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Sims 4 Road To Fame | Celebrity mod – Download (2024)

Sims 4 Road To Fame
Road To Fame Mod

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if your sim were a megastar? With paparazzi keeping an eye on his every move, fans yelling his name on the top of their lungs, and people dying to have his one look; Good news!

All of this is possible with the Sims 4 road to fame module, and this article is a treasure trove of all the know-how.

Sims 4 road to fame mod

TS4’s road to fame mod is your best shot at turning your sim into a celebrity! In addition to this, you’ll get various chances to change your sim’s daily life into a glam show.

What can you expect with this module?

This would be a riveting experience for anybody who loves a glamorous life. (who doesn’t?)

Additional features of the road to fame mod

  • Simstagram
  • Singing skill
  • Fame Levels
  • New Interactions and Buffs
  • Fans (NPC)
  • Paparazzi (NPC)
  • Alternate sources of income
Sims 4 Road To Fame | Celebrity mod
Sims 4 Road To Fame

Sims 4 road to fame mod download

Follow the steps to install:

  • First, download the road to fame mod by sacrificial.
  • Copy this file into the Sims 4 mods folder – Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.
  • Now, move to Game Options > Others. Then, Enable cc and Mods.
  • Enjoy the fame mod!

Note: Get the City Living expansion pack to make this mod fully functional.

How does this get famous modification work?

When you download this fame mod, you can simply click on your character and find the “road to fame” feature, which you can enable. This will allow you to create a “Simstagram” account, which is the sims4 style Instagram.

After creating a simstagram account, you’ll be flooded with various options to get followers, like – post a photo, click a selfie with a sim and upload, respond to comment, etc. These options are meant to increase your social media reach to become an influencer and get famous.

Next, if you reach 100k followers, you’ll start receiving calls from small brands to collaborate with them and earn some cash. Furthermore, once you get 1M followers (Level 1), you’ll notice that you have a differentfan base and a group of paparazzi who will follow you on the streets, crying your name, want to have your autograph, and die to have a meet and greet with you.

Congrats! You’re a star now.

Interactions with your fans

The way you interact with your fans would also determine your fate and how long you remain a VIP. For example;

  • To receive love and more stardom: Click a picture with them, give them hugs, autographs, and kisses, invite people to a meet-and-greet at your chosen location.
  • To receive hate and decrease your stardom: Behave rudely with fans and photographers.

Interactions with paparazzies

You can do the following;

  • Pose for them.
  • Answer their questions.

As your character reaches Level 3, their fan base would be more robust, and they might have a circle of celebrity friends! They will also excel in their careers and relationships since being famous is a significant advantage.

Other celebrity mods

If you wish to be a particular celebrity instead of starting a new then, you can do that too by searching for a specific star. Here are the ones that you can find on the internet:

  • Britney spears
  • Taylor swift
  • Adam Lambert
  • Kendall Jenner
  • David Cameron
  • Lady Gaga
  • Katy perry
  • Lucille ball
  • Robert Williamson

Note: These aren’t script files, so put them in the mods folder < tray.

Sims 4 famous mod update

With the new update of this sacrificial mod, there are a bunch of new interplays. Some of them are:

Professional Singing skill

You can choose to elevate this brand-new skill and become a rising star. As you gain popularity, you won’t be less than a pop star and might eventually get a chance to have your concert! Notable, isn’t it?

But that’s not it; to stay at this apex position, you shall practice professional singing skill daily. As you do all of these things, you’ll find that you are advancing fast in your career, you will have more simstagram followers, paparazzies questioning you, and glamorous life.

Levels in this skill

Level 1
  • Write lyrics.
  • Record songs.
Level 2
  • Upload them on “Simlishcloud.”
  • Reply to comments.
  • Buy lyrics.
  • Sing and impress.
  • Sell your song to anybody.
  • Unlock more stuff.
Level 3
  • Perform for a tip.
  • The Song of Love.
  • Hire background dancers.
Level 4
  • Record songs at the studio.
  • Work on albums.
  • Release albums.
Level 5

Deliver singing telegrams.

You will also get a new interplay called “Hit Beat Points,” where you can have your concert if you sing a lot and reach 100 hit beat points.

Reality show-event

This is a fantastic way to live a life inspired by Kardashians; yes, you heard it right!

With this significant modification, you’ll get a chance to have your reality TV show. So, flaunt your lifestyle to thousands of people, gain followers, have infinite fame, and whatnot.

However, the duration of the reality show would be only three days.

Hairstylist mod

The get famous module has the option of getting beautiful hairdos at styling stations. You can set up new salons too in your name.

Streaming drone

Time to alter your streaming drone’s features. With this fame mod, simmers can limit the battery usage of the drone and also its operating speed.

Now, your drone would work super-fast and last longer.

Release many tracks

If you’re exhausted by waiting to release one song after the other, then this fame mod is here to help. With this modification, your sims can release as many songs as they like without having to wait.

Faster recording and editing videos

We know editing can be a monotonous task, which is why we had to mention this feature.

This cc makes your home studio work less daunting and faster. You can edit, combine and record videos at a faster pace. In addition to this, you will have five different speed options.

Slow/Fast/ No fame decay

Being famous comes with its fair share of ups and downs, but we all know you only need the ups! So, to make your life 100 times more manageable, this feature will freeze your fame decay (which happens if you fail to stay in the limelight) or slow it down to 50 percent.

Hence, you can grow at your own pace without worrying that somebody will dim your light! In addition to this, you may increase your growth rate too.

More club members

With the new update in the Get famous expansion, you can now add more and more members to your club and have a fun get-together.

You can include up to 50 members and even decide their gender. So, if you want to have an all-girls club, consider it done!

Free fame perks

Just as the name suggests, you can get all those fame perks that come with being famous at zero cost!

Thus, you can now enjoy all the perks in a single go and get rid of all that waiting. Furthermore, if you wish to make the game more challenging, you can even increase the points for the perks.

Celebrity walk style

As one advance in getting fame, their walking style gets altered too and turns into more bossy or elegant to suit their lavish lifestyle.

With this module, you can choose not to change your walking style and keep it the same.

Career independent Livestream

We all know how all the celebrities and influencers love to chat with their fans on live streams, but what can one do if they wish to do the same but aren’t famous.

This module is your answer! Sims can now have live sessions on simstagram even if they aren’t famous, to explore the world of social media and attract more followers.

More about Sacrificial mods

TS4 cc creator sacrificial is one of the best in his league. His mods are known for their sheer authenticity and wild vibes! He is known for providing real-life modifications to the game. Some of his ccs are:

  • No Tragedy Speed Lock
  • Sims 4 Armageddon (End-of-the-world) cc
  • S4 RTF Module
  • Sims 4 Passionate romance mod
  • S4 Romantic Slow Dance module
  • Sims 4 Romantic Sky gaze Mod
  • S4 Hoe It Up cc


How do you start a road to fame mod on Sims 4?

You start a road to fame mod on S4 by downloading the module, extracting its file, and placing it in the mods folder. Also, keep in mind that the script mods should be enabled.

What is the RTF mod?

The road to fame mod by Sacrificial is a fantastic cc to give your sims a life of luxury and fame. The module gives many new opportunities to sims to get famous and help them reach an apex position in their careers while winning people’s hearts!

Do you need city living for the road to fame?

You need city living for the road to fame mod.

How do you get famous in Sims 4 get famous?

You get famous in sims 4 get famous by using a cheat code. First, press CTRL + SHIFT + C, this will open CAS. Then, type testingcheats true and press enter. Next, shift+click on the sim that you wish to make famous. Lastly, go to its “public image” option and make it to the max. This will get him instant fame. Or you can choose to follow the steps mentioned at the start of this article.

Can you hire bodyguards?

Yes, you can always get bodyguards for your VIP sim’s safety. You’ll also have an option to decide how they behave.


The sims 4 road to fame mod is perfect for your sims in all aspects. The crowd of people dying to talk to them, the income, reputation, and the luxurious life awaits them. So, install this cc now and have fun playing!

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