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Sims 4 Alien, Eyes, Powers, Baby & Skins (Guide) 2022

Sims 4 Alien

A variety of supernatural beings like aliens have been part of the game since Sims 2. While they offered minimal interactions initially, they have been getting better and better with every update.

Now, the sims 4 aliens are the most nuanced version of aliens that have a lot to offer in terms of interactions and appearances. They are a part of the get-to-work expansion pack and inhabit a planet called Sixam. Furthermore, they often visit the human world for reasons ranging from abductions to just bonding with the sims.

So, this time, there are many exciting things associated with the aliens, all of which are mentioned in this article. So, read till the end to know-it-all and not miss out on anything!

Sims 4 Alien An overview

As mentioned earlier, the sims 4 get to work EP introduces extraterrestrial beings who happen to live on a planet called Sixam, a secret lot on the EP. They can come and take a stroll in your world, and so can you. However, the process could be a bit nuanced. But before diving into other details, let’s know more about these beings:



These extraterrestrials are pretty similar to the ones in TS3; however, there is a lot of room for customizing their appearance this time. They can have a variety of alien skins, ranging from classic green to bright purple. You can also give them a unique tattoo on their face or body. Furthermore, you’ll always spot them in a grey, black, or green bodysuit (you can opt for sim clothing too.) In addition to all this, they have incredibly enchanting alien eyes that replicate far-off galaxies.

Sims 4 Alien An overview
  • Power and interactions: The extraterrestrials have unique abilities and perform special interactions. These are:
  • Analyze personality – This is one of the alien powers that allows them to scan the traits of a sim prior to meeting them.
  • Empathize – This power lets them put themselves in the shoes of other sims and feel their emotions.
Empathize sims 4
  • Disguise Self – Using this, they can transform themselves into sims and hide their actual identity.
  • Alter Disguise – They can use this to alter their appearance much like the “create a sim” option, but here, they cannot change the traits, names, shape, or strength.
  • Erase Mind – Use it when the alien’s cover blows up, and he wishes to erase another sim’s memories of knowing his real identity. This can also reset their relationship.
  • Probe – This is a mischievous interaction where the extraterrestrial uses a mechanical device to scare off the player. Now, this practical joke will end up giving a sim the “probe panic” moodlet and an uncomfortable feeling for four hours straight.
  • Resurrect Dead Alien Collectable – As the name suggests, aliens can bring to life a dead collectible.
  • Transmute Metal, Crystal, and Elements – Aliens can transform metals, crystals, and elements into one another or change their rarity altogether. Lastly, two more peculiar features to these beings are a robotic voice and a glowing body. It looks like an aura surrounding them when experiencing intense emotions. (Very happy, excited, sad, etc.)  Moreover, these two aspects can quickly help you recognize the supernatural disguised as a sim.

Creating an alien or getting them into your household

You can easily create an extraterrestrial from the “create a sim” menu and choose their look from a wide range of options. Another way to welcome them into your household is by forming a relationship with them or getting your male sim abducted and subsequently pregnant with an alien baby.


Aliens have the same life span as sims and pretty much live the same way. They need to attend school. Furthermore, they perform a secret handshake whenever they meet their fellow mates. You can alter, activate, or disguise the aliens into a normal sim. However, you’ll need to do some shopping to get them regular clothes. Lastly, when sims meet aliens, they are highly likely to get angered by their presence, but sooner or later, they make good friends or counterparts.

Life sims 4


There is a secret lot on GTW expansion called Sixam, home to these aliens. You can visit this place through the Electro flux wormhole Generator that is established utilizing the Invention Constructor or via a rocket ship. Furthermore, sims can explore the area and look for incredible collectibles, plants or simply bond with these unknown creatures.

Sixam sims 4


The most exciting event that takes place in association with these extraterrestrial beings is abduction!

Quite a rare event that happens anytime between 10 pm to daybreak can be manipulated through a satellite dish that comes with the scientist profession. When a UFO comes to abduct the sim, they’ll leave all their tasks at hand and go in search of a weird light that gulps them into the unknown. Then, the aliens kidnap and experiment on them for few hours and send them back. Another exciting aspect about this escapade is that male sims can become pregnant with an alien baby!

Increasing or decreasing chances of abductions: Now, scientists have a higher chance of kidnapping or those who are logicians at level 7 and go to the observatory to “search for the truth.” Other than this, you can choose to use cheat codes to grab the scientific equipment to increase or decrease your chances of abduction. These are the steps:

Now, you can opt to block all abduction for 24h by clicking on it or increasing the chances of kidnapping by choosing the ‘Contact Aliens’ option.


Male pregnancy

As discussed earlier, male sims have a chance of bringing in good news after coming back from abduction. They will most likely complain about a stomach ache. So, take out your party poppers as there’s going to be an alien baby on board!

The sim will take a few hours to deliver the baby and experience same emotions as the female character. They will also be able to breastfeed them. Furthermore, the character can choose to keep the sims alien baby, which will be a pure extraterrestrial with all the superpowers, or send it away by clicking on the baby’s bassinet and choosing that option. This way, your sim will go back to living everyday life as if that thing never happened.

Lastly, non-alien male sims can also get pregnant by mating with the female aliens using the “try for baby” option.

Male pregnancy

Sims 4 Alien Hybrid

Now, sims can have a pure alien baby either through an alien-alien relationship or getting a male sim abducted and pregnant afterward. Otherwise, if a male non-alien sim tries for a baby with a female alien, then this will result in a hybrid aliens’ baby that will be half sim and half-alien.

These hybrids won’t have any special powers or galactic eyes. However, they’ll have the extraterrestrial skin tone along with natural hair.

Sims 4 Alien Hybrid

Now, there’s a possibility that you can get a pure baby without two aliens

 However, the result can be uncertain. For instance, if there’s a hybrid parent, the results can be:

  • A hybrid + alien: A hybrid or full-blooded alien (50/50).
  • A hybrid + hybrid: Regular Sim (33%), hybrid (33%), or pure alien (33%).


  • Placing a satellite dish can get you access to the alien tv channel.
  • If you come across a dead alien, then you can choose to bring it back to life!
  • If you are bored watching your alien wear the same clothes, then take a trip to the retail shop and buy fantastic new garments.


The sims 4 aliens are amazing creatures with splendid powers. They immensely add to the fun of the game. Moreover, some interactions like the male pregnancy can change the game for you and give you a fresher perspective.

So, happy simming!


Is there an alien world in The Sims 4?

Yes, there’s an alien world in the sims 4 called the planet Sixam.

What can Alien Sims do Sims 4?

Aliens can do a lot of interactions, including empathizing, resurrecting dead material, probing, transmuting elements, analyzing personalities, disguising as a regular sim and erase the mind of others.

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