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Sims 4 Acting Skill Guide | Cheat – 2024

Sims 4 Acting Skill Guide
Sims 4 Acting Skill

With the Get famous EP came the new addition of skillset – the sims 4 acting skill. All those who wish to be an actor and earn popularity can enhance this skill set and even make few bucks in the process. Moreover, if your kid is enrolled in the drama club, leveling up in this prowess is imperative.

So, let us look at how one can enhance this skill, use it to their advantage, and is there any “elevator to success?” aka cheat codes to help one out!

Acting skill sims 4

The acting skillset is mainly introduced to move further in the acting career, but this isn’t it. Being an actor means pretending well in any social situation, controlling one’s emotions, and making people feel what you want them to.

So, when your sim tries to master this art of “pretending,” he/she cannot only be a good actor but a master conversationalist and an entertainer who can earn some cash by entertaining people.

Now, at the start, you’ll only have few interplays unlocked, but it’s only a matter of time when you unlock all of them. Let us see how!

Sims 4 Acting Skill Guide
Sims 4 Acting Skill

How do you gain acting skill in Sims 4?

You gain acting skill fast in Sims 4 by practicing in front of the mirror or microphone for the starters; then, you can unlock various add-ons like troupers looking glass that’d help you upskill faster. In addition to this, your character can also read books on acting and perform out in the open (for some tips.)

Traits required

Below are two traits that increase your chances of being a fine actor;

  • Self-assured – Having this trait means that a sim is naturally a confident person, so excelling in acting becomes way easier for him than others.
  • Master actor (aspiration) – This would render you the renowned actor bonus prowess and make you invincible, even if you face hurdles while upskilling initially.

Perfect mood

Before we begin something, we must be in the right frame of mind; This is true in all cases, including acquiring acting skills. So, to excel at this endeavor, make sure your sim feels confident!

To make them feel confident, an easy task such as brushing their teeth would do the job.


There are in total ten skill levels with perks that you should complete to become the finest actor/actress:

  • The option to recite dialogues in front of the mirror and on the mic is unlocked.
  • Practice with another character, and a “cry on demand” feature is added to render you in a sad mood for some time.
  • When you reach this stage, you can now enjoy the most fantastic feature of saving your sim in an uncomfortable situation by putting your traits to use. Moreover, your character can now do a romantic scene to earn some simoleons in the form of tips.
  • Trouper’s looking glass is available to help you upskill fast.
  • Time to perform a musical and make the audience go crazy.
  • Simmers can officially scene for tips and use the interaction called “act not bored” when in a monotonous situation.
  • Simmers can now practice action scenes and save themselves in an awkward situation by using the art of “pretending.”
  • A basic microphone stand will be unlocked, along with the ability to perform sci-fi scenes.
  • Sims should now be able to practice comedy scenes and earn simoleons. Also, they will have the option to “act not embarrassed” to guard themselves against embarrassment in an unpleasant situation.
  • Congratulate yourself on reaching the final level! Now you can practice/perform dramatic scenes and enjoy wearing the new pants and jacket that you’ve unlocked.

Performing for tips and emotional manipulation

To act in front of a crowd in your leisure time or in between gigs to earn some extra money is not a bad idea! With the acting skillset, you can perform different scenes alone or with another sim to entertain people and stock up cash. In addition to this, your sim can use this skill to manipulate people! Yes, they can diffuse embarrassing or awkward situations by pretending to feel something else or simply by their charms!


Now, we know some of you aren’t a fan of all that hard work. So, here’s a cheat that can help you upskill quickly:

  • Press CTRL + Shift + C.
  • Type testingcheats. True on and hit enter.
  • Finally, set your skillset level with the command – stats.set_skill_level major_acting x (choose levels from 1-10.)


What skills do you need for acting Sims 4?

The skill you need for acting in S4 is just the acting skill.

Why can’t I perform action scene Sims 4?

You can’t perform action scene in S4 because you might not have reached level 6 that unlocks this ability,

How do you become a famous actor in Sims 4?

You become a famous actor in Sims 4 by completing all the ten acting skill levels, including practicing in front of the mirror, enacting dramatic, romantic, action, and comedy scenes, level by level.


The sims 4 acting skill can turn your sim into the most prominent star or help them earn some money if they don’t wish to advance further. Whatever you want to achieve with this skill, it definitely is not a waste of time. So, have fun simming!

Also, do check the ultrasound cc if you’re looking to conceive in TS4!

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