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Sims 4 Anime Hair Mods & CC – Download (2024)

Sims 4 Anime Hair Mods & CC
Sims 4 Anime Hair

We all know that anime characters have really cool and unique hairstyles. All of these hairstyles make them easily stand out in the crowd.

Now, if you are an anime fanatic, you would have definitely wished to have their amazing hair at some point. Well, we can’t promise to give you that hairstyle but for your sims? Absolutely!

With the sims 4 anime hair mods,

your sims can enjoy swaying the crowd with your spectacular hairdos inspired by anime.

Plunge into this article to find the best ones.

Sims 4 anime hair cc

Here are the best sims 4 anime hair cc aka superb anime hair mods for your female sims as well as males,

Musume Ronshaku animehair sims 4

This mod by Simsnoodles is what you need if you want a thick, blonde, and fluffy mane for your character!

Now, this hair has side-parted bangs with a beautiful blue flower and a very thick ponytail.

This hairdo would look stunning on your female teen sim.

Musume Ronshaku anime hair sims 4

Osananajimi anime hair female

This anime mod is one of the prettiest ones on the list for female sims!

It gives your sim two long ponytails with straight hair and fringes in the front; it also comes with 11 swatches.

This hairdo with a short dress or a cute skirt will make your female character look 10x times pretty.

Osananajimi anime hair female

Occult girls’ hair

This hair mod is inspired by the occult and has hairstyles that would suit well if you have a gothic personality.

The three hairstyles are named Oka Ruto, Supana Churu, and Kokoma Jutsu, respectively.

Also, all of these have bangs and a short length.

Occult girls' hair

Megami Saiko/Laptop girl hair module

This is long or normal hair classic hairstyle that all anime fanatics must already know.

It is a long hairstyle with long bangs that frame your character’s face giving her a chiseled and sleek look.

In addition to this, it comes in seven different colors, so you have various options to from!

Megami Saiko/Laptop girl hair module


This anime hair male modification is base game compatible and will look stunning on your male character!

The hair is straight and shabby, with a few strands covering the face.

This look radiates playfulness and comes with a choice of 18 maxis colors! In addition to this, it’s hat compatible and is unisex.


Kijiko sims 4

This is another unisex hairstyle that has pulled-back and shoulder-length locks.

When you look at it closely, it gives off the samurai vibes and complements a character with strong and sharp facial features.

Furthermore, you’ll get a bunch of color variations too with this module.

Kijiko sims 4

The Caity hairs

This module by Deelitefulsimmer has a hairdo that will look cute on every girl on this planet!

The hairdo is a short ponytail with a flowy strand of hair that makes it look more realistic. It comes in three variations: Redhead, brunette, and blonde.

So, juggle between these three looks and slay everyone with your sheer charm!

The Caity hairs


This one has the most elegant and chic hairstyle for both your male and female characters!

The Anima hairdo is a long straight mane with bangs look made for female characters, which looks super realistic.

This hairdo is simple but so elegant that you cannot restrain yourself from getting this! In addition to this, this module has the Animus look made for male characters, composed of straight hair covering the forehead. Your sim is bound to look dapper in this.


Kamuro sims 4 YM

If you want a look that pierces into people’s hearts and leaves them wanting more then, this is what you need!

You cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that makes this look breathtaking, but my bet is on the intricately designed strands of hair and their arrangement.

Furthermore, you’ll have twelve good color options, including platinum grey and light blonde!

Kamuro sims 4 YM


Another classy hairdo for your male sims that contains flowy locks with a side-parting.

It is a basic hairstyle but would look good on anyone and with anything. In addition to this, it comes with 20 color variations! Do get this for your male characters.


Jakea – H006 – Boombayah

Inspired by pretty Lisa from Blackpink, this is one of the most beautiful hairdos on this anime hairstyles list!

Medium length, sleek, two-toned hair with bangs can never disappoint anybody (unless they have a really small forehead!) Your sim is bound to look attractive with this wig.

Furthermore, it comes in 18 colors and is compatible with a hat.

 Jakea - H006 – Boombayah

Maysims Hair

A mod with a hairdo composed of glossy and well-groomed bangs that will make your young/elder guy sims look the most handsome man in TS4? Well, this is what you need! So, this is a no-brainer. Get this module now.

It also comes with 18 color variations.



What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of anime? Well, if you ask me, then it’s Naruto!

One who’s heard of anime has always heard of the sensational Naruto, and this is what makes this mod by Obsidiansims so special because the look of Kakashi inspires it, and it’s no less than spectacular too.

Furthermore, the creators of this module have given 58 swatches for this hairstyle. So, do check it out on the link mentioned below.


Megamo Bob

This is a base game and hat-compatible modification with V-shaped bangs and a bob haircut for both your male and female sims.

The overall look of this hairdo is very polished and stylish and gives you the freedom to choose from 6 other colors.

 Megamo Bob

Chic blue

This is a hairstyle for females, both young and older. It entails short strands of hair that give a messy and flowy look.

You can team up this hairstyle with a suit to look bold yet classy!

Chic blue

S-club’s TS4 hair peach N36

This is a stunning hairstyle for females!

With a long glossy ponytail, hair wrapped around instead of an elastic to hold the hair in place, and two long strands contouring the face’; this is the perfect hairdo for any girl. Furthermore, it comes in several hues.

S-club's TS4 hair peach N36

S-club’s double buns

This is another fun hairdo with two space buns, perfect for that friendly neighborhood girl look. It comes in 16 colors and will make your female sim look super cute!

Pair it with a plaid skirt, and your sim is bound to make people go head over heels for her.

S-club's double buns

Animate hairstyle 27-RIN

This one’s for your cute toddlers because why shouldn’t they get cool hairstyles too?

This module by Studio k creation will give your toddlers that perfect anime-inspired hairdo to make them stand out in the crowd of babies. So, hurry up and get this now!

Animate hairstyle 27-RIN


This mod is a brainchild of two cc creators and will make your character appear bold and attractive!

It has a sleek bun with two strands of hair contouring the face.

In addition to this, it comes in 16 colors, out of which eight hues are only for the roots while the rest of the locks will be of normal color. It’s also HQ compatible. Quite glamorous!


Laceleaf hairstyle

Another amazing cc by “Obsidiansims” entails a layered haircut, and that’s so detailed that it almost looks like a real mane! This hairdo will look absolutely stunning on any female character.

It’s a base game and HQ compatible and comes with 56 swatches!

 Laceleaf hairstyle


: With this, we wrap up our list of the best sims 4 anime hair. All of these hairstyles will make your sim look extremely charming. So, get these modifications and have fun swimming

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