday cake cheat for the production(baking) of this cake. Do remember yourself to put candles on the top of the cake by clicking on it, and choosing the option to place sims 4 birthday candles on it. You can also pre-bake the cake and put inside the inventory for later use of your sims.

Also, if your sim is a toddler, he/she will need an adult to help him/her for blowing the candles.

Toddlers can’t age with Birthday Cakes sims 4; gamers have to select the age up option in the bassinet and then choose the age up option for them to age up.

Also, these delicious slices of cake made me remember a totally new Mod by Kawaiistacie called The slice of Life mod that adds up to the realism of The Sims 4 game and ny gamer who is looking to have his fun at full potential must make use of it.

Blowing off candles in Sims 4

To  blow off the birthday candles in Sims 4, and throw a birthday party you just need to select the sims that you want to age and after you have selected the individual, you just need to snap on the cake, this will brush off all the candles on the cake causing your sim to age up.

Sims and its House Party Expansion Pack

Although there’s no concept of ageing in the sims, i mean the babies do grow into children in 72 hours, but children and adults do not grow anymore naturally. You have to make them jump into next stages of life, which you can do by organizing a house party for the birthday of your Sims, which would be pretty much like a real birthday party with a real cake and all the guests.

The birthday cake in the Sims is a little more than just a buyable food product from buy mode, but an altogether life-shifting device that helps your sims to move into the next stage of life.

The party can go on for a whole of 2 hours of Sims, for which candles will remain lighted. You cannot extend the party any further, but you can surely enjoy the cake even after that. The cake is prone to all spoils that may come it’s way as any real cake is.

The Sims 2

Occupying a sims 2 Birthday cake is a piece of cake. You have to go to the Buy mode or buying options and click on Misc > Party section. Like in all the other Sims series games, here too level up cakes are used for taking your Sims to next stage in Life. Unlike Sims game here sims do age one day at 6:00 every evening(unrelated to blowing of candles).

Babies and toddlers can also be aged up if some adult sims carry them to the cake. Some of the examples of the cakes available for purchase iare The London’s Famous Birthday Cake, The Limey CulinaryCounter (Age++), The Buttery CulinaryCounter (Age++), The Purpley CulinaryCounter (Age++).

Sims 3 Birthday cake

The birthday inferno birthday cake is a §30, select type of Sims 3 birthday cake available for buying in the game.

The following cake could be purchased from the supermarket, or buy mode in the Entertainment > parties category (set the buy mod by function for this).

This cake is not just delicious but can also be used to age up your Sim a unit life stage at a time. What’s even more unique about this, is that you can age up any Sim on the lot and not just the Sims in the household. There’s a 2% chance of it catching fire while your sims blow up the candle.

Also the age of the Sims decides the number of candles there will be on the cake.

I am unable to add candles to my cake, what should I do?

Try these options-

  • Resituate your cake’s position on the counter/table it is kept upon.
  • Put the cake on some different counter/table, and make sure it is in the middle of it, as it can make a lot of difference.
  • Make sure that the cake is on its own on the table and add birthday candles, with no build/buy mode items with it.
  • If you have Dine Out pack, you could have your sims go to a restaurant and use the “bring out cake” interaction to age up your sims.
  • Have the sims’s hungry needs, levelled down to ZERO, ere baking the cake. Or else they will assimilate it every single time without allowing you to put candles on your cake.


Can I only age babies and toddlers in Sims 4?

You can age up anyone you like, even your friends that visit you. You have to choose a cake that’s best suited for you and bake it in your kitchen.

Resting views

Baking a sims 4 birthday cake is an essential part that one cannot skip if he/she wants to see their sims grow. The feature adds up not only to the fun of playing this game but also makes it seem even more realistic.

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