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Sims 4 Alpha CC | Ts4 Custom Content – Latest (2024)

Sims 4 Alpha CC
Sims 4 Alpha CC

When looking for cc in TS4, the two popular options are Maxis Match, which aims to replicate its existing style. And alpha, which creates a more realistic experience focusing on the details of the objects.

The Sims 4 Alpha CC is favored by simmers who want the game to be more lifelike as it removes the game’s caricature style and focuses on accuracy, subtle details, and recreating real looks.

What is TS4 cc alpha?

Most people do not like to use alpha custom content because they think it mismatches with the game’s aesthetics. The most suitable way to distinguish between the alpha and the Maxis Match is to look for the Sims’ face. While the alpha brings an edgier look, the Maxis Match has been designed to achieve a cutesy look for the sim.

The Alpha cc consists of various categories with skin details, hair, shoes, dresses, and accessories to achieve impeccable aesthetics. For example, getting this custom creation will ensure that you see every hair strand.

They also have overlays for the eyes and even introduce categories that were not a segment of the main Sims 4 game. Like it includes a separate jacket or painted nails. On the other hand, your Maxis CC can be designed to blend perfectly within the original graphics.

 Below we’ve mentioned some of the most unique and essential Alpha CCs from a range of talented creators. Read till the end.

Sims 4 Alpha CC |

Alpha CC vs. Maxis Match

If you’ve ever used Maxis Match, you will understand how it differs from the Alphas CC.

While Maxis adds the same styling and change options as the base game, the alpha pushes it more towards realism. You will get a smoother and caricature-like texture with the maxis, but with the alpha pack, your sim will appear sexier with a perfect jawline and well-defined textured skin.

Where to locate the Sims 4 alpha cc folder download?

To install the Sims 4 custom content, you can visit Tumblr to access an extensive collection of fun content added to the game.

You can unzip your downloaded file and place all of these files into the folder called “Sims 4 Tray.” This folder can be located by following these steps:

Documents >EA (Electronic Arts)>The Sims 4>Mods

You can download diversity of content such as hair, skin tone, eyes, shoes, eyelids, nose, 3D-lashes, eyebrows, lips, cleavage skin details, face contour, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, home decor, eye-shadow, earrings, jeans, dresses, tops, shoes, and a lot more.

Sims 4 alpha cc finds

Here’s a list of the best and trendiest alpha cc that you can find on the internet,

Modern furniture by M

If you are a fiend of modern furniture, then clear some hard-drive space as this pack is full of exquisite furniture sets based on a real-life modern theme.

There are the latest modern pieces for every room in the house. From a versatile side table to clean white office spaces, you cannot imagine the things this expansion has. Furthermore, Sleek dining rooms, stylish bedrooms, modern lounges, and lots of things are included in this mod.

To download, go to –  Mxims Tumblr.

Everyday Clutter by Jenni Sims

Clutter is an essential part of the house because it is the little things that make a difference, and JenniSims gets it! The themes in this mod are variable, but we love the everyday collection.

The vending machines, cans, cereal, and fast food are from her Everyday Beauty clutter set. You’ll find sodas, tins, and even a basket of bread, in the “I Made This For You” clutter set. Check out her Tumblr, which is full of Alpha CC, including numerous clutter sets

Everyday Clutter by Jenni Sims
Everyday Clutter by Jenni Sims

Range fashion store by slox

This gorgeous and classy set from slox offers everything that you need to create a high-end clothing store. If you’ve been awestruck by the channel store, then this would make sure you own one too. (in the game, of course!)

The set includes closets, bags, counters, changing rooms, clothing, display, rugs, and a collection of sofas. There’s also a minimalist “RANGE” logo. So, go ahead and Create your dream retail shop while enjoying living the high fashion life.

To install and learn more, visit – Sox.

Lykke living room and bedroom sets

This expansion by Sanoy sims will provide you quality content that you won’t find anywhere else. The details in their pieces are so extensive that they show warnings only to use this mod if you have a good computer. The products are true to life.

The style is modern and hyper-realistic.

Download this on – SanoySims.

Lykke living room and bedroom sets
Lykke living room and bedroom sets


This cc by Novvvas offers a rustic yet contemporary look for a kitchen. It includes a table, benches, accessories, and several kitchen utilities, including chopping boards, plates, and knives.

The set will allow you to add an old rustic touch to any space and the bench seating table is a delight

To install and learn more about this pack, visit –kitchen

Men’s collection

Darte77 brings you some flair to your male sims’ wardrobes. The t-shirt comes with a couple of suspenders and has various swatches, like straight, patterned, and slogan. Sims can buy it with and without the cardigan.

The pack also contains a scarf, rolled cuff jeans, and stylish boots as separate downloads. The shoes are in a work boot style with an excellent feel, and the jeans sit at the top of them, thanks to the rolled bottoms.

Check this collection on – collection from Darte77

Eyelashes and eyebrows

The content creator, Babur, decided to work on a very overlooked yet important detail of a sim’s appearance – the eyelashes and eyebrows!

Simmers’s eyes are one of the crucial things that many players want to adjust. Hence, adding custom eyebrows and eyelashes can make a huge difference in how your sim appears. It may seem like an unnecessary touch, but it will add a lot of realism.

Eyelashes and eyebrows
Eyelashes and eyebrows

Learn more about this cc on – artist’s page.

Beard and brows

When it comes to your male sims, getting facial features right can get complicated as there aren’t many ccs for them. That’s why we’ve added some beards and browse for the “bros.”

This set is by “MagicHand,” which has created some more realistic facial hair, Eyebrows, and some male-centric eyebrows that are highly natural and untidy looking than the original ones.

To install this mod, go to – artist’s page.

Anto child conversions by alfyy

Finding alpha base game compatible custom content hair for children can be quite a challenge, so we awe these conversions entirely by alfyy. The original designs are made by anto, and these are changed to work with children.

On Alfyy’s page, you can find some other conversions, including Citric, shoulder-length bob with bangs, and the classic Aluna, a very long and straight hairstyle.

Download this expansion on – Alfyy.

Anto child conversions by alfyy
Anto child conversions by alfyy

Calor collection by serenity

This contains several unique and trendy base game friendly dresses, perfect for summer days.

You’ll also find an Aster crop top and short denim shorts in the collection and an oversized top that makes sumptuous nightwear, especially when paired with shorts.

To learn more, check this site – Calor collection by Serenity-cc.

Raven boots

This cc by “lumysims” is a must-have for any simmer with an alternative, gothic, or rocker dressing style. While you can find several boots in-game, most of them are very bland, with dull swatches. The Raven Boots that come with this mod are styled just like the famous Doc Martens and have 40 color swatches!

The swatches include bold and straightforward options and a range of gothic and funky impressions to suit all needs.

Toddler and Children’s Steampunk Top/Dress

This selection by Bukova is a little outlandish but adorable.

Steampunk style is often seen in custom content, but it always focuses on adult Sims. However, with this modification, even the tiniest members of your fam can dress to impress.

Check the dresses on – Steampunk Dresses and the tops on – Steampunk Top.

Astrology and military tattoos

SimmieV offered us a range of robust and bold tattoos through this collection. The collection is inspired by astrology, and hence, you’ll find tattoos of all zodiac signs.

 They cover the back, arms, chest, legs, and neck region. The designs are mostly big and bold, aiming to showcase large-scale body art.

Astrology and military tattoos
Astrology and military tattoos

Link of some sets is – US Navy Body Tattoo collection, Pisces, and Aquarius.

S4 winter onesies

This list wouldn’t be complete without some warm onesies we are sure you will need. This custom content by Margeh-75 is Christmas and winter-themed, so your sims are going to stay warm in these cute onesies.

Pajamas are also lacking in the game so, if you want to clutter your wardrobe further, this creator has a variety of other clothing including swimwear, athleisure, and much more.

The alpha cc download is available on


The jewels by s-club are super fabulous! And Earrings are said to be their specialty.

So, they have designs that can be worn both by adult and teenage sims. They even add unique customization for those who prefer less traditional piercings and include an ear cuff too in their sets. Hence, the designs show versatility.

Check all the pieces on- S-Club.

Trouble and Baddie

This mod is by Nightcrawler Sims’ who is a featured creator on The Sims Resource. He has hundreds of CC items available for installation. Many of them are hair, and you’ll see a large number of alpha hairs using Nightcrawler’s mesh.

So, we’ve picked a couple of our favorites too. The one on the left-hand side is Trouble, and we are a fan of its texture. Plain and elegant, this real-looking hair adds depth to your sim’s style. For men, we’ve chosen Baddie because of how distinct it is from other options.

Trouble and Baddie
Trouble and Baddie

Melanin pack

This pack is an update to Xmiramira’s original “ashy sims” pack and features 54 skin tones to help create pretty simmers. The cc also includes new highlight and blushes which has been updated for vampires.

Xmiramira decides to represent black women like herself, and this custom content aims to achieve just that by offering more true-to-life darker skin colors and makeup options.

Children’s clothing

If you’re looking for a vast selection of children’s apparel, then Zuckerschnute20’s mod has got you covered. It contains shirts, suspenders, trousers and what not.

This is just a glimpse of the large selection of kids and toddler CC items on Zuckerschnute’s page. The articles are authentic, well-executed, and look great—a must-visit page for anyone in need of kids’ clothing.

To learn more, visit – TSR page.

Bewitched eyes and vampire eyeliner

Those who love playing Supernatural characters know that sometimes the eyes can be too human-like. So, if you want more features to make your Vampires look more vampiric, your magicians more spellbinding, and your Mermaids more secretive, then EvilQuinzel’s mod is your holy grail.

She has a set of magical eyes and a mesmerizing vampire liner!

Check her page out on – artist’s page.

Toddler clothing

Toddler clothing can be challenging to procure, but the creations by Lilka are unique. The tees and toddler dress set are some of the highlights of her collection.

You can search her page for more toddler outfits. They are eccentric when it comes to other ccs.

Toddler clothing
Toddler clothing

To install, go to – Lilka

Anto levitating – alpha cc Tumblr

This is a cc alpha hair set by shimydim, which contains 84 colors (including 34 Unnatural) and a custom thumbnail. The hair would look fantastic on your female simmers. The colors are in trend as well.

However, you’ll need to install the chromatic retexture for the chunky and bicolor version to work! This hair set is also compatible with the dark roots and ombre overlays of the chromatic collection.

Download it here –

Saturn’s rings ombre hair.

This alpha modification by Sonyasims71 will make you adore your sims’ hair even more!

We all love ombre, so this is what it focuses on with 84 colors and Custom Thumbnails. The ombre is a veneer and is located in earrings. You won’t regret downloading this one.

Install it here

Deception glasses

Time to give your characters some right spectacles! This mod contains a versatile set; the glasses come in three different sizes – large, medium, and small.

They are made to fit every kind of face and shape. All three versions come in 100 colors – 20 frame colors and five lens versions each. These glasses are for everyone – females, males, and teen-elder.

Deception glasses
Deception glasses

Find the sets and learn more on –

Glitter dress B395

This pack contains a gorgeous short-length glitter dress that’ll make everybody’s heads turn! It comes in 10 beautiful colors and can be worn by females – Adults, Elders, Teens, and Young Adults.

It is also compatible with the HQ mod and contains a new mesh.

To install this dress, click on this link –

TS4 Boss dress

If you’ve been crazy about LV, then you can get an LV dress for your sim as well. But, how? All you have to do is download this cc! Installing this cc would give you access to dazzling full-body dresses with a new mesh.

Furthermore, these dresses come with 40 Swatches! And are HQ compatible.

To learn more about this, visit –

Satin set

Magnolia-C, the content creator, has brought to us the most significant trend of this season – Satin clothes!

This cc includes:

  • Solar Dress in 11 shades.
  • Solar Choker in 11 hues.
  • Bella Skirt in 11 shades.
  • Opal Shirt in gorgeous ten colors
  • Pony Top in 11 shades.

They all come with a custom thumbnail and shiny Shadow & Spec map.

To install, go to –

Velvet dress

Theresa’s collection of dresses would make your female sims look alluring as it contains the evergreen short velvet dresses!

These come with ten swatches, New Mesh, HQ texture, and can be worn by Females who are Teens or Elders. You can also enable Hot Weather with it.

To learn more, click –

Marisol lipstick

Lips are a defining feature of your body, so they must look marvelous all the time. To ensure that your character enjoys that privilege, too, we have the Marisol lipstick set, which differs significantly from the original in-game options.

The set contains overdrawn toothy lipstick in a velvet matte finish. It comes in twenty swatches and is HQ mod compatible.

For installing these lipsticks, click on –

Contour kit

Everybody who is into makeup knows the power of contouring. So, this pack gives that power to your sim!

The pack introduces contour for forehead, cheeks, jaw, twenty swatches, and Three category options: Blush, Face Paint, and Skin Detail.

It is HQ mod compatible and comes with a custom thumbnail. This is the best modification if you wish to make your females look edgier in the game.

For installing –

Home design

Apart from your clothes and makeup, the other thing that represents your style is your home’s design. So, with this custom content, you’ll get the most elegant home for yourself!

With neon signs, a black-themed bedroom, a patio, and your café, this is a great deal. You can work on the first floor and live on the second, so no need to move places. But make sure you have these packs installed to use this mod fully:

Home design
  • Discover University
  • Get Famous,
  • Cats and Dogs,
  • Get Together,
  • Go to Work,
  • Parenthood,
  • Dine Out,
  • Romantic Garden Stuff,
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff.

To download this magnificent place, click on this link –


With this, we end with the listicle of best finds of sims 4 alpha cc. All of these would add loads of authenticity to your gaming experience and elevate your sims’ appearance and habitat with the help of their respective ccs. So, wait no more and get these ccs asap. Also, we have this excellent adventure for you, the Werewolf mod. Don’t forget to read about it as well.

Happy Simming!

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