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Pufferhead Sims 4 | Stuff – Henry Puffer (Download) 2024

Pufferhead Sims 4
Pufferhead Sims 4

The Pufferhead Sims 4 by MLys is a welcome twist to the famous adaptation, Harry Potter. Your character, who’d be the protagonist in this storyline, would be known as “Henry Puffer,” who’d be a wizard practicing magic and spells. Sounds exciting, right?

You’d have various books about wizardry making it more similar to the movie; therefore, its other name is “Harry Potter stuff pack.” You’d also have access to movie posters, furniture, decorations, clothes, and much more to make this a memorable experience for you all.

More information about Sims 4 Pufferhead

There is a lot more you must know before you delve into the Pufferhead stuff, such as –

  • This stuff pack is customized from head to toe and is also Maxis Match, which ensures that every tiny detail in this pack, such as CAS or build items, fits perfectly to the game’s style. 
  • You can also choose items that you prefer. Since some aspects aren’t related to the HP storyline, it’s not mandatory to be a Potterhead to relish this cc. 
  • Moreover, to elevate this game to a whole new level of excitement, try out the numerous swatches, magical items, and descriptions.
  • While you’re downloading this pack, it’s up to you whether you want them all in one .zip file or individually.

Unfortunately, this storyline doesn’t offer animal companions, but the anthro cc mod does. So choose an animal that represents you.

Pufferhead Sims 4 | Stuff - Henry Puffer
Sims 4 Pufferhead

How to download Pufferhead Sims 4

To download the Henry Puffer Sims 4, follow the instructions given below:

  • First of all, download the module from.
  • Extract the .zip file or the individual file in your system into Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. 
  • Navigate to the game option, and enable the custom content mods. 
  • It’s a tried and tested mod, so rest assured that it functions perfectly well with the updated version of Sims 4. Also, there is a bleak chance of objects changing or breaking.


All the Harry Potter fans out there; you finally have a chance to indulge in this world of magic and adventure through your character. Pufferhead Sims 4 is one of the most other-worldly fan made stuff packs you’d come across. So quickly download it and enter a mystical realm.

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