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Sims 4 Baby Shower Mod & CC | Prom Mod (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Baby Shower Mod & CC
Baby Shower Mod & CC

Having a baby can be the most beautiful thing that can happen for anyone, which applies to your sims. Even though pregnancy can be a daunting experience for some, yet it calls for a celebration of a new life.

So, with the sims 4 baby shower mod, your Sim can have a particular themed party to celebrate parenthood and the arrival of a cute soul.

Now, baby showers are all about crazy decorations, fun, happiness, and yes, gifts! So, below are the best ccs that would ensure that your Sim has the most fantastic baby shower ever. So, make sure you read this till the end.

Baby shower mod sims 4

To add to the celebration of pregnancy, your sims can now have a baby shower event in their house. Family and friends would surround your Sim and cheer them up with gifts and love for the new baby! However, you must follow the sequence wherein going on a date is the first step.

Furthermore, this modification is compatible with the base game and has various tasks or goals for you to achieve. These tasks would also come with custom mood-lets/buffs for wrapping up the party and would offer rewards in gold, silver, and bronze based on how successful the party was.

Decorations and presents, all are included in this fantastic sims 4 baby shower cc.

What do you need for this sims 4 Baby Shower Party?

A Pregnant Sim

A pregnant sim is essential to throw the party as they’ll be the hosts. It’s best to throw a soiree. If the gestation has reached the second trimester, but nobody’s stopping you from doing it sooner!

Some friends

There’s no party without friends, so your Sim needs to invite all their friends to this event. You can choose who you ship invites to, so if there’s somebody that annoys you a lot, feel free to exclude them.

Start an event

You will need to start an event first via the Plan Social Event option on your cellphone. When a brand-new window pops up, select the Baby shower event and if the amount is affordable, continue forward.


Simmers can hire an entertainer who will sing or perform for everybody and make the party more fun. They can employ a mixologist, who will be in charge of serving drinks, and catering. You can add more categories too.


Just like any other event, there are some goals you need to achieve here. These aren’t just goals but guidelines to help you throw the most incredible extravaganza. Here are the interesting ones:

  • Feel the baby.
  • Ask about the due date.
  • Share big news.
  • Photo session with guests.
  • Share the photos.
  • Have dancing sims all around.

How to install this sims 4 baby shower mod?

Follow the instructions given below accurately.

  • Install all the files.
  • Go through the baby shower .zip file.
  • Keep the. package files in – Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

The baby shower mod sometimes cannot find a location, but it might be because you have the older version of the modification. So, download the latest version and keep in mind that the prom mod Sims 4 isn’t available.

Other gender reveal ccs

Below are some of the best content creations that will take your party to the next level. However, most of them are decorations because décor plays a significant role in gender reveal parties aka baby shower.

 Gender reveal box

Revealing the gender through balloons never goes out of style. So, with this module by YourDorkBrains, you will receive a matte black box with those typical color balloons (blue for boys and pink for girls.)

A fun gender reveal, indeed!

 Gender reveal box

Fake cake

You cannot celebrate a baby shower event without a cake! But for some of you rare birds who don’t like eating a cake, this is a fake cake module by Chic4House that comes in 4 colors. 2, if it’s a boy and 2 for a girl.

The cake is giant and will have “it’s a girl/boy” written beautifully on its base.

baby shower fake cake
baby shower Fake cake sims 4


This is another decorative cake by the content creator, littlequeeny. These cakes come in pairs, a blue one for the baby boy and a pink one for the lil’ girl.

Your sims can also use this cake if they are having twins.

Little Mr. Or little miss set

This set by Akilah Sims makes gender reveal the actual theme of the event. This gender reveal mod includes party must-haves such as crockery, favors, cakes, and hoardings with gender guessing as to its focal point.

Little Mr. Or little miss set
Little adventurers pose sims 4

Baby shower bundle

There’s no need for party planners because the baby shower bundle by Meet the Dunlaps would do that for you!

The set includes cakes, balloons (both with gender-based and neutral tones), tasty food, and Polaroid-like photo frames to make your photos look fantastic.

Baby shower bundle
Baby shower bundle sims 4

Pregnancy animation module

This module by “GoodchillsStudio” includes graphical content for moments like when you first see the positive pregnancy test result (either happy or worried) and more situations that one encounters in pregnancy bliss.

Use this feature to make a reel and show it to all your friends and family. All perfect moments captured and stored!

Pregnancy animation module
Pregnancy animation module sims 4

Little adventurerspose

Since it will be a family-friendly event, kids will be running all around. So, to perfectly capture these little bundles of joy, this pose pack by Simbubble includes eight poses including, hand-in-hand, walking, and sleeping.

The kids will look highly photogenic.

Little adventurerspose
Little adventurers pose sims 4

Bundle of joy – baby shower party items collection.

This baby shower mod features the storks in the décor. It has 11 items ranging from wall decals, table settings, balloon arches, gift boxes, and ceiling lights!

Most items are three-color choices: the usual – pink and blue, and yellow if you want a livelier feel.

Bundle of joy - baby shower party items collection.
Baby shower poses package sims cc

Gender reveal cotton candy table.

It’s time to have a more environmentally friendly way to reveal the baby’s gender! With this modification by YourDorkbrains, your Sim can let all guests play the gender guessing game by picking a yum-yum cotton candy off the wooden table and savor their taste buds too.

Gender reveal cotton candy table.
Gender reveal cotton candy table sims 4

Sweets Décor

This sweets décor by Soloriya will fix all your dessert problems.

This cc has 12 objects such as ice creams, pancakes, Lolli-pops, and marshmallows in 5 colors to cheer up your dessert station. Let the kids have all the sweets in this world, make sure they don’t get a toothache.

Sweets Décor
Sweets Décor sims 4 cc

Twinkle-twinkle little star décor

This baby shower mod by Mel Bennett is strictly inspired by the classic nursery rhyme – Twinkle twinkle little stars.

It contains décor items based on heavenly bodies such as the moon and the stars. It comes in five swatches and includes baby shower event items such as cupcakes, cotton candy, and cake. This will add a thoughtful touch to your event!

Twinkle-twinkle little star décor
Twinkle-twinkle little star décor sims cc

Baby shower poses package.

This set contains some realistic and fun poses that sims can try with their friends in this unofficial reunion.

Some poses showcase friends touching the pregnant Sim’s stomach, and even the after-party drinking sessions are captured wonderfully.

Bee baby

Instead of using the mainstream pink and blue, this sims 4 cc features a theme around bees. And instead of focusing on the babies, this set concentrates purely on the moms (they deserve it!) with a cute banner saying “Mother to Bee.”

The items in this pack are balloons, cake, and trendy water bottles in a black and yellow tone.

Bee baby simscc
Bee baby sims 4 cc

Baby shower pose pack

Pose sets are a great way to get those perfect shots for your socials.

So, this sims 4 baby shower CC features the following poses for your pregnant sims: the hand below the stomach poses for the mom, a couple of cheese poses, and three duo-pose that you can use for friends and family.

Baby shower pose pack
Baby shower pose pack sims cc


With this, we end our hunt for the best sims 4 baby shower mods! Pregnancy can make you feel bitter-sweet, but we’ve focused on increasing the sweet feeling by helping you throw the world’s best baby shower for your pregnant sims. So, what are you waiting for? Get these mods right away and have fun enjoying your virtual extravaganza!

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