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Sims 3 Multipack Installer & Package (Download) 2022

We all are suckers for nostalgia; we like things that take us back in time and give us an experience that provides comfort and pleasure. Sims 3 is a game where the graphics might look out of sorts, but the homeliness and sheer beauty of the game keep many people coming back to it time and time again, even after so many years.

However, there is always a problem in the extraction and installation of multiple items and mods. That is why today we will be looking at the sims 4 multipack installer to see what this installer does and how it can help you save a lot of time. We will also look at how you can install the mod for MAC.

Delphy sims 3 pack multi-extractor

The delphy sims 3 multi-pack extractor is one of the best installers if you have many files to extract. This mod helps you to extract multiple files at once; all you have to do is select the name of the folder the files are in and then extract it into a separate folder. The images below will show you how the installation screen looks.

Delphy sims 3 pack multi-extractor

We have also given you how the sims 3 extractor icon looks on the desktop. However, you should remember that this mod does not replace custom content or other add-on files; it just gives you the option to extract many files simultaneously. All you need to do for Windows to run this is extract the files and run it. To run it, however, you will need the latest version of the .NET Framework, which should be pre-installed on your computer.

The download process regarding the mac for this sims3pack extractor will be covered later in this article.  You can use this extractor to convert the game’s mods, worlds, and other custom content. This package converter is handy for conversion, and turning it into a package extractor is also an alternative.

How to download the delphy sims 3 pack for Mac

Many MAC users have trouble understanding how to download this mod for their system. Granted, the sims 4 has been out for a while; it is essential to experience its predecessor’s greatness for the MAC. Plus, it is great fun seeing how the Sims franchise has evolved throughout the ages. Let us see what to do.

First of all, you need to download MONO; you can find the latest version of MONO anywhere on the internet, but to make it easier, here is the link:

How to download the delphy sims 3 pack for Mac

After that, you need to open the Terminal; you can just search for the Terminal in the Spotlight. You can also do it traditionally by going to “Go –› Utilities —› Terminal”. You can find this on the top bar on the finder.

Now, type mono, press the spacebar, and then drop the exe on the terminal window. This will specify the path to Delphy’s.exe. The next step is to make sure you delete all the extra spaces; if they are still there, the file will report errors. 

Automator helps for our next step.  Download Automator from this link:

Note: If this link does not work, you can download it from the internet by searching for it.

Now, after you open Automator, it will ask you to choose a particular document type; from there, you will need to pick Workflow. Next, you need to drag the folder that contains the sims3 packs into a huge squared window that says “drag actions or files…”. After that, the Change Extension will appear on the left side, which is ordered alphabetically.  

You need to drag it underneath the folders of s3packs. After that, you need to type “Sims3Pack” without the quotation marks in that New Extension window. After that, you must click the play button to run the script. Now, check your files; everything should be there. For the multi-extractor, certain paths are already set up; make folders, at least two of them. 

You also need to click on Rename on the save checkbox so you can rename the files. Extract the files and then truncate the file name. You can do this by using this software link:

Install the application and open it; drop everything into the window on the right. There is a drop-down on the top left; select Text from it. In the beneath one, choose “Remove from Beginning.”  Type the folder name into the remove box and click on the Perform Renames button. This will perform renames on ten files at one time. You are done!


That is all we need to know about the sims 3 multipack installer mod. We have given the download link, how to install it on the MAC, and the purpose of the mod in this article. If you have any other doubts, the mod links have a comment section that solves every problem related to the mod. Happy swimming!

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