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Sims 3 Skills Cheat | Max Out – Latest (2024)

Sims 3 Skills Cheat
Sims 3 Skills Cheat

The sims 3 skills cheat would offer you ways to increase your skill sets fast. They won’t directly raise your attributes; instead, you will have to use commands that will allow your sim to focus their effort. Cheats will ensure that they don’t stop due to getting tired, hungry, or stressed out.

Let us look at the various increase skill cheats and how to use them. Later you could check out Nraas’ master controller too!

Sims 3 Skills Cheat | Max Out

Sims 3 skills cheat

Below are cues taken from carl’s guide to traits that will surely boost skill raise. So, with the cheats enabled, quick ways to increase the skills are:

  • Athletic: An athletic trait increases if you lift weights or run on a treadmill. With the cheat code enabled, your sim won’t feel tired.
  • Charisma cheat: Read loads of books at the library and use “make me friends” at the mailbox for knowing requirements.
  • Collecting: This has no traits in it. But you can make tons of spawners at your house with “buydebug.”
  • Cooking Skill cheat: Prepare the best meal repeatedly to work towards challenges or skill books at the library to get the natural cook feature.
  • Fishing: To get the angler attribute, go on fishing for good fish varieties, like buy garlic as a bait to catch the vampire fish. Each fish will add more experience.
  • Gardening: Read books associated with green thumb trait until level 7, sow rare plants like garlic and other unique plants to get the characteristic.
  • Guitar: This will impart you the virtuoso feature, and all you must do is play guitar in one spot.
  • Handiness:  Use books or tinker again and again to get a handy feature.
  • Inventing: Use the “kaching money” cheat, buy loads of scrap, and then unlock invention types to get the eccentric characteristic.
  • Logic: Acquire the Genius characteristic by getting a computer whiz and playing chess on the computer. Then, win chess tournaments.
  • Martial Arts: This will render you a discipline attribute as you’ll never get fatigued; try to work on block breaking. You can learn this well in China.
  • Nectar Making: Even though there’s no attribute linked to this, brew tons of nectar with cheat code to get fruits with “buydebug.” The most popular place to study this is France.
  • Painting: Make sure you paint many small portraits and simultaneously work on skill challenges to achieve the artistic trait.
  • Photography: This will fetch you Photographer’s Eye trait. Hence, many take pictures and save those subjects for the first time at level 10 to get the max profit. Egypt can be the best place for studying this.
  • Sculpting: To get the savvy sculptor feature, sculpt again and again to unlock new types.
  • Writing: Write lots of novels to achieve the bookworm and artistic attribute.


Before you use the “BuyDebug” cheat, you must get ‘testingcheatsenabled true.’

When you start to save, close The Sims 3, and choose the “forget” option to turn off the cheats, which are not there. They will then turn off when you leave the game.

And in case debugging doesn’t work, then update your game or ensure that you’ve typed in ‘testingcheatsenabled true.’

How to cheat skills sims 3?

All the skill cheats are done with the cheat console. Below are the steps to understand the process:

  • To Start TS3 Cheat Console, press Control + Shift + C.
  • You’ll then be able to type commands. (For all the information on the types of controls you can use, see the regular cc pages and the testingcheatsenabled true site.)
  • Now, for acquiring faster skills, you need to open the cheat console and type “testingcheatsenabled true.”

This will enable the testing cheats, some of the mighty commands that can be issued by shift-clicking on the objects.

TS3 cheats skills max out

The best thing you can do is enable ‘make needs static’ cc by shift-clicking on the mailbox to learn new attributes. Make sure the testing cheats are on. This would maximize all they need bars and stick them in that place, ultimately helping you raise skills.

Now to reverse it, click on ‘make needs dynamic.’ And you’re back to square one.

On an additional note, if you want to fill your needs in sims 4, then we have some cheats for you too!

The Complete collection trick

Start the console and type in – buydebug. Then, go on navigating to the buy mode and organize it by function with this complete collection trick.

You will get a chance to place spawners of any kind in your lot and collect rocks, meteorites, gems, and insects. Even fish spawners can opt too.

Fast skills sims 3

If a sim is born or turned into a Vampire, he will master all attributes faster than a non-vampire. All the players will also have the ‘Fast Learner’ Lifetime Reward accessible to them through these skill cheats.

Sims 3 cheats pc skills

The level-up ccs work for every skill in Ambitions (Inventing and Sculpting) and World Adventures (Nectar Making, Martial Arts, and Photography). They are also of enormous help in ‘complete skill challenges.’

Now, try modifying your sim’s features to help them stay ahead of everyone, such as provide them with ‘bookworm’ skills if they like to read in the library, along with other attributes like Green Thumb feature that would accelerate skill enhancement for that skill set.

You can acquire mastery by taking classes, which would cost you around $400 with an occasional discount. So, to find discounted courses search for them in newspapers. Then, go to the map view and find red icons, as not all of them would offer classes.

The buildings where you can find the courses are –

  • Athletic – Stadium
  • Charisma – Government Building
  • Cooking – Restaurant
  • Fishing – Grocery Store
  • Gardening – Science Facility
  • Guitar – Theater
  • Handiness – Military Base
  • Logic – Science Facility
  • Painting – University
  • Writing – Business Building

Other ways to enhance your skillset

The following can do the tricks to enhance skills indirectly –

  • Getting the Honorary incense holder of Jun Pao would increase expertise up to 25%, only by staying in the room where the incense is burning. You’d also receive a neurotic synergy mood let, which would be a confirmation that it’s working.
  • You could find another enhancement in the scholar’s garden, which gives a similar mood let as that incense. You can then hone your Martial Arts expertise by reading a book or meditating.
  • All those who use the Late-Night expansion can utilize the Alien Brain drink from Mixology to boost their dexterity.
  • If the skill is in a book form, cook a potion from the cauldron in the store to get the point each time you drink it.
  • You can also purchase the crystal tree, and when the tree grows a crystal fruit, consume it, and you will get an arbitrary skill from any four categories.


Is there a Maximum number of skills you can have

You can have as many skills as possible with your EPs.

Can you go underwater with your mermaids?

The only places to dive underwater are at the “dive spots,” but you can go underwater with the mermaids.

What to do to get the athlete’s skill never to get fatigued?

With “testingcheatsenabled true,” type “Make needs static” in the mailbox, the sim would then never get fatigued, and if they do, you could click at the mood let to remove it. Then, permit them to continue exercising.

How to get to level 10 in athletic skill?

• Press [ctrl-shift-C] and type – testingcheatsenabled true.
• Reach to your mailbox and hold shift, then click on make needs static.
• Increase your athletic expertise until you can work out on push self-mode.
• Keep working out on the treadmill at ultra-speed and then work out until you get to level 10.


These are all the sims 3 skills cheat that are available on the internet. And if you don’t support cheating, you can always choose to make your sim work relentlessly to master the skills. But, if you aren’t opposed to this idea, then why not try pregnancy cheats as well.

Happy simming!

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