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Sims 2 PC

Sims 2 Ultimate Collection | Windows 10 – Download (2024)

Sims 2 Ultimate Collection
Sims 2 Ultimate Collection

Origin made the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection accessible for all the simmers, or potential simmers. This pack contains some notable expansions and ccs like the IKEA stuff, free time, apartment life, and whatnot!

How to get sims 2 ultimate collection?

All you need to do is restore the I-LOVE-THE-SIMS code on Origin, and you’re good to go. 

But if you can’t access it, some physical copies are available too that you can get from stores like ebay and amazon at low cost.

Sims 2 Ultimate Collection | Windows 10

Sims 2 ultimate collection download

To download this sims 2 ultimate Collection: Click on The Sims 2 UC Boxart and select” Download.” This will take 12.57 GB of your Hard Disk Drive.

But Here are some facts you should know before installing the game:

  • TS2 Ultimate Collection doesn’t include any Launchers. The game launches automatically once you start playing it via Origin or by clicking on the desktop game.
  • You’ll only require Origin to download the game. After you connect it, you can play the Ts2 pack without Origin.
  • This game is supported by Origin’s In-Game option, which will allow you to interact with your friends in the game.
  • This comes with SecuRom, which requires you to have an internet connection the initial time you open the game (to confirm your UC code). After which, you can play it offline.
  • You’ll be welcomed with the Fun with Pets loading screen because it is the latest (and last) addition to The Sims 2.

How to play on Windows

  • Start by ensuring that you have all older versions of TS 2 games uninstalled, including registry entries, and there is no “EA Games” folder in your Documents folder (if you do, then make sure you delete it). Also, disable your antivirus system before installing the game.
  • Click on the install button and download The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.rar.
  • Extract the folder to your desktop.
  • Then, open the folder called “Game Files,” which is found inside the extracted folder, and double click on the Setup.exe file. 
  • Click on the install button and wait for it to finish installing.
  • Go to the Redist folder, and by double-clicking on it and going through the setup, install “dxwebsetup.exe.”
  • There will now be an S2 icon on your desktop! Right-click it and select run as administrator to run the game.

Installation notes

  • This is a repack of The S2 Ultimate Collection and includes almost all game’s expansion and stuff packs.
  • The first time you run the game, it will take some time to commence, and you might get to see a black screen for a while. It will skip to the intro video; please be patient, for next time, it will launch quickly!
  • Then, Change ‘Shadows’ from high to either low or medium through the in-game graphics options. Otherwise, a black rectangle will appear underneath your Sims instead of indoor shadows.
  • If you cannot change the game’s resolution from 800×600 to another, read the ‘Resolution change.txt’ text file given in the “Game Files” folder. If they ask you for administrator permission, then move the file to your desktop, make the changes and then move it back to its original folder.

Sims 2 complete collection

Let us look at what packages it includes –

  • Base Game
  • University
  • Nightlife
  • Open for Business
  • Sims 2 Pets
  • Seasons
  • Bon Voyage
  • Free Time
  • Apartment Life
  • Family Fun Items
  • Glamour Life Stuff
  • Holiday! Articles
  • Celebration Items
  • H&M Fashion Articles
  • Teen Style Material
  • Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Material
  • IKEA Items
  • Mansion & Garden Things

The free ultimate series

  • There are, in total, three collections of stuff packs in the folder with various EPs and SPs.
  • Every collection will comprise 1 EP and two SPs.
  • The S2 Double Deluxe involves the Sims 2 Base Game, Nightlife, and Celebration.
  • The Business pack includes open for Business, H&M Fashion items, and The Kitchen & Bath Interior Design items.
  • The sims 2 University Life will comprise of University, Teen Style items, and IKEA articles.
  • Fun with Pets contains Pets, Family Fun articles, Mansion, and Garden items.
  • This collection also holds the Holiday stuff pack, even though it wasn’t considered a real stuff pack.


 Getting the sims 2 ultimate collection is a great deal! It lets you add a variety of gripping expansions to your game through a single installation process. Although it’s improbable, uninstalling it is as easy as installing it if you wish to get rid of this expansion. If you’re interested solely in expansion packs, check out all in one EP

Have fun playing!

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