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Best Anime Mods & CC | Sims 4 – Download Free (2024)

Best Anime Mods & CC
Anime Mods & CC

Ahh, anime, what’s in life without you? Are you a hardcore anime fan and want to incorporate your lust for it in your Sims gameplay, then we have the perfect Sims 4 anime mods and cc for you, Otakus?

Yes, it is true; there is something for everyone in this beautiful sims game. Do you want a new Anime haircut or a realistic looking anime feature? Whatever it may be, you will find that in the list we have prepared below for you.

Sims 4 anime mod and cc

The following sims 4 anime cc and Sims 4 anime mods will help you alter your Sims’ body’s varied features.

Best Anime Mods & CC | Sims 4
Sims 4 Anime Mods and CC

Anime Eyes

The base highlight of any anime character that you like is its eyes. Those big, unusually colored, bubbly eyes are what makes these anime stand out. There are several anime eye options to pick from in this anime mod, some more realistically sensible than others. Here is a small list of such anime eyes.

Anime-inspired Plasma Eyes

Made by Erling1974, this is one of the best anime mod has 20 uniquely drawn eyes set. Simmers can find nitty-gritty anime-inspired watches under the facemask alternative in CAS.

Drawn by Xoria at Devianart, these anime-roused plasma eye sets can give your sim an adorable yet separating look.

Saimi Anime Eyes

My unanimous top choice is the Saimi Anime Eyes arrangement. You can use this mod to have some impeccably fancy colors, like Pink love, Ghostlywhite, Mint green, etc. 

The principal pack is also accessible, giving another eight shading alternatives, so you can give your Sims any look you may please.

SAO Sinon Anime Eyes

Created by NGSIMS, coming in all ages and genders, this mod avails you of eight different anime eye colors.

Basic Sharingan Eye Set

This mod created by Sairen is an excellent add on to our list of anime eyes. The excellent news for naruto fans is that this mod has Sharigan eyes, which you can add to your sims’ features.

Anime hair

Love of hair is not very new to human beings. Hair is a good part of our body and adds a lot to an individual’s character. We make different gestures and play with our hair contrastingly to give out specific signals while having conversations. Here we have several Sims 4 anime hair mods and anime hair cc to celebrate hairs’ legacy.

WMS Hair Ombre Recolour

Created by SaurusSims, this mod highlights the globally renowned Ombre hairstyle that has become a trend in the fashion world.

Only the base game is needed to function this mod, not just that this mod also gives you 91 swatches as an option. Download this mod now to provide an awesome hairstyle to your sim.

Hair Recolors/Hair Dye Accessories Mod

Created by Emile20, this mod helps you recolor your already existing hair. Available for all ages.

How does it work:

  • Choose your Sims’ hair color in the regular hair category.
  • Go to the accessories to pick a different shade as recolor.
  • Now you can choose any hair color with 25-75% opacity.

This mod does not work on alpha hairs, and there can be clipping issues. It does work on custom maxis match hairstyles..

Little Ebisu Short Hair mod

Having many options to choose from, one is likely to get overwhelmed, but I will tell you about my favorite mod, Little Ebisu short hair mod.

Inspired by Little Ebisu God from Noragami, this male hairstyle attracts young adults’ most common look in anime.

The short pointy bangs parted towards one side don’t just look cool but also brings you a step closer to achieving the anime look.

Gym Outfits

Calling My Hero Academia a clique marvel may appear excessive, yet no other anime has arrived at such allure since Attack on Titan.

This mod allows you to dress your sims in standard MHU gym outfits and tracksuits. The mod has something for everyone for Adult men, Women, and even toddlers, allowing the whole family to enjoy the gyming sessions like Izuku does in My Hero Academia.

Fullmetal Alchemist CC

Probably the best story that I have ever come across in my life is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The show holds your eyeballs for all of sixty-four episodes. It has your sentiments viciously swaying between emotional exhaustion and overwhelming exultation for the well-placed humor and the well-deserved triumphs.

It is brilliantly captivating on each level: its sublime action, emotional character growth, and philosophical queries all amount to a show that is truly outstanding of its sort. If you are like me and love FMAB, you will love the following anime sims 4 ccs.

Edward Elric Outfit

That trademark red coat worn by Edward Elric comes with white gloves and all other accessories worn by the Fullmetal, making this CC one of its kind.

Ouroboros Tattoo

The villains in Fullmetal Alchemist are as memorable as any of the heroes. And you may want to show them your love. This Custom Tattoo allows you to ink an Ouroboros Tattoo worn by Homunculi in FMAB. Although there are not many options, you can put on lust’s chest tattoo, Envy’s thigh Tattoo, or as green wore it on his hand.

Riza Hawkeye’s Tattoo

Riza’s fire Alchemy’s secret tattoo worn on her back has an exceptional place in the series, and it would be an insult to not have it on your lot while playing the Sims 4. This sims 4 CC anime allows you to have that transmutation tattoo inked on the back of your sims. The amount of detail taken in regard here is also commendable.

Demon Slayer Outfit

Kimetsu no Yaiba, prevalently known as Demon Slayer, is one of the later anime arrangements to surprise the world.

Having just been named a standout amongst other anime of the 2010s, just as getting a Netflix discharge, we can’t get enough of our number one devil slayers.

With the Yaiba Costume Set by McLayneSims, your sims would now be able to be changed into your number one characters from the show also.

The pack accompanies four unique ensembles, including Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Kanae, and even Hashira Giyu. Moreover, if you wish to understand demons before dressing up like one, look for the Sims 4 devil mod

Dragon Ball Z Shirts And T-Shirts

Sometimes it’s best to keep some natural aspects of the character to retain its authenticity and realism. If you are one of those nerds who would love to incorporate the anime in your game but not at the cost of losing the character’s natural feeds, you might want to alter some parts of your sim, not the entirety of it. We have for you these awesome DBZ T-shirts.

This Dragon Ball z CC avails you with seven Son Goku shirts and other various anime characters like Gohan, Vegeta, and other Saiyans and Z-warriors.

The shirts come in all sizes for both adults and kids, and you can wear a different shirt every other day of the week.

Toddlers Anime T-shirts

Parents love to butcher the fashion will of their kids by imposing their standards and feeds on them. While the kids might hate it, it’s undeniable that such moments do make up for massively cute memories, and we love that. If you are on the sail with this idea, you might also want to dress your toddlers your way in Sims 4.

Start them right on time with this arrangement of shirts propelled by well-known anime films from Studio Ghibli.

The set incorporates five shirt plans for little children – including Totoro, the tree spirits from Princess Monokoke, no-face from Spirited Away, and even one of arranged Studio Ghibli characters.

Totoro CC and Mods

The gigantic Totoro rabbit is one of the most famous and well-known spirit animation among anime lovers. In some way, any parent who watches anime or the other wanted to dress their kids in the same way have an impression of it on themselves.

Do not stress yourself, as the following Sims 4 anime Mods will help you do those both with ease :

Totoro Onesie baby Outfit

dress your kids in the cutest Totoro one-piece garments that make them look like Totoro. This CC by Cafesimmers is a fantastic addition to The Sims 4 game.

Totoro rain tattoo

This CC from TituLinde’s allows you to permanently ink your love for Totoro anime either on the upper arm or back of your sim.

Pokemon Rugs and Wallpaper

If I had to name one show that made my childhood awesome, pokemon would be it. A fun series with iconic characters that stay with you until adulthood and a wowsie anime plot in iteration make this show a memorable icon for its audience, making them keep coming back to it for references. 

If you loved this show as a kid as much as I did, then you would want to have the look of it in and around your home. Take a look at these home decor mods for anime relating to pokemon to add to your child’s fanaticism.

The Pokemon Rugs

This CC allows you to put six different circular pokemon rugs with simple looking yet attractive pokemon drawings on them. These include Pikachu, Pokeballs, and extraordinary pokemon logos.

Pokémon Wallpaper

Take your love for Pokemons to the walls of your sims’ house. With this wallpaper, CC comes fifteen different styles of wallpapers to print on the walls of your homie.

Dream Anime Homes

Ever since the anime hit its top in the modern-day world, humankind has been awestruck with the design, detail, and excellence of the Japanese homes portrayed in these Japanimations. For once, we all probably pondered what living in these conventional homes should resemble. However, unfortunately, this wish may never turn into a reality for most.

In any case, hello, you can at least have the advantage of doing as such through your sims with these sims 4 Home stylistic layout custom cc.

Kawaii Kafe

Have a unique theme for each room in your house with this carefully detailed Kawaii Kafe mod that allows the Simmers to add phenomenally gripping Japanese culture to their sims’ lives. The kawaii cafes have been an intricate piece of Japanese culture, and this mod makes it sure not to leave them behind. Although not often used in many animes, they give an exceptional cultural feel to the game.

Give your Otakus what they want by adding these cafes that are as colorful as it could get. These coffee shops are the perfect place to relax for the people in your neighborhood.

Otaku Hideaway

Transform your whole home into an anime-propelled submerged home with this mod. 

Highlighting four rooms and two washrooms, you’ll even have the option to raise your sim family here. This place is enormous! 

There are your typical anime-propelled highlights, including karaoke and cherry blooms encompassing the houses outside. 

The mod utilizes resized items and articles moved to set up with the move objects cheats. Uses the City Living pack principally. Just like the base game stuff. CC is just a backdrop for the ground floor.

Lot Size: 20×30

Price: $474,641

Diabolic Lovers Mansion

This CC catches the look and feel of the Sakamaki Manor from the famous series Diabolic lovers, with its enormous yard and transcending columns. 

The inside is effectively something to gloat probably too, with two stories containing anything you’d need – from the fundamental kitchens and rooms to an exercise center, library, music room, game room, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! 

In case you love the ginormous lifestyle, you must check this CC.

Anime Life Mod(Naruto Ninija)

Finally, in this rundown, we have the Anime life mod for you. 

The following mod is a Naruto-enlivened ninja vocation created with Zerbu’s Mod Constructor by Raybreeder7.

Based on the lives of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Iruka, Tsunade, and Obito(aka Tobi). The mod has a six-stage principle vocation track, splitting into four branches. 

Some characters cross paths to succeed in careers. Each branch has four phases, and all end up with at least a touch of more than the standard Maxis profession at maximum level. 

Some are more sophisticated than others, and the careers that require higher skill levels get higher pay(one even ventures so far as to require max body fitness, like in the athletic aspiration).

Here was no use for Neia’s Career Maker, but the creators decided to include her framework file, just if it is still needed.

Be the maker of your fate and live the ninja life, all in your Sims 4 fantasy worlds. Can life get better?

Other not included Mods with download links and info


Eclipse FFXIV Eastern Buns] Hair Set: download here

Chii from Chobits Hair Mod: download here

Slashed Recolor Mod: download here

Anime-inspired plasma eyes in various colors: download and follow the link

Rizumu Amamiya Eye Set: download here

Sailor Moon Posters Set: download link


Sims 4 cc packs make up for most of the custom contents utilized by gamers these days, be it sims 4 stellar stuff cc pack or grilled cheese stuff pack, you name it, and they have it served to you. A look at such contents will give you an upper hand in the gameplay.

Resting views

So, these were some of the unique Sims 4 anime mods that every anime lover must have in their trunk.

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